Tamil Nadu - Apply for Division of Land


Fill up the application in kind A with court fee price fifty paise.

Submit kindly to the Sub Divisional workplace or to the Tehsildar's Office in space together with all alternative necessities.

The SDO can examine your proposal, and once all formalities area unit completed the officer can issue an order of diversion.

Apply through e-Service centers or Common Service Centers (CSC)

  1. You can conjointly approach the e-service centers or the CSC centers for availing this service.

  2. You can realize the e-service centers within the municipality workplace or tehsil workplace in your space.

Required Documents

  1. Attested copy of recent kind F and map.

  2. Affidavit stating right & interest over the land / details of excess possession of land, if any, declaration of purpose of supposed different use, declaration relating to No Dues, encroachment, if any.

  3. Aadhaar Card


  1. Provide eligibility criteria for probing this procedure.


  1.  Court fee price fifty paise (for the form)


  1. Explain the time till that the certificate/document is valid.

e.g. certification Valid Forever

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