Tamil Nadu - Apply for Insecticide License


Apply face to face

  1. Applicants have to get the letter head for the firm and will get needed documents as per our page.

  2. Applicants ought to head to the licensing workplace for the division level Agriculture office to use. Link for contact details : State Contacts use the contact data to find the individual workplace address

  3. Please collect the suitable form as per officer’s recommendation or are often downloaded from the subsequent link:Form VI and submit with needed documents.

  4. After accepting the appliance, officers can advise the quantity to be remitted as per the mode (treasury challan).

  5. Applicants when remitting the mentioned quantity, ought to offer constant to the department authority for process.

  6. Applicants can get intimation for examination of premises.

  7. Authorities can examine the business place and do their due diligence for the machine / different equipment as mentioned in application by person.

  8. Once all the methods yield a satisfactory result, the person gets intimation to gather the License.

  9. On the same date, the person will collect the license.

Required Documents

  1. GST details

  2. Application kind

  3. Application form: Form- VI

  4. Letterhead

  5. Rubber stamp within the name

  6. Chemist temperament Letter

  7. Chemist Bio-data (Diploma or degree holder –details are often obtained from body Officer, Mandal Agriculture office)

  8. Chemist Appointment Letter

  9. Chemist Degree Certificate

  10. List of laboratory equipments

  11. List of Straight Micronutrients

  12. Additional documents (If Any)

  13. ID proof

  14. Address proof

  15. Document of the search and address proof

  16. Establishment certificate

  17. Photo

  18. Aadhaar Card


Any person aspiring to manufacture or to sell, stock or exhibit available or distribute any insect powder, or to undertake industrial tormenter management operations with the employment of Any insect powder is eligible to form an application to the licensing officer for the grant of a license.

Education criteria are obligatory. Please see licensing officer for division level Agriculture

As the fees structure varies with the sort of business and sort of insect powder classified, licensing officer for division level Agriculture can offer fee details


A license granted beneath pesticides (Amendment) Act, shall be valid for the amount specific in that, could also be revived from time to time for such amount and on payment of such fee as could also be prescribed.

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