Kerala - Apply for Family Identity Card


Apply In-Person

  1. In order to get a new identity card, someone ought to get the applying kind from the various Akshaya centers Or at the native TSO(Taluk provide Office)/DSO workplace Or through on-line. 

  2. Go to the various food and provision centers and submit the whole form and connect all the desired documents.

  3. Authority can issue a receipt as associate degree acknowledgement for the applying created. Please keep it safe for any reference.

  4. This application is shipped mechanically to the involved Ward/ grama Panchayath official for verification through pc software system.

  5. The involved official visits the house of the someone for verification and approves the identity card, if the someone is found eligible.

  6. Further process can lead to supply of identity cards to the eligible someone.

Apply through Akshaya

  1. Applicants should visit the closest Akshaya center. Link for center: link

  2. Applicant shall get form from the centre or transfer it mistreatment the link : link

  3. Submit the finished application, document and applicable fees to the centre workers.

  4. Application submitted is processed and receipts with application range are issued.

  5. Application is processed by the various departments. From this time onward, authorities can do the due diligence to issue the certificate. SMS triggered updates on application standing are sent to someone mobile.

Apply Online:

  1. Use the ‘Citizen Login’ on the “Civil Supplies” website to access the service (if you're a brand new user, please use produce associate degree account choice to register so login)

  2. Once login, please follow as per page prompt and choose the right choice to reach the next page for on-line application.

  3. Complete the applying for the need and transfer the desired document.

  4. Please take the output of the applying once finishing the need. visit the TSO to method by submitting the applying kind and needed documents.

  5. Further methods are carried by the various departments to issue the identity card.

Required Documents

  1. Respective form

  2. A copy of original residential proof.

  3. A copy mature certificate / college deed certificate of the pinnacle of the family.

  4. A copy of financial gain proof of the family - that financial gain of the family is below from the prescribed limit.

  5. A copy of identity proof like elector ID card, license, Aadhaar card.

  6. Passport size photograph 

  7. Self -Declaration and Certificate from Pradhan/Ward Councilor.

  8. Mobile range or Email addresses could also be crammed up within the format to alter this department to send an automatic message 

  9. A self-addressed and sealed communication cowl or mailing-card to alter the workplace to speak the results 

  10. Tenancy agreement


The family should be Indian voters and will be resident of the state.

Relations should not possess any family card in any State in Asian country (If they had one, it's to be withdrawn).

Members of the family should be shut relatives.

If you're freshly married and have your name in your family identity card, you and your partner ought to get name deletion certificates (Removing names from your various family cards).


Authorities can offer data of fee needed


Family card is valid for life and can be revived supported announcement

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