Tamil Nadu - Apply for Cracker and Explosive License


Apply In-Person:

  1. To apply for the cracker and explosive license, approach the involved District collector workplace of your space.

  2. Applicant shall collect the appliance type from individual workplace on visit or transfer the appliance type from the given link

  3. Make sure that you simply have all the correct documents mentioned within the “Required documents” section below.

  4. Submit the finished form together with needed documents to the authority.

  5. Submitted forms are verified and if all area units in situ, application are accepted associated an acknowledgement are provided for submitted application.

  6. This application is processed additional. somebody gets notification regarding the method.

  7. Authorities can visit the applicant's premises and place of business to verify and examine as per norms.

  8. There will be a listing check regarding somebody.

  9. If the higher than method area unit is satisfactory, somebody can get a license as per notification.

  10. A license with a 1-year termination amount is issued by the authority as per deliverable norms.

Required Documents

  1. Proof of Identity and Address proof

  2. Verification report from police

  3. No objection from hearth service department

  4. No objection from native body (district administration)

  5. Particulars of previous license if any

  6. Description of place for wherever the storage is meant to be disbursed.

  7. No objection certificate of the tenant, if the business is meant to be disbursed on the land of the tenant aside from the somebody.

  8. Recent copy of Form-F of the land housing the Storage Facility.

  9. Aadhaar Card

  10. Passport size photos


  1. Applicants should be higher than eighteen years of age and may be the resident of Tamil Nadu.

  2. Not sentenced or guilty of any offence involving violence or ethical evildoing for a term of not but six months, at any time throughout a amount of 5 years once the expiration of the sentence.

  3. Has not been ordered to execute underneath Chapter VIII of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (2 of 1974), a bond for keeping the peace or permanently behaviour, at any time throughout the term of the bond.

  4. Whose license underneath the Explosives Act has not been off, whether or not before or once the commencement of the Indian Explosives (Amendment) Act, 1978, for resistance of the provisions of this Act or of the foundations Explosives Act, at any time throughout a amount of 5 years from the date of cancellation of such license.


  1. Fee info are often obtained from the subsequent link: Peso


  1. Validity of the Cracker License on Temporary basis are most of fifteen days and on Permanent basis for one Year (Financial Year)

  2. Renewed each year (Optional)

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