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Information on How to Update/Correct Name after Marriage 


Information on How to Update/Correct Name after Marriage
Update/Correct name after marriage in Aadhar Card for Indian girls is a common culture. Lots of women change their first name or surname after becoming married as part of the custom. Though name modification after marriage isn't a mandatory legal requirement, this is something you see common in India.

Many women in India would apply for update/correct name after marriage within their various vital records and documents. This includes PAN card, Bank account, aadhaar account and card etc. Aadhaar number along with PAN card will be both most important identification documents in India which are utilized more often.

Essentially, these documents are used for filing the income tax return, including government subsidies, government schemes, social networking, scholarships and to avail many such benefits. An Aadhaar card is a special identification record (UID) that is made compulsory with a PAN number to submit a sales tax return. Consequently, if there is any change in name due to marriage needs to be effectively upgraded in each document and in every document to prevent the hassles. Details on your aadhaar need to be current.

The title change is quite common in India after union as brides will be inclined to embrace the groom's surname. In case you are recently married or planning to get married and you would like to modify your name you will need to get it updated on your aadhaar records and also in other files and records. Updation or correction of this name after marriage could be done at aadhaar card via various methods. Let us learn about how to change surname in aadhaar card together with the detailed processes involved with the upgrade.

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Aadhar Enrolment/ Correction/Update form      

List of Acceptable supporting documents for verification

Process for Update name in Aadhaar card after marriage

Updating or correction of this name following marriage in Your own aadhaar records could be done via both offline and online techniques. The internet method involves upgrading the changed name in aadhaar documents on the official website of special Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The offline procedure involves upgrading the name by seeing the Aadhaar Permanent Enrolment Centres nearest to you. Let us look at the thorough process of upgrading name change into aadhaar card.

Process for Aadhaar card name change after marriage via online method

 If your mobile number is registered in your aadhaar documents, you will find You can upgrade or correct your name online on your aadhaar records. Following will be the incremental process to update your changed name after marriage in your aadhaar card

· Visit the official website service update portal of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)

· Submit a name change request through'update aadhaar details online' alternative

· You May Change Your surname or name by placing the request in the specified format

· Upload a scanned copy of your self-attested files behind the title change as approved by Government of India

· The one-time password (OTP) will be sent in your aadhaar registered mobile number

· Validate and verify the name change or update request on the Internet by inputting the OTP obtained in your registered phone in the applicable box

· Following the validation of petition and confirmation of proof filed, a confirmation message will be sent in your aadhaar registered phone on update/correction of title from the aadhaar documents.

The process to change titles at the aadhaar records online entails no Price. A name change in the documents of aadhaar is allowed twice in lifetime. The Third-time name change petition is allowed only on an exceptional basis together with the Terms and conditions applicable. However, the service to upgrade or fix Titles in the documents of aadhaar online is presently unavailable which can again Be made accessible in the future.

Process for Correct name after marriage in Aadhaar card name change after post marriage via Offline method

You can put a request forupgrade or correction of title in aadhaar by Visiting the nearest Aadhaar Permanent Enrolment Centre. Following is your step-by-step process for aadhaar card name change after marriage through offline procedure

1.You can Find the aadhaar enrolment centre Near to you via the official site of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Mention your own state and postal code to search for the enrolment Centre nearest to you.

2.Make sure that you carry all the documents required to be produced for name change in aadhaar card. Also, make sure to take your aadhaar card. Take every document in first. It could possibly be required for verification purposes.

3.Request an update request form to modify the title at the aadhaar at the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre.

4.Fill in all of the necessary details in the aadhaar upgrade request form. Submit the self-attested copy of all of the relevant supporting documents along with the duly filled and signed aadhaar update request form.

5.The offline process involves a nominal charge of INR 50. After submitting the name upgrade request, the shape and records will be verified from the officers.

6.After confirmation, verification SMS will be Sent on your own aadhaar registered mobile number confirming the upgrade of the name From the aadhaar records.

Important Documents Needed for the update correct name after marriage in aadhar Card/ date of birth

Main motives for address change are usually the change in lifestyle events Like marriage. Hencea marriage certificate is one of the critical documents for changing your name out of maiden name to married name.

If you are newly married or planning to have married in a few days, a significant issue to note is that you need to find the marriage certificate from the office of this Sub-Divisional Magistrate of your authority to produce anywhere as proof of your marriage.

Together with the marriage certificate, you can get the name changed in various other documents that may also be produced as supporting documents or proof to altering the name in aadhaar card. Following are the documents accepted Alongside union certificate -

· Passport

· PAN card

· Driving license

· Voter ID

· Ration card

· Credit cards with photo

· Bank ATM cards using picture

· Any photo identity card issued by the State or Central Government in India

· Service picture ID card issued by Public Sector Undertakings

· The photo ID card pensioner

· Job card of NREGS

· Photo identity card issued by a recognized educational institution.

· Arms license

· Kissan Passbook with picture

· Freedom fighter card

· CGHS/ECHS card

Things to Remember when Using for updation or correction about the

· Updating any information on your aadhaar card is also rather simple with the information clearly on the official site of special Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). But, there are particular things you have to remember when putting requests for corrections or updates of your title on your aadhaar card.

· As soon as you set the request for upgrade or correction of title at the aadhaar card, then you'll be supplied an Updation Request Number (URN) for your reference that may be used for monitoring the status of your upgrade or correction of title at the aadhaar card.

· The process of updating or adjusting names at the aadhaar card requires approximately 90 days for the completion. After completion, you'll get the confirmation SMS in your own aadhaar registered cellular number. You can then get into the e-aadhaar card on the internet on the official Site of Particular Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)

· Be certain that you provide every data from the form properly with no mistake.

· Make sure to self-attest each of the copies of supporting files which you're enclosing or downloading for the upgrade of this title at aadhaar card. Make sure there are no disagreements from the photocopies included or produced.

· Make sure to sew all of the relevant documents necessary for upgrade or correction of title from the aadhaar card.

With the phone enrolled, availing any support associated with Aadhaar is rather simple to the official site of Unique Identification Transforming any demographic information on your aadhaar Since You can also Download e-aadhaar following the upgrade of information, it provides more advantage.



  1. Are there any conditions that must be met in order to request a change online?

If you want to change the address online, you will need to send a scanned copy of the proof of address. If this document is not approved by UIDAI, the application will be rejected.


  1. What fields can be updated with the Self Service Update Portal?

Citizens can update all details mentioned on the Aadhaar card by visiting the Aadhaar registration center. You can update your name, address, gender, date of birth, mobile number, email and biometric in Aadhaar.


  1. Can I edit my Aadhaar details online even if my mobile number is not registered with the Aadhar card?

You need to select the verification option using OTP with an unregistered mobile number. This center is only available online if you have not registered your mobile number at Aadhaar.

  1. Can I review/update information about my child?

One of the parents should state their child's Aadhaar details. If changes are made to their cards, they need to be updated on their child's Aadhaar.

  1. I need to update my child's address to his Aadhaar. How should I do that?

You need to have your Aadhaar updated with a new address and provide this Aadhaar card as proof of address for renewal of address for your child's Aadhaar card.

  1. Do I need to submit the request in a local language as well?

There is no issue with regard to the language you submit your renewal request in. You can use any language you feel comfortable with.


  1. My mobile number is not registered with Aadhaar. What should I do now?

If your mobile number is not registered with UIDAI, you will not be able to access any online services related to Aadhaar. You will need to get your mobile number connected to Aadhaar by visiting the Aadhaar registration center.


  1. Do I need to provide my old details when requesting a change of details?

You do not need to provide any prior data when requesting a change of details. You only need to specify new data to be updated on your Aadhaar card. You will need to provide proof for the update.

  1. Can I make a change to the information after requesting for update online?

Once the request is sent online, you cannot edit it. You need to confirm the correct details on the form before submitting it.

  1. There is no proof of address with me. Can I still request a change from my child's Aadhaar card address?

You can change the address specified in your child's Aadhaar by providing your Aadhaar card as proof of address. There is no need for further proof of your child's address.

  1. Do I receive an updated Aadhaar letter after the details have been processed?

You can download the updated e-Aadhaar from the official UIDAI website. You can also update Aadhaar details in the mAadhaar app after the data has been updated.

  1. Is the application rejected?

Yes, an application for renewal can be denied if the document confirming the change is not submitted or accepted by UIDAI.


  1. I have changed my email ID and need to update the same one in Aadhaar. How can I do this?

You will need to visit the Aadhaar Registration Center and complete the Aadhaar correction form which needs the new email ID. You will have to pay Rs 25 for the same.

  1. What happens if my Aadhaar is suspended?

Those who do not provide the correct details at the time of registration may have their Aadhaar suspended. Even if you apply again, your Aadhaar card will not be generated. Aadhaar suspension is possible even after confirmation.

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