Tamil Nadu - Apply for Certificate of Manufacture Organic Fertilizer or Bio-Fertilizer


Apply In-Person

  1. To apply or renew for Management and Handling of Bio-Medical Wastes head to head, the person representing the involved trade needs to visit the Regional workplace of the province Pollution board.

  2. Visit the Regional workplace and acquire the applying kind or refer to the “Documents to use” section of this page to transfer the applying kind.

  3. Please fill the application with essential data and details. choose whether or not you would like to use a brand new authorisation or renew previous one by tick marking “Fresh” or “Renewal” check box. Then attest it along with your signature.

  4. Make sure that you simply have all the documents that square measure listed in the “Required Documents” section of this page. Attach all the vital documents mentioned.

  5. Then, it ought to be submitted to the District Environmental Engineer World Health Organization to place the applying and hooked up documents into scrutiny to ascertain if there's any deficiency.

  6. If something is found, it'll come to the trade. The trade is meant to feed back the applying or give correct clarification for the deficiency.

  7. The corrected complete application is currently sent to the examination website and examined by the involved official.

  8. If the examination finds any propaganda, the DEE shall come back and apply and acquire the proper data.

  9. Once all the outfitted data is found ample by the Engineer involved, the examination Report shall be submitted.

  10. After more processes, the textual matter of the signed Authorization order shall be dispatched at intervals each day of approval, to the individual.

Apply on-line

  1. To apply or renew for Management and Handling of Bio-Medical Wastes, you've got to go to the OCMMS module in TNPCB web site mistreatment the subsequent link: Link

  2. If you have already got associate degree trade registration, login mistreatment your User ID and parole. Else, create a brand new registration by clicking on the “New trade Registration” button within the “User Login” tab.

  3. Fill all the fields asked in each the “Industry Details” and “Occupier Details” tabs and click on the “Save” button. Your “User ID” associate degree in just one occasion “Password” is provided which might be modified later. Else, enter the small print as per the wants within the registration module.

  4. Registration details can seem, click on “Print” choice and save the small print for later use. Or the small prints are displayed on the highest of the screen, note it down and click on “Home” tab at the left facet of the page to login. Click on “Industry login” radio button and enter the user details to enter into the module.

  5. In the homepage, click on “Waste Management” tab (present at the top). within the Waste Management tab, click on “Apply Authorization” tab at the left facet of the page so choose “Bio-Medical Waste” choice within the computer menu that seems. Application module with needed tabs can open.

  6. Specify whether or not the authorization needed is recent or renewal. Then, give the small print of Bio-medical wastes as applicable to the requirement of assortment, Reception, Treatment, Transport, Storage and Disposal.

  7. After filling every tab, you may be asked an issue whether or not to avoid wasting the application as “Completed” or “In Progress”. choose “In Progress” and click on “Save” button, so the small print may be saved and used for filling applications in future.

  8. Now, “Documents” tab is open. Click the “Upload” button to transfer the mandatory documents by clicking on the “Choose File” button. Once all the documents square measure hooked up, click the “Save“ button and proceed.

  9. If any extra document has to be additional, it may be additional within the next page by coming into the name of the document within the field provided and clicking the “Choose File” button, then “Save” button.

  10. After finishing this, click on the “Exit” button. Finally, click on the “Complete” button and also the “Save” button, so the application is completed and submitted with success.

  11. After flourishing the submission of the application, it'll be taken to the look of the District Environmental Engineer (DEE) for verification and more processes. If the DEE finds any mistake within the application or documents hooked up, it'll come to the trade and also the trade will notice it within the “Completed Application” tab within the OCMMS module.

  12. And if the authorization has been sanctioned, the User will read and transfer the certificate by clicking on the “View Authorization Certificate” button.

Required Documents

  1. Letter of Requisition

  2. Raw materials list and their Quality details

  3. Products list and their Quality details

  4. Manufacturing method flow description

  5. Treatment, storage and disposal facility agreement copy

  6. Recent copy of Consent order or Renewal


  1. Occupier ought to apply for the BMW Authorization solely when getting the valid Consent/Renewal of consent order.

  2. The occupier ought to be capable of providing appropriate and safe premises with correct ventilation and isolated storage location for segregated medicine waste.

  3. The individual ought to remember the act amended on the management of Bio-Medical Wastes.


  1. Please approach involved department authorities for fees details.


  1. As per the provisions of the foundations, the validity of the Bio-medical Waste Authorization for the bedded HCF(Hospital) and Operator of common Facility are synchronised with the validity of the consents for the HCF(Hospital) or Common Facility.

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