Jharkhand Professional Tax

Profession tax could be a authorities tax obligatory on an individual or body earning AN financial gain by means of employment, profession, occupation or trade. The State Municipal companies collect the skilled tax through planned block rates. Moreover, the paid tax may be claimed as a deduction from the pay underneath Section sixteen of the revenue enhancement Act. totally different|completely different} states cowl different rates and ways of assortment for profession tax. during this article, we glance at the small print of Jharkhand skilled tax and its e-payment procedure. The Jharkhand Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 2011 governs the levy of tax that extends to the full state of Jharkhand.

Who ought to pay?

Every person WHO has engaged in any employment, profession, trades, callings or interact business for a minimum of a hundred and twenty days in an exceedingly year area unit susceptible to pay the levied tax. The collected tax is employed for the advantage of the schedule tribes, schedule castes and weaker sections of the State. The liable persons to pay Profession Tax underneath the act area unit divided into 2 classes.


The leader (Public and personal Sectors, Government) is susceptible to deduct the Profession Tax from the salaries or wages of the salaried persons and wage earners and deposit an equivalent with the authorities. The leader on behalf of all workers ought to pay the tax inside fifteen days from the top of the quarter. If the leader is a political candidate of the authorities or the Central Government or the individual Government undertakings, or Public restricted corporations, the tax ought to be deposited within the nominal format.

Employee / people

The person or the worker himself indulged in any employment, profession, occupation and trade is answerable for paying the tax from the pay or wages. pay and wages underneath the Jharkhand Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1979 area unit delineate below.

1.      Salary and wages embrace the subsequent.

2.      Pay, expensiveness Allowance and the other quantity paid as allowance.

3.      Remunerations received in money or the other kind on regular basis.

4.      Honorarium, perquisites and profit in position of pay

5.      Leave encashment quantity

6.      Leave concessional pay, subsistence allowance.

7.      Salary and wage doesn't embrace the subsequent.


8.      Medical compensation

9.      Reimbursement of conveyance charges, traveling allowance

10.   Salary paid to apprentice underneath Apprentices Act, regular payment paid to novice

11.   Statutory bonus, gratuity, and ex-gratia payment.

12.   Pension granted to a worker isn't thought-about as pay. Therefore, a pensionary isn't susceptible to pay skilled Tax on pension.

e-Payment of Jharkhand professional Tax

The Department of economic taxes underneath the govt of Jharkhand facilitates on-line payment of profession tax for its voters through the e-payment on-line portal.

Step 1: to form e-payment of Jharkhand skilled tax, visit the official web site of the e-payment portal.

Step 2: the web payment page seems. choose the tax kind as skilled tax and enter the desired details that embrace the subsequent.

Firm details

Address details

Payment details

Purpose of payment (tax fee, penalty, appeal, miscellaneous)

Step 3: Enter the captcha, build necessary payment and submit.

Exemption of Jharkhand skilled Tax

The person utilized with the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, Union Ministry of Defence or Border private security force is exempted from the payment of tax underneath the act.

Person with permanent physical incapacity

Parents or guardian of an individual that suffer from a physical incapacity or backwardness.

Senior citizen higher than the age of sixty five years

Offences and Penalties

Any assessee WHO fails to fits any of the principles of the Act are corrected with a fine quantity between 5 hundred rupees and 5 thousand rupees. If the offence continues, a fine of 10 rupees per day throughout the amount of the continuance of the offence are levied.

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