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PAN card in India
Permanent Account Number or PAN is a methods for recognizing different citizens in the nation. Dish is a 10-digit extraordinary distinguishing proof alphanumeric number (containing the two letters in order and numbers) relegated to Indians, generally to the individuals who settle charge

The PAN arrangement of ID is a PC based framework that allocates remarkable ID number to each Indian assessment paying substance. Through this technique, all duty related data for an individual is recorded against a solitary PAN number which goes about as the essential key for capacity of data. This is shared the nation over and thus no two individuals on charge paying substances can have a similar PAN. 

At the point when PAN is assigned to a substance, PAN Card also is given by the Income Tax Department. While PAN is a number, PAN Card is a physical card that has your PAN just as name, date of birth (DoB), and photo. Duplicates of this card can be submitted as evidence of personality or DOB

How to apply PAN card, if you loss

  • Visit the site of NSDL.

  • Snap on the 'Apply Now' alternative under the choice of 'Republish of PAN Card'. 

  • You can either pick the 'Apply Now' or the 'Enrolled User' choice on the off chance that you are an enlisted individual from NSDL. 

  • On the off chance that you are an enrolled client, you have to enter your Temporary Token Number alongside your email ID, telephone number, date of birth and the manual human test code and snap on 'submit'. 

  • Under the 'apply on the web' choice, you should include your subtleties, for example, first name, last name, application type and class alongside your telephone number, date of birth and email ID. 

  • When done, include the manual human test code and snap on 'submit'. 

  • A symbolic number will be introduced to you which must be saved for future references. 

  • You would then be able to apply for the republish of your PAN card online from similar page by entering the necessary subtleties. 

  • Your PAN card can either be shipped off your email ID gave or a physical card will be shipped off your location through post contingent upon what you pick.

How to apply for a PAN Card Online / Offline

The PAN card can be used in two ways. One can apply online to the pan card with the popular pan card application process or else, the offline mode of the PAN card application can also be used. In the following sections we will discuss ways you can apply for and receive a PAN card.

Online PAN Card Application Process -

Here are the steps to follow when applying for a pan card using the online application mode and PAN card registration:

Step 1: Visit the relevant NSDL or UTIITSL website by applying online for the PAN Card.

Step 2: On the website select the 'New Pan' option on the home page.

Step 3: There is a new PAN 49A card form to be chosen for people whether they are Indian, NRE / NRI or OCI.

Step 4: This form must be completed with personal details.

Step 5: The applicant will also be required to pay an online processing fee via Demand Draft after submitting the form to start processing the form.

Step 6: The final page created after payment and submission of the completed Form 49A contains a 15-digit acknowledgment number.

Step 7: The notification form must be sent to the NSDL PAN office by post within 15 days of the submission of Form 49A online with the relevant documents.

Step 8: After the consent form has been submitted to the NSDL office address, PAN no. verification has been done and Card is done after NSDL PAN confirmation. The visual PAN card is sent to the customer's address as stated on the form within 15 days.

> Procedure to Apply for Pan card Online 

Offline PAN Card Application Process -

Applying for a PAN card can also be done offline at any regional PAN agency.

• Download the PAN card application form from the NSDL or UTIISL websites or collect a copy from UTIISL agents.

Complete the form and attach supporting documents (proof of identity, address and photos)

• Submit the form and documents to the NSDL office together with the operating fee.

• The PAN card will be sent to the address specified on the form within 15 working days.

PAN card forms
People can apply for a PAN card by completing Form 49A or Form 49AA. In the case of Indian people / organizations, form 49A is completed in the event of a foreigner, the PAN 49AA card form will be completed. Although the PAN card for juniors and students can apply by completing the PAN 49A card form. Both forms are available online and offline. The components of both forms are as follows - Assessment Officer Code (AO Code), name, address, date of birth, mobile number and email id, Aadhaar number, etc. Finally, the applicant must sign the declaration and send it together with copies of proof of authenticity to the TIN-NSDL office.

Documents Required for PAN Card

When using the PAN Card, other important documents must also be submitted along with the PAN Card application form (Form 49A or Form 49AA) or the consent form (if you apply online) through the PAN card verification process. The requirement for documents varies greatly depending on the applicant. Required key documents and PAN application form in which individuals or other organizations apply for a PAN card. Find below a list of required documents on the pan card:

For each applicant:
• Proof of Identity which may be a copy of any of the following:

• Any government. Issued ID - Aadhar, DL, voting ID, etc.

• Arm’s License

• Pension card containing photo of the applicant

• Photo ID card issued by Central Government, State Government or Public Sector Making

• Central Government Health Scheme Card or Ex-Servicemen health scheme photo card

• The first bank certificate issued on the bank letterhead from the bank branch and certified by the issuing officer. Such a certificate must contain the attached photo of the applicant and the bank account number.

• Proof of address which may be a copy of any of the following:

• Electricity, landline or broadband connection bill

• Back-up mobile phone bill

• Water credit

• LPG or gas pipeline bill or Gas connection book

• Bank account statement

• Credit card statement

• Deposit account statement

• Post office account passbook

• Passport

• Voting ID Card

• Driver's License

• Property registration document

• Domicile certificate issued by the Government of India

• Aadhar Card

• An original certificate from the employer provides that the employer is a well-known public or private company

• Birthday which may be a copy of any of the following:

• A birth certificate issued by the Executive Council of any approved authority

• Matric certificate

• Pension payment order

• Marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriages

• Driving Licence

• Domicile certificate issued by the Government of India

• A sworn affidavit before a magistrate stating the applicant's date of birth

Of an undivided Hindu family (HUF)

• An affidavit issued by the KUF of HUF stating the name, address and surname of the father of all paperworks as the date on which the application was made.
• Identity, address and date of birth of proof as per HUF Card Person.

Of a company registered in India
• A copy of the Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies.

Firms and Limited Liability Partnerships are formed or registered in India
• A copy of the Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of Firms or Limited Credit Partnership.

• Copy of Deed of Deed.

Made by Trust or registered in India
• A copy of the Trust Deed or a copy of the Registration Certificate Number issued by the Commissioner for Charities.

Of the Human Organization
• A copy of the agreement / certificate of registration number from the Registrar of the Co-operative Society or the Charity Commissioner or any other competent authority or any document issued by the Central / State Government showing the identity and address of the applicant.

For non-Indian citizens
• Proof of identity can be obtained from any of the following:
• Copy of Passport
• A copy of the PIO card issued by the Government of India
• A copy of the OCI Card issued by the Government of India
• A copy of another National or National Identity Number or TIN attested by the valid ‘Apostille’, Indian Ambassador, High Commission or Consulate where the applicant is based.
• Proof of address may be one of the following:
• Copy of Passport
• A copy of the PIO card issued by the Government of India
• A copy of the OCI Card issued by the Government of India
• A copy of another National or National Identity Number or TIN attested by the relevant ‘Apostle’, Ambassador of India, High Commission or Consulate
• A copy of the bank statement of your country of residence
• Copy of NRE bank statement in India
• Copy of residence permit or residence permit
• A copy of the registration certificate issued by the FRO
• A copy of the VISA provided and the letter of appointment from any Indian company

Types of PAN Card

Since the PAN Card can be obtained by individuals and organizations, different types of PAN cards need to be used with a variety of Form 49 provided by the government. Here are the different types of PAN cards and different Forms used for the same acquisition.


Individual PAN card

This is the most common variation of the PAN Card given to people. This card is used on Form 49A which is available online on the NSDL and UTIITSL websites. Individuals include any Indian resident including children and students as they too are eligible to receive a PAN card.


PAN Card for Non-Residents or People from India

NRIs and PIOs can obtain a PAN card for tax purposes in India. They will also have to submit Form 49A using this card.

PAN card for foreign taxpayers in India

Firms or companies registered outside India but pay taxes in India as a result of business transactions in India can also obtain a PAN Card. They will have to complete and submit Form 49AA as part of the PAN card application process.


OCI and NRE PAN card

Indigenous citizens of India and non-resident organizations can also apply for a PAN card. The relevant form to be completed by them when applying for a PAN card is Form 49AA.

PAN card for Indian companies

Registered firms and organizations operating in India may also apply for a PAN card for their financial and tax-related transactions.

PAN card layout - PAN card details

The PAN card contains basic and relevant information such as identity and age proof when you comply with the Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines. The information contained in the following form:

Cardholder name - The most important and most significant detail on a PAN card is the name of the cardholder. In the case of an individual, it is the name of the person, if there is a company, the registered name of the company and in the event of a co-operative, the name of the company is mentioned on the PAN Card.

Cardholder's father's name - This applies in the case of individual cardholders. The cardholder's father's name is mentioned under that person's name.

Birthday - The cardholder's birthday is stated under the father's name in the event of an individual PAN card. This information serves as the cardholder's birthday. In the case of companies and co-operatives, their date of registration is specified in this category.

PAN number - The following and the most important card content is the PAN number or permanent account number. The PAN number is unique to each person / business holding the card and contains certain important information. The number is based on the information provided by the business. It is a number 10 with alpha numbers and letters each representing the details. Such details are as follows:

The first three letters - These three letters are only alphabetical and contain three letters of the alphabet from A to Z.

The fourth letter - The fourth letter of the PAN number represents the taxpayer's category of actual business. Various organizations and their characters should:

• A - People's Organization
• B - The body of individuals
• C - Company
• F - Companies
• G - Government
• H - The Separate Hindu Family
• L - Local council
• J - Self-Determined Person
• P - Individual
• T - Association of People for a Trust

Fifth letter - the fifth letter is the first letter of each person's surname

Characters - remaining characters are not in order. The first 4 letters are numbers and the last one is letters.

Individual signature - the last details on the PAN card is that person's signature. As such, the PAN Card also serves as proof of the individual signature required in various financial transactions.

Photo of the person - a photo of the card holder is also on the bottom right of the PAN Card which makes the card eligible to act as proof of that person's photo. In the case of companies and firms, there is no picture on the card.

Benefits of PAN Card

Important uses of the PAN Card can be shown as follows:

Tax returns - Individuals and organizations (companies, co-operatives, HUFs, etc.) are required to quote their PAN numbers whenever they submit a tax return. This is a mandatory requirement. In the absence of a PAN card, individuals and organizations will be required to pay a 30% flat tax on their income regardless of the tax brokers they can access. Therefore, for tax purposes, a PAN number is required and one can check the status of the PAN card with a PAN number

• Business registration - companies, co-operatives, Hindu families Undivided or other organizations seeking their business registration will not do so if they do not have a PAN number that I can quote from the registration details.

• By making a transaction - A lot of financial transactions can only be made if the PAN card is not. personal / business is available. Other common transactions used by a PAN card include the sale or purchase of any immovable property valued at Rs.5 lakhs or more, the sale or purchase of any vehicle other than two wheels, including any value of more than Rs.50,000 in the bank, to buy bonds worth Rs.50,000 or more, to withdraw money outside India, travel expenses for overseas travel if such costs are more than Rs. 25,000, purchase mutual fund schemes, purchase insurance policies or shares valued at Rs.50,000 and above, etc.

• Access to the app connection - In many cases where services such as prepaid telephone connection, LPG connection, power connection, internet connection, etc. Required, PAN card is useful. However, it is always recommended that you use other ID proof such as DL, voting ID card, etc. If possible.

• Opening a bank account - These days the Know Your Customer (KYC) banking practices have become very strict and the PAN card is a basic requirement, banks do individual verification when opening a bank account.

PAN Card Tracking / PAN Card Status check Online

Know your PAN status - A person can track PAN Card status online after the applicant has not applied. The PAN Card request status can be tracked when the PAN status indicates whether the card has been issued or not. The applicant can check the status of the PAN card or check the status of the UTI PAN card / NSDL PAN card status on the relevant websites. The UTI PAN Card Status is available at UTIITSL and the NSDL PAN Status is available on the NSDL website and both indicate the appropriate PAN application conditions. PAN Card status can be downloaded online and one can get online PAN Card status by name and birthday posted on websites.


Making changes to the PAN card

Existing PAN card holders can make changes to their existing PAN Card details while simultaneously retaining the PAN Number. Any modifications to the information contained in the PAN card can also be made using this process. In this case a PAN Card update or repair form must be completed and submitted to the relevant authorities.


Duplicate PAN card

With a lost PAN card, the applicant can apply for a replay by submitting the required form and paying the appropriate processing fee.

What happens if you do not have a PAN Card?

There are many reasons why you should have a PAN card:

• You will not be able to make a financial transaction of more than Rs 50,000 without providing your  PAN.

• PAN is obliged to buy or sell goods or services.

• You will not be able to enter Income Tax Returns without your PAN card.

• Your credit / loan application will be rejected if you do not mention your PAN.

Procedure to check Online Status

PAN Card Fees and Charges in India

For applicants residing in India, they need to pay a fee of Rs 110, including

a processing fee of Rs 93.00 and a GST of 18.00%. As there are other differences found in the country, the Government of India has decided to have the same amount of money to get a PAN Card for applicants. Any private or non-profit profile profiles are very important to having a PAN card. The availability of a PAN card will allow the user to easily make financial transactions and take advantage of government-approved subsidies. It is important for citizens to pay taxes and help develop the nation.

Fees and expenses of PAN card for foreign nationals

India is developing at a rapid pace, thus encouraging foreign investors to invest in India. Here again, PAN is the most important document for them to perform their financial duties. By conducting transactions in India, certain individuals / organizations need to have a PAN card. Applicants must follow the same procedure as for Indian citizens. For foreign nationals seeking a PAN Card, the Government charges a fee of Rs. 864 (excluding Property Rates). Citizens living abroad after obtaining a PAN card can easily conduct business in India.


Reprint payments / changes to PAN card in India / abroad

PAN card holders who have lost / damaged their PAN card or are in the process of repairing their details on a PAN card need to pay a fee of Rs. 50 (including taxes). This charge applies to owners with a contact address within India. PAN card holders with a contact address outside of India need to pay a fee of Rs. 959 (including taxes).


PAN Card Payment Methods

There are various payment methods for applicants who intend to have a PAN card outside or inside the contact address. Let's take a look at payment methods for using the PAN Card:

In-India address: PAN card holders residing within the contact address can pay / debit with Debit / credit cards, Demand Drafts or Net Banking. It should be noted that cardholders will be charged an additional 2.00% on Debit / Credit card payment, which is usually charged by banks. Also, payments made with Demand Draft should only be accepted, if DD draws in favor of "NSDL-PAN", payable in Mumbai. If any of the applicants / cardholders want to pay using Net Banking mode, they will have to pay more than Rs. 4 and service tax.

At a contact address outside India: Citizens living without a contact address may follow the same payment method for further processing. PAN card holders can pay with Debit / credit cards, Demand Drafts or Net Banking. Foreign nationals have to pay extra for the conversion or exchange fees set by banks to receive benefits, some fees remain the same. Payments made for non-adjustment of claims will only be accepted if they are subject to 'NSDL-PAN', which is payable in Mumbai.

As PAN is an important document that is needed by everyone earning money or non individually, it comes with a number of benefits for residents within / outside the communications address. There is no refund provision by the Indian Revenue Service, if the application form is rejected, it may be due to incorrect or incomplete information. One can re-apply for a PAN card with the correction in pan data details using the same payment details.

Fees Table





Physical/Hard Copy of PAN Card in India


Rs. 101.00


Physical/Hard Copy of PAN Card outside in India


Rs. 1,011.00


e-PAN in Indian Address


Rs. 66.00


e-PAN in Foreign Address


Rs. 66.00


Verification PAN card details using name, DOB

The PAN number also serves as proof of the identity of the citizens of India. It is mandatory to have a PAN to perform financial transactions such as Income Tax Return, purchase of joint funds, loan application, etc.

However, a basic feature of issuing PAN cards to all Indian citizens is keeping track and record of their financial transactions for tax purposes.

View PAN card details by name and date of birth

There is no such procedure for checking your PAN card details by name and date of birth, but you can always check your PAN card details by verifying your PAN by entering name and date of birth. Here's how to do it 

By following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Visit the official Income Tax E-Filing website at

Step 2: Click on 'Verify your PAN details' under the "Quick Links" section.

Step 3: Enter your PAN, full name, Birthday to proceed.


Step 4: Choose a situation that is, be it an individual, a divided Hindu family, a human society, a human body, a company, a government, a self-made legal person, a local authority, and a strong or trusting trust.

Step 5: Enter the "Captcha Code" verification in the box provided.

Step 6: Click the "Submit" option.

Step 7: You will be redirected to a new page, and it will show that "Your PAN is active and the details are the same as the PAN Database."

 Pan Card Form

A PAN card is a necessary requirement for all Indian citizens and legal entities, especially those who pay income tax. Whether you apply for the PAN online or offline, you will receive two types of NSDL PAN application forms - Form 49A and Form 49AA. Indigenous Indians and organizations based in India must complete Form 49A to apply for a PAN Card. Foreign nationals and organizations included abroad are also eligible for PAN; they must complete Form 49AA of the PAN application.

Download PAN Application Form


Form 49A

To be filled by Indian Citizens, Entities incorporated in India and Indian Companies, Unincorporated entities formed in India

Form 49AA

To be filled by individuals not being a citizen of India, Unincorporated entities, Entities incorporated outside India and unincorporated entities formed outside India

 For more Information regarding what is the Procedure & how to download form read more

 Penalty for Multiple Pan card

It is possible that people unintentionally had two PAN cards without his knowledge. Therefore, it is important to know under what circumstances a person will not have a duplicate PAN card. Here are some situations in which a person may not have more than one PAN card:

Multiple individual requests: Many people may have submitted a PAN application using the online method and submitted the application form but due to some technical issues it may be rejected by the online database. In this case, one can also request offline mode and then start filling out the form and send it to the relevant authorities. If, at any rate, the relevant authority receives the latest and previous application forms and issues a separate 2 Personal number, it will be counted under multiple applications. In this case, each person is advised to hand over one of their PAN cards to the authorities.

Change PAN details: This can appear in two cases namely Address and name. It appears that after marriage, women often change their surname and eventually apply for a new PAN. It leads to having more than one PAN.

On the other hand, in the case of a change of address it is not mandatory for the PAN owner to correct it but it is advisable that only the corresponding address should be changed. One should not apply for a new PAN system but instead switch to an existing PAN using a website or offline method.


PAN Owner's Purpose: If someone intentionally inserts a duplicate PAN card with the intention of evading taxation, fraudulent taxpayers or the government falls under this category. Misuse of PAN for personal gain may result in fines and other consequences.

PAN Payment for Multiple / Multiple PAN Cards

In terms of Section 139A (7) of the Income Tax Act - No person who has been given a permanent account number under a new series will apply, obtain or have another account number permanently.

In terms of Section 272B of the Income Tax Act- Provision of a fine in Rands. 10,000 if he fails to comply with section 139A and in addition any person who is asked to quote his Permanent Account number and quote the Permanent Account Number will also be fined by the Assessment Officer.

How to Surrender Additional Pan Cards?

It is clear that most people are likely to apply for additional PAN cards intentionally or unintentionally. To avoid any penalties or consequences, one should donate his or her additional PAN manually or online.

There are two ways each person can donate their additional PAN cards:

Online Dedication: For people who want to donate their extra PAN through online mode they need to visit the official website of the Indian Revenue Department of India

( Log in to your account and enter all the required information such as name, contact number, DOB, name and address. In addition, each person must indicate the PAN that must be provided and which must be kept in the application form. After submitting each individual you will receive a receipt that can be used for proof of providing an additional PAN.


Volunteer Manuals / Offline: People who want to donate a PAN card in offline mode need to complete a PAN repair form and submit it to the inspection authority under which the individual falls. With the PAN adjustment form under column 11, each person needs to specify the PAN to be donated and which must be maintained. A copy of such PAN requires submission and application form. After this approval slide must be retained in order to use future references that will serve as proof of PAN’s commitment.

It is highly recommended for individuals or non-individuals not to administer an additional PAN as it may attract more consequences and penalties against it under the Income Tax Act. To avoid this punishment, follow the guidelines of the Income Tax Act and take appropriate action. Reducing this activity will help create better financial transactions and ultimately development for the nation.

Pan Card Grievance

There can be different types of complaints that each person faces while installing or receiving a PAN. Listed below are some of the most common complaints:

Incorrect name printed on card: It has often been found that people do not get their real name printed on a card with the correct spelling or name. It may be due to a manual error or technology. One has to adjust as soon as possible as this card serves as proof of identity in the country.

No PAN card or PAN number found: There is a chance that people may not get their PAN or PAN Card number due to incorrect placement or delivery to the wrong address, it should be the cardholder's last responsibility to report and correct it immediately.

Restored Unused: Sometimes people may not receive a PAN due to an incorrect delivery address or lose the delivery date and the PAN may be provided as it is returned to the relevant authorities. In this case, the appropriate authority should be reported as soon as possible.

Unused Image: The photo embedded on the card may not match the actual image of the person. This is one of the most common complaints that applicants face. Matters related to this should be reported immediately.

Others: There may be other complaints and the father's name variance, incorrect contact address, name variation, unique birthday and many more. All such errors should be brought to the attention of the relevant authorities and remedied immediately.

As the nature of complaints can vary from different cardholders, Aayakar Sampark Kendra serves as the official source dedicated to handling PAN-related complaints, ensuring that there are minor errors and easy solutions provided to PAN card holders.

PAN Card Online Complaints Procedure

1.      Visit the Department of Taxation website at

2.      Complaints related to the PAN card can be lodged with the click of a "Submit" button.

3.      After clicking on the submit link, you must select the appeal type from the drop-down list.

4.      Provide your adoption number / coupon number, PA number and agency

5.      You need to provide your name, father's name, date of birth, address, phone, email, date of application and finally add a brief description of the complaint to the claimant's case.

6.      Once completed correctly, you can submit the PAN form online.

Check your PAN complaints status

The Sparsh site also provides individuals with a platform to monitor their PAN complaints status using After entering your PAN number, coupon number, appeal number from the drop-down menu you can search for PAN complaints. Then click on the Submit button to find out the status of your PAN complaint.

The Tax Department is very focused on providing simplified solutions to PAN card holders to address low-level problems and achieve high results. The Sparsh website focuses on providing PAN card holders a solution to all complaints effectively and with a quick response as well.

What is ePAN?
EPAN is a visual PAN card that contains the PAN details of the card manager. It can be downloaded from the NSDL website or from the UTIITSL website. Contains a cardholder PAN and can be used for all e-verification that requires a PAN card to be provided.
The following information is stated on the ePAN card:

>Permanent Account Number


>Father's Name





>QR code

It is fair to say that it is illegal to have more than one PAN card. A person found in possession of more than one PAN card is liable to a fine of up to Rs. 10,000.
For more information regarding read more


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