Tamil Nadu - Apply for Local Certificate


Apply In-Person

  1. Applicants should visit the revenue department authorities or Tahsildar to use face to face with the documents such beneath needed documents session. Link for contact: companies in Tamilnadu AND Headquarters

  2. Please go to various workplaces. Submit the finished application obtained from workplace or will be downloaded from the link below: kind

  3. Authorities once checking the hooked up documents and details submitted can create entries and supply you record range for reference.

  4. This application is going to be verified by the Village body Officer (VAO) and Revenue Inspector (RI).

  5. There will be a ground level verification and scrutiny of the documents and details provided.

  6. Once the verification is over, these officers can submit their report back to the Tahsildar.

  7. Tahsildar can attempt to issue the certificate to the soul.

  8. Applicants can get the certificate in fifteen days once due verification.

Apply on-line - e-Sevai Services for subject - Madras Apply for native Certificate on-line with pictures.

  1. Use the subsequent link to e-sevai portal to use for this certificate. Link: E-sevai

  2. Applicant shall login victimisation the credentials and page prompts and hit “login”. If new users, then choose “Sign Up here” beneath login to register then apply.

  3. Please follow the page prompts and complete the small print for filing applications through on-line.

  4. These applications are going to be processed by the various departments as per however it'll be processed face to face to issue the certificate.

Required Documents

  1. Application kind. 

  2. Self declaration 

  3. Residential proof of land or rented house (photocopy of land deed / rent receipt copy).

  4. Identity Proof (PAN card, driver's licence, Voter card, identity card, Passport).

  5. Birth Certificate.

  6. Passport size photograph.

  7. Property TAX (As applicable)

  8. Educational certificates if applicable

  9. Aadhaar card


The following are the eligibility criteria to get an area certificate from the State Government:

Any person WHO may be a resident of the state.

Women not at the start happiness to the state, however married to a permanent resident of the state.


Authorities can give fee details.

During online payment fee details are going to be displayed


The validity amount of this certificate has been increased to life long as per GO

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