Odisha - Apply for Driver License (Car, Bike, Motorcycle)


Apply In-Person

  1. To apply for a Driving License in Odisha the someone must approach the RTO workplace of the realm.

  2. Information associated with the RTO offices and licensing authority is obtained from the “Office Locations and Contacts” Section of this page.

  3. You have to submit Application either in kind No.4 or form no. half-dozen ahead of licensing authority.

  4. Application form no. half-dozen is downloaded from the subsequent link: kind half-dozen

  5. To make certain they're eligible for applying for a driver license by reading through the eligibility criteria that has been listed out underneath the “Eligibility” section of this page.

  6. Please make certain you've got all the documents that square measure listed down the “Required Documents” section of this page.

  7. Application forms are obtained from RTO offices that ought to be completed and conferred with appropriate fees.

  8. Present the finished application forms in one amongst the counters and pay the acceptable fee wherever the officers would begin processing your application.

  9. For a Driver License you may be requested to bring your own vehicle wherever you may be tested for your driving skills.

  10. If the testing authority is glad along with your driving skills a driver's licence is going to be provided.

Apply on-line via State Portal

  1. You can additionally apply for driver license online via state portal: State portal

  2. Select the net services tab from the net web site page.

  3. From the dropdown menu choose “DL Application”

  4. Once you decide on the choice you may be redirected to sarathi portal: Sarathi

  5. Further you'll be able to follow the directions as explained below on-line application via national portal.

  6. You can additionally apply on-line directly via the national portal page as explained below.

Apply on-line via National Portal - Odisha Apply for driver license on-line with pictures

  1. Please choose "Online Services" from the menu and click on on "Driver License connected Services".

  2. You will be taken to a brand new screen wherever you've got {to choose|to pick|to pick out} “Odisha” within the sink menu against “Please select the State from wherever the service is to be taken”.

  3. Once you decide on the State, you may ought to choose the RTO workplace from wherever the service must be taken.

  4. Based on your choice you may be redirected to the services page: Services

  5. Click on apply on-line

  6. From the given choices choose “New Driving License”

  7. Fill the someone Details as taught

  8. Upload the desired Documents mentioned on this page

  9. Upload exposure and Signature if needed (applicable for under some states)

  10. DL check Slot Booking (applicable for under some states)

  11. Pay the desired fees

  12. The someone, United Nations agency holds a sound Learners' Licence, for a minimum of thirty days, shall be competent to look for the check of competency.

  13. The checks of competency are going to be conducted by the competent authority.

  14. The someone ought to bring a vehicle of the kind to which the applying relates.

  15. The someone ought to satisfy the officer conducting the check concerning his capability to drive the vehicle and his ability to perform the tasks.

  16. The candidate United Nations agency passes the check of competency with success are going to be issued with a driver's license and sent through speed post to the address furnished with.

Required Documents

For the permanent driver's licence one must apply before the Licensing Authority at the side of the subsequent documents:

  1. Application in kind No. 4.: Form 4

  2. Application form no. 6: Form 6

  3. Medical Certificate kind no. 1A:Form 1A

  4. Self declaration physical fitness:Form one

  5. Learner License.

  6. three passport size pictures

  7. Aadhaar Card

  8. Residence Proof (attested copy of)

  9. Ration Card with legal document or

  10. Voter's card or

  11. Certified Copy of citizen List or

  12. Life Insurance Policy a minimum of six months previous with latest receipt or

  13. Valid Passport or

  14. Employer's Certificate just in case of Central Government /State Government /Local Bodies supported by echt copy of card.

  15. Age Proof (attested copy of)

  16. Educational Certificate or

  17. Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar Birth and Death showing the name of the someone



  1. The minimum age to use for a permanent licence to drive a personal motorized vehicle is eighteen years.

  2. You should have a sound learners licence.

  3. You should apply when thirty days and at intervals one hundred eighty days from the date of supply of learners licence.

  4. A minimum of twenty years previous and possesses a Learners License will get a Licence for driving a vehicle. Also, one must be informed with the traffic rules and laws altogether.


Issue/Renewal of

learner’s licence

Rs, 30/-

Rs, 30/-

Rs, 30/-

Issue of Driving

Licence is kind half-dozen




Issue of Driving

Licence is kind seven




Driving check




  1. To drive Non Transport vehicle;

Up to fifty years ancient or twenty years from the date of issue or renewal whichever is earlier.

For 5 years from the date of issue/renewal.


  1. To drive Transport vehicle

3 years from the date of issue/renewal.


  1. To drive Transport vehicles carrying product of dangerous or risky nature

1 year from the date of issue/renewal.


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