Karnataka - Apply for Division of Land


  1. The person should visit the Land & reform department workplace for subdividing land. Link for contact details of department: Link1 and Taluk contact details link:

  2. Apply victimization plain paper, specify mode of acquisition of land with a draft proposal for subdivision, then affix a Court-fee stamp as suggested by authorities on the shape.

  3. The completed application should be signed by all co-tenants, if occupied.

  4. Submit the shape and documents to the correct authority to initiate the process.

  5. Applicants can receive a group action id on the mobile range provided. This group action range is going to be helpful to trace the appliance standing.

  6. This request can then reach the Tahsildar for verification and to induce his report.

  7. Tahsildar can ask his property register and ground level verification by his VAO and Ocean State.

  8. Based on the verification details, Tahsildar can offer a final report for the request.

      9. If the results area unit satisfactory, the person can get the order

Required Documents

  1. Application in writing

  2. Affidavit / functionary stating that the person is owner of the land

  3. Identity proof

  4. Address proof

  5. Land documents (should get attestation altogether copies from Gazette Officer.)

  6. Aadhaar Card

  7. Sketch map for the planned division as prescribed

  8. ID proof

  9. Mutation letter

  10. Original sale deed/gift partition deed

  11. Property deed of conveyance

  12. No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the village bourgeois

  13. Latest receipt of tax deposit

  14. Certified survey map

  15. Records of Rights and abidance Certificate (RTC)

  16. Certified copy of the Land judicature Order

  17. Certified copy of kind ten that certifies the rights of occupancy

  18. Zonal certificate from Urban Development Authority

  19. Photocopy of the atlas of the land

  20. Photocopy of the revenue survey map of the village


You are eligible to use for Division of land, if you own a land in your name and it needs conversion from one kind to a different (Industrial to Residential) for the subsequent purpose:

Construction of house

Construction of economic institution

Marking plot for realty development of the positioning


As suggested by authorities (stamp charge)


It is valid until more division of the land.

Division of land may be a method and it's valid thenceforth till and unless there's a takeover of land for PWD connected developments like road extension, bridge etc.

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