Odisha - Apply for Cess Pool (Septic Tank, Sewerage) Cleaning Service


Apply In-Person:

Through Municipal Corporation

  1. To apply for storage tank or sewerage system cleansing service, soul needs to visit the Municipal Corporation of their space.

  2. Applicant needs to approach the involved authority of Engineering department regulated below the Municipal Corporation.

  3. Download the appliance kind from the subsequent link form

  4. Fill the shape with acceptable details.

  5. While submitting the appliance kind, build the partial payment for the service you have got requested.

  6. Respective officer can verify the main points submitted and assign the particular contractor and therefore the schedule for cleansing the sewerage system or storage tank.

Through non-public storage tank cleansing services

  1. Applicants will approach the closest storage tank cleansing services of their space.

  2. Applicants need to offer all the mandatory details to the non-public service supplier.

  3. Service suppliers can check for the provision of service to the applicant’s space.

  4. Once there's convenience, service suppliers can raise the soul to pay the partial quantity for the service.

  5. After the payment, souls are up on the schedule.

  6. Once all the cleansing methods get completed, soul needs to pay the remaining quantity to the service supplier.


Apply Online: - Odisha Apply for cesspit (Septic Tank, Sewerage) cleansing Service on-line with pictures


  1. For cesspit booking through on-line, visit the subsequent link web site

  2. Fill the appliance kind with necessary details like name, sign, date and time for service, variety of journeys etc

  3. Based on the amount of journeys, the full quantity for the service is displayed in the “Total amount” text box.

  4. Also, choose the “I settle for all terms and conditions”.

  5. Then click the “Next” tab to urge the payment page. You’ll receive a notification that you just are registered with success.

  6. Now click “Pay Registration fee Online” build payment.

  7. Once the payment is made, you'll be able to transfer the receipt from the portal.

Required Documents

For residential buildings

  1. Aadhaar card of the owner

  2. Address proof like elector card, card or Aadhaar card.


For business / company / Hospital / Industrial buildings

  1. Building / web site arrange

  2. Proof for the payment of tax

  3. Identity proof


House owners of residential buildings will apply

A person United Nations agency is in charge of economic buildings, hospitals, industries, company sectors will apply.


For one trip it prices Rs. 900


It remains valid till you avail the service.

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