Jharkhand ration card

Jharkhand card is as a politician document that grants food grains and fuel at a backed rate from the Jharkhand regime. card additionally typically used as Associate in Nursing identification proof whereas applying for domicile certificate, financial gain certificate, driver’s license, PAN, etc. The cards are going to be distributed by the food and civil provides department in Jharkhand to the voters of the state. During this article, read the procedure for getting Jharkhand card.

Reasons for getting card

1.      It is used as proof of residence whereas mercantilism or shopping for land/ property.

2.      It is needed to assert a loan from the banks.

3.      Ration card helps as Associate in Nursing identity proof for the voters.

4.      To avail government services at a backed rate for the eligible beneficiaries.

5.      It supports as Associate in Nursing identification proof for your entire family since it contains details concerning the amount of members of the family, financial gain levels, range of youngsters, gender, images, etc.

Ration Card classes

1.      Depending upon on the economic standing of the human Jharkhand government problems styles of card.

2.      Below the personal income (BPL) Cards – BPL Cards square measure issued to low-income families living in rural areas and concrete areas.

3.      Above personal income Cards– on top of the personal income (APL) cards issued to on top of personal income families.

4.      Antyodaya Pakistani monetary unit Ration Cards – AAY card was issued to the families whose annual financial gain is below Rs.15000 is vulnerable to get food grains at a less expensive price.

5.      Annapurna Yojana (AY) cards– Annapurna Yojana (AY) Ration Card could be a specific kind of card issued solely to the poor folks on top of sixty five years.

Eligibility Criteria

1.      Persons having no ration card: during this case, a personal ought to turn out a certificate from the panchayet Pradhan/ Nigam Parshad Halka Kramchari (Revenue Kramchari) / panchayet Sewak / exciseman the involved authority mentioning within the document that the person has no card.

2.      Duplicate ration card: just in case of loss of card, becomes damaged, for no fault the cardholder then the involved authority will issue a duplicated ration card.

3.      Persons having ration cards at the previous place: just in case of transfer from one place to a different. During this case, the Surrender Certificate needs from the District and Block Level commissioned officer of the several place wherever the person was residing antecedently.


4.      In case of wedding, if the entry is to be created within the ration card: during this instance additionally, Surrender certificate is needed from the previous place of residence, issued by the District and Block level commissioned officer.

5.      In case of the birth of a child: For the inclusion of name within the card, the certificate of the kid is needed, together with the card within which the addition must be created, and therefore the application self-addressed to the District and Block level commissioned officer.

Concerned Authority

The panchayet Pradhan/ Nigam Parsad / Halka Kramchari / panchayet Sewak / exciseman can issue the card to the human. Block commissioned officer in rural areas, help District commissioned officer / selling officer in Urban areas and allocation officer/ selling officer in allocation areas.

Documents needed

Furnish the subsequent documents whereas applying for the ration card:

1.      Application type

2.      Aadhaar Card

3.      Voter card

4.      Income certificate

5.      Electricity bill, Water bill.

6.      Bank bankbook details.

7.      Passport size photograph of members of the family.

8.      Ration Card Application Procedure

To apply for card within the state of Jharkhand, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: The human should visit the official web site of Jharkhand government.

Step 2: Click on “Online service” that is on the homepage of the portal.

Step 3: currently, the human must choose “Online application” from the list of services.

Step 4: On successive page, the subsequent directions are going to be displayed by the user to travel through the directions and click on on the “Proceed” button.

Step 5: By clicking proceed, the human has to choose the choice “Application for brand spanking new ration card” from the drop-down list and click on the submit button.

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