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Kerala - Apply for Drug License (Retail and Wholesale - Pharmacy)


  1. No individual will begin or continue a business dealing medicine / cosmetics / drugs in Asian country, unless an associate degree applicable license is obtained from the selected authority.

  2. As totally different  state has different parameters and rules, as a primary step soul shall consult their native drug license authority to urge recommendation on

  3. Any updated rules and rules in issuing the license.

  4. Update on medicine that was enclosed within the list that license can’t be obtained.

  5. Fees payment kind etc.

Apply Online:

Please hit the “Login” choice on the highest right corner of the page to urge the next page for existing users.

  1. In the given page please click on the sink list for “State” and select “Kerala” and complete the prompts as applicable. Once done hit “Submit” to achieve the next page.

  2. If you're a brand new user, then use the “New Login ID & PWD” choice below Login choice on the highest right corner to urge next page. Please follow the screen directions to register and so login.

  3. Once a login user will amendment the word and update details as per the page choice.

  4. Once the small print is entered for user registration, User shall method his /her on-line application.

  5. Applicant shall follow the page prompt in finishing the private details, details of the competent person, address details of premises, Uploading the desired documents and completion of payment by uploading the desired details.

  6. Applicants can get acknowledgement for the net application submitted with success. Please keep it safe for future reference.

  7. These applications are going to be processed more.

  8. Applicant gets notification regarding the method updates.

  9. Drug examiner can inspect the premises for verifying the correctness.

  10. After the review is over, Competent person are going to be asked to report for an interview.

  11. Once all the on top of methods are over, controllers of medicine can issue drug licenses.

  12. Applicant shall transfer or receive it available or through mail his / her certificate as applicable.

Required Documents

  1. The certificate of incorporation or registration

  2. MOA & AOA or Partnership deed / LLP agreement

  3. Pan card

  4. Aadhar card

  5. Age proof

  6. Cancelled cheque (for checking account detail requirement)

  7. List of administrators

  8. ID and address proof of director

  9. Passport size photograph

  10. Board resolution on the stationery

  11. Affidavit from administrators

  12. Sale deed document of the premises

  13. If rented, registered rent agreement

  14. NOC from the owner

  15. Architect genuine Key arrange and website arrange

  16. Fees paid details

  17. Document demand from competent person

  18. Bio knowledge as per proforma

  19. Appointment letter of competent person

  20. Proof of qualification

  21. Experience certificate

  22. Passport size ikon

  23. ID proof

  24. Address proof

  25. Affidavit of the competent person


Any person/company/partnership firm/LLP will apply for drug license

A competent (registered caregiver from the state pharmacy council) person with expertise shall apply.


Please use the subsequent link for fees details. link please refer page seven


Valid for amount of three years.

The license ought to be conspicuously displayed at the place of business throughout the business hours.

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