Tamil Nadu - Apply for Medical Certificate


Apply In person:

  1. Medical certificate ought to be obtained by approaching a Doctor close to your space. So, mortals ought to approach the doctor and request for a medical certificate.

  2. Apply victimization the format of application as applicable.

  3. Here we've provided link for the appliance type to download: type 1a

  4. Fill within the form and fix a passport size photograph.

  5. Doctors (Registered Medical Practitioners) can issue Medical Certificate. In some cases…

  6. Go to a doctor to look at

  7. Based on the need, Doctor prescribes tests.

  8. Applicant ought to take the prescribed tests

  9. Doctor can look into the take a look at results

  10. He can issue the medical certificate.

Required Documents

  1. Application type. Link

  2. Photo

  3. Test results as suggested

  4. ID proof (Aadhaar card)


  1. Medical certificate could be a demand to people who needs to get a driving license and alternative official documents

  2. As a policy MNC’s can raise the candidates to submit a medical certificate

  3. Few Govt. service needs medical certificate to establish the fitness


Minimum of Rs.200 are going to be charged ( This fees changes from Doctor to Doctor).

Medical certificate that is supposed for overseas job needs bound level of examination as suggested by the recruiter from overseas and costs for such certificate are going to be determined by them.


Medical certificate is valid for 6 months

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