Maharashtra Birth Certificate

In India, each birth should be registered with the involved government as per the supply of Registration of Birth & Death Act, 1969. The certification is a vital legal instrument issued by Government to record a person’s birth and determine them by name, place, date of birth and parentage. Each national has to get a certification to avail numerous facilities provided by the govt.

Registration of Birth & Death Act, 1969

Registration of Birth & Deaths Act, 1969 governs the procedure for registering birth and death in India.As per this registration act, each birth should be registered with the involved state Governments inside twenty one days of its incidence. Department issuance certification in geographical area are:


1.       Rural Development Department

2.       Municipal Corporation of bigger metropolis

3.       Urban Development Department

4.       Purposes of getting certification

Purposes for getting a certification are:

1.       The certification is one among the vital proof for applying citizen ID

2.       To get admission in an academic establishment, the certification is critical

3.       The certification serves a vital proof for coming into military service

4.       The certification is very important for settlement of inheritance and property rights

5.       To receive insurance advantages

6.       The certification has to be submitted in some places to induce a wedding certificate and prove age

7.       For getting licence and passport in India

8.       To receive pension and insurance provided by the govt.

9.       Registering a Birth

10.   To obtain a certification, the birth should be registered with the involved native authorities inside twenty one days from date of incidence.

 In the case of birth has taken place during a hospital or nursing homes or medical establishments, such birth should be reported by the establishments

If any birth has taken place reception, it's chargeable for the family head, or the other friend to report such births

Documents needed

Following documents square measure necessary for obtaining the geographical area birth certificate:


1.       Identity proof of the fogeys for verification

2.       Parent’s wedding certificate

3.       Letter from the hospital – Proof of birth of the kid issued by the hospital wherever the kid is born

4.       Parents’ certification or SSC marks sheet

5.       Every birth that happens in geographical area ought to be registered at the place of incidence with involved registrar workplace inside twenty one days from the incidence. The certification are issued given that the birth details found Registered in geographical area Birth Records.

6.       If the birth registration not done inside twenty one days from its incidence associate legal document stating the explanation for the delay in registration has to be submitted to the involved Registrar of that vicinity.


Time Frame

1.       Maharashtra certification are issued inside five days from the date of application.

Fee for certification

Rs.25 to Rs.30 is to be acquired getting a certification in geographical area.

Birth Registration – Offline technique

Following details to be provided:

2.       Date of birth of the kid

3.       Gender of the kid

4.       Name of kid – If not named, leave blank

5.       Name of the daddy or Mother

6.       Place of birth

7.       Method of Delivery

8.       Weight of the kid

9.       Details of Hospital wherever the kid is born


Step 1: Visit the Birth and Death Registration on-line portal for birth registration.

Step 2: The somebody has to login to the portal for registering the birth.

Step 3: offer all the desired details and click on on submit.

Step 4: just in case of birth occurred during a house, click on this link for registration

Step 5: transfer the appliance kind and take a print out. Submit the appliance kind to the involved Registrar.

 Step 6: once the made submission of the appliance, the somebody can get a confirmation mail on the registered e-mail id.

Step 7: standing of the appliance are updated through the mail.


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