Tamil Nadu - Apply for Ration Card


Following the listed area unit the ways that} through which a card may be applied.

  1. Apply through nearest Ration search

  2. Smart ration cards may be applied through your nearest ration outlets.

  3. The best thanks to realize your nearest ration search is to decide the Zonal workplace of Civil provides and client Protection they must be able to assist you out together with your question. Following link provides you the list of Zonal offices and their contact information: Zonal Offices and call info

  4. Alternatively enquire in your nearest grocery search or any native resident within the space they must be able to assist you out.

  5. Make sure you've got the desired documents for creating the appliance that's listed below the desired Documents section of this page.

  6. Please submit the documents and photograph to the ration search authority requesting for a brand new open-end credit (Ration Card).

  7. The authority would get all the required documents and data from the person and submit the appliance for the open-end credit.

  8. After verification of the data and also the documents the open-end credit is going to be provided to the person.

Apply online

  1. To apply on-line, please visit the subsequent link, wherever you'll be able to update acceptable info and documents and submit the application: Apply On-line

  2. Please fill within the fields suitably and transfer the desired documents and submit the appliance.

  3. Make sure you transfer the image of the desired documents in acceptable image formats that have been listed out.

  4. After submitting the appliance you'll be given a reference variety that you just will use for following the appliance.

Apply through Mobile

  1. To apply through good phones, please hunt for the TNEPDS App or the PDS Public Mobile App through that you'll be able to transfer all the required info and submit the appliance.

  2. Apply through e-Service centers (CSC Centers - Common Service Centers)

  3. You can additionally apply through e-Service centers or the Common Service Centers

Required Documents

  1. Aadhaar Card

  2. Proof of applicant's current residence in Tamil Nadu (copy of original document)

  3. Election ikon positive identification (EPIC), OR

  4. Property tax payment receipt just in case of own house (current year), OR

  5. Electricity Bill (last month), OR

  6. Telephone Bill (last month) , OR

  7. Front Page of Bank Pass Book, OR

  8. Allotment orders in respect of persons residing at homes assigned by Slum Clearance Board, OR

  9. Passport, OR

  10. Currently valid residence agreement (in case of rented house), AND

  11. Surrender Certificate together with relevant family card issued by the cardboard issue authority if any card is issued within the previous address, OR

  12. Name Deletion Certificate from the parent or guardian family card or Non-inclusion of name Certificate issued by the cardboard issue authority within the previous address, OR

  13. No card certificate issued by the cardboard issue authority, if there's no family card within the previous address, AND

  14. Particulars concerning earlier application for family card, as well as number and details of rejection, if any? AND

  15. Details of LPG affiliation, if any, with details of name of client in whose name it's registered, client variety, LPG agency and company name.

  16. Mobile variety or Email addresses are also stuffed up within the format to change this department to send an automatic message (to be activated by finish 2008) to the person on the standing of the appliance. AND

  17. A self-addressed and sealed communication cowl or card to change the workplace to speak the results to the person.


  1. The person and his/her family should be Indian voters

  2. The person and his/her family should be living singly

  3. The person or his members of the family should not possess any family card in any State in Asian nation (If they'd one, it's to be withdrawn)

  4. The person or any of his/her members of the family should not be a member in the other family card in Tamil Nadu (If they were one, it's to be withdrawn)

  5. The person and members of the family should be shut relatives


  1. Government of Tamil Nadu has prescribed Rs five because of the fee for a brand new card. This quantity has got to be paid to the AC or TSO workplace involved


  1. Time period of a card is five years

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