Apply In-Person:

  1. Book through telephone call

  2. Applicants in and round the city corporation space will avail this tank clearance / sewerage services.

  3. Consumers within the city town will book sewer lorries by dialling 4567 4567.

  4. Consumers need to offer CMC variety and Mobile variety at the time of booking.

Through CMWSSB

  1. To apply for tank or sewerage system cleansing service, a person needs to visit the Municipal Corporation of their space.

  2. Applicants need to approach the involved officer regulated beneath the Municipal Corporation.

  3. Obtain the relevant form from the officer and fill the shape with applicable details.

  4. While submitting the appliance type, create the partial payment for the service you've got requested.

  5. Respective officers can verify the main points submitted and apportion the precise contractor and therefore the schedule for cleansing the sewerage system or tank.

  6. Book a tanker for tank clearance through on-line - state

Apply for sump (Septic Tank, Sewerage) cleansing Service on-line with pictures

  1. Applicant needs to visit the subsequent link to book a tanker for tank clearance type

  2. Click on “Book a Tanker of tank Clearance” link.

  3. Then a collection of directions can seem on the screen. browse rigorously and click on “Ok” tab.

  4. Now within the new page, enter the CMC variety or Mobile variety and click on “Search” tab.

  5. Follow the screen directions and book a tanker for tank clearance.

Required Documents

For residential buildings

  1. Aadhaar card of the owner

  2. Address proof like elector positive identification, card or Aadhaar card.

For industrial / company / Hospital / Industrial buildings

  1. Building / web site set up

  2. Proof for the payment of tax

  3. Identity proof


  1. House owners of residential buildings will apply

  2. A person WHO is in charge of business buildings, hospitals, industries, company sectors will apply.


  1. As per CMWSSB - authority 650 per 6000 litres.


  1. It remains valid till you avail the service.

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