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How to Change/Update Mobile number in Driving License in India
How to Update Mobile Number in Driving License

In this Digital World Government of India has made very simple for a citizen to update their driving license detail completely Online. Today, we came up with the most important new post on how to Update Mobile Number in Driving License in India.

A driver's license is now a very important document. And from time to time we have to update our driver's license such as renewal of address, mobile number, date of birth, name correction, etc. All of these changes can be made in driving licenses. According to the latest update, it is compulsory to add your recent mobile number in your driving license.

If your old mobile number is lost or you change your number then you will need to change the mobile number on the driving license also. After proceeding, you will need to enter OTP as it is sent to your new registered number. We guide you in the simplest step of changing your mobile number on your license

Regional transport office has made very simple now you can update your phone number online by visiting government website In this article, you will get each and every detail of how to update or change your mobile number on the driving license on the Parivahan website.

Steps To Change Mobile Number in DL

  • Step 1:- The basic step in updating your mobile number begins with a visit to the official website

  • Step 2:- Once you have reached the website, the above page opens in front of you.

  • Step 3:- Next, you have to choose your state from where you would like to take this service.

  • Step 4:- After you appear on the page above, you will see many subheadings under the main heading “Driver's License”. Now, the next step is to click on Apply Online.

  • Step 5:- Now, you can see the various sub-headings under "Apply online" including what you want. What do you want? Mobile Number Upgrade/Renew in a Driving License, right? Click on it now.

  • Step 6:- After clicking on "Mobile Phone Upgrade", you will see the above page open in front of you. This page asks you to select terms based on your service or requirement. If you want to renew a mobile phone number in DL, select your terms as a driver's license.

  • Step 7:- After you have selected your terms as “DL”, you will now be asked about your licensed issued date, DL number, and date of birth. It may be advisable to fill out each piece of information carefully to avoid wasting time. Click submit after entering the following information.

  • Step 8:- After clicking submit, the details of the license holder will be immediately opened with details such as the licensee's name, father/husband's name, license number, date of birth, and your existing mobile number. Click Proceed to update/change your mobile number in DL.

  • Step 9:- The next important step is entering your new mobile phone number. Please enter your new mobile number and enter the same number again to confirm it. They will asked why you changed/renewed your number. Please choose wisely. For example, you can select “SIM Card Lost” if you have lost your SIM card and have just purchased a new number.

  • Step 10:- After proceeding, you will need to enter OTP as it is sent to your new registered number.

  • Step 11:- OTP once verified and you are done. You have successfully updated your mobile number in your driver's license online.

Follow these screenshots to know How to Change mobile number in Driving License

Visit Sarathi Parivahan Government website

Go to Sarathi Parivahan website

Select your state of residence

Update mobile number Online in Dl

Select on Apply Online
How to Change Number in driving license

Click on the Mobile number update button
How to update Mobile number in DL

Opt any 1 (Driving license/ learner license / Conductor license)

Update Mobile number in Driving license

Enter the details such as license issue date

Change number in DL

Fill the DL details carefully
DL mobile number update

Verify your DL details

Change mobile number in Dl online

Enter the new mobile number & reason for mobile number update

Update mobile number in DL in India

If you want to know about How to Update Mobile Number in Driving License through video then click here below:-


The above information on How to Update Mobile Number in Driving License is recently updated and it is given in the easiest steps to change the mobile number at your fingertips without going to any government offices.

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