Rajasthan - Apply for Educational Institution Vehicle Permit


Apply In-Person

  1. To apply for establishment vehicle allow in Rajasthan the person should approach the RTO workplace or allow supply state/regional transport authorities of the realm.

  2. Information associated with the RTO offices and allowed supply state/regional transport authorities may be obtained from the “Office and Location” Section of this page.

  3. You will have to be compelled to submit Application in type No. RS 5.8 before of allow authority.

  4. Application forms may be obtained from RTO offices that ought to be completed and given with appropriate fees.

  5. Please ensure you've got all the documents that are listed down the “Required Document” section of this page.

  6. Present the finished application forms in one amongst the counters and pay the suitable fee.

  7. After the mandatory examination of the forms with the applying by the approved authority, the shape allow are going to be issued.

  8. Apply on-line via State Portal

  9. You can additionally apply for establishment vehicle allow on-line via state portal: state portal

  10. Select; transport ,e-services, national allow

  11. You will be redirected to the national portal page : national portal page

  12. Here you'll log in and mistreat the user id and password.

  13. For activation of login Id person must transfer the shape from following link: user creation

  14. Get the shape verified at the RTO workplace.

  15. Once your user id is active you'll log in and mistreat the credentials and apply to allow connected services on-line.

Required Documents

  1. Application form no. 5.8(a)

  2. Proof of address of residence

  3. An envelope containing your address written for data.

  4. Tax-payment report.

  5. Copy of the valid insurance of the vehicle.

  6. Copy of fitness certificate

  7. Copy of Registration Book

  8. Payment fees consistent with the foundations.


1.      The vehicle needs to fulfil the obligation criteria mentioned in “information that might” facilitate the section of this page.


Application fees for establishment Bus/ Minibus/ Motor Cab/ taxi cab permit: Rs. 1000/-

More data associated with fees may be obtained through following link: connected Fees


Explain the time till that the certificate/document is valid.

e.g. certificate Valid Forever

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