Tamil Nadu - Apply for Family Identity Card


Apply In-Person

  1. Applicants could approach the “Assistant Commissioner of Civil Supplies” in Madras and In districts aside from Madras, “Taluk provide Officers of the Civil provides and shopper Protection Department or Assistant apportionment Officers” involved Or their nearest ration search in their space to use for identity card.

  2. Applicants shall fill the appliance kind obtained from the various workplace or they will transfer from the subsequent link:English kind and Tamil kind Or they will get the shape from the CSC centres. Link for CSC: e-Service or CSC Centers

  3. Make sure that you just have needed documents to method your request.

  4. Please make sure that you are just an area unit eligible to use.

  5. Applicants should submit the various kinds and procure the acknowledgement for future reference.

  6. The accepted application is shipped for verification on ground level by authorities.

  7. The involved official visits the house of the human for verification and approves the identity card, if the human is found eligible.

  8. On the recommendation of the various authorities, identity cards are written. Once it's prepared, authorities can inform the human through a postcard to gather the cardboard.

  9. Applicants shall attend the workplace submit the acknowledgement to induce the identity card.

Apply on-line

  1. To apply online, please visit the subsequent link: Apply On-line

  2. Please choose “Apply for Electronic Card” choice provided underneath “ELECTRONIC CARD SERVICES” of the given page to succeed in the following page.

  3. This page is for coming into the web application - fill within the prompted details suitably and transfer the specified documents and submit the appliance by victimization the various tabs.

  4. After submitting the appliance you may be given a reference variety that you just will use for following the appliance.

  5. This application submitted on-line is subjected for verification by the authorities. When doing palm verification, authorities can order for card printing.

  6. Once the cardboard is prepared, humans are notified to gather the cardboard by manufacturing the reference variety.

Required Documents

  1. Respective form

  2. A copy of original residential proof.

  3. A copy elderly certificate / college exploit certificate of the top of the family.

  4. A copy of financial gain proof of the family - that financial gain of the family is below from the prescribed limit.

  5. A copy of identity proof like citizen ID card, driving licence, Aadhar card.

  6. Passport size photograph of the human.

  7. Mobile variety or Email addresses could also be stuffed up within the format to change this department to send an automatic message to the human on the standing of the appliance.

  8. A addressed and sealed communicating cowl or card to change the workplace to speak the results to the human.

  9. Tenancy agreement if the human could be a tenant.


  1. The human and his/her family should be Indian voters and will be resident of the state.

  2. The human or his members of the family should not possess any family card in any State in India (If they'd one, it's to be withdrawn).

  3. The human and members of the family should be shut relatives.

  4. If you're newly married and have your name in your family identity card, you and your better half ought to get name deletion certificates (Removing names from your various family cards).


  1. Government of the province has prescribed Rs five because of the fee for a replacement identity card. This quantity must be paid to the AC or TSO workplace involved


  1. Family positive identification is valid for lifespan and can be revived with a supported announcement.

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