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Tatkal Passport in India

Tatkal Passport India
The Tatkal passport process is the fastest way to apply for an Indian passport. In this article we will discuss the Tatkal passport, the amount of the Tatkal passport, the duration of the Tatkal passport, the requirement for the Tatkal passports, the renewal of the Tatkal passport,

The Tatkal passport is valid, the difference between a normal passport and a talkal. Itzeazy assists with the Tatkal passport process.

An Indian passport application has two types - a regular passport and a takal passport depending on the time required for processing. If a person urgently needs a passport, they can apply for a Tatkal passport. Usually the tatkal passport time is 3-4 days. Tatkal's passport fee is Rs. 2000 in addition to the usual passport fees.

Indian passport is a valid foreign identity document such as Aadhar and PAN card in India. It also acknowledges personal authenticity, which assists him in accessing various services in India and other countries because it contains proof of address and photographs.

In India, it is made subject to the division of embassies, passports and visas of the Indian State Department of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, the Indian government is responsible for administering Passport issuance services to all Indian citizens who have applied for a passport in India.

Tatkal Passport Types

Depending on the urgency of the need for a passport, Indians apply for two types of passports - Normal and Tatkal.

A standard passport application that every Indian citizen applies and it takes 30-45 days to complete the process.

While a Tatkal passport is an emergency use of a passport required for emergencies, it requires a high fee to get the job done in a short amount of time. You will get instant tatkal time or appointments at the nearest PSK.

Everyone in India can get the tatkal and regular service of a new passport and renewal.

Note: the procedure time will be less for a tatkal passport and the rest is the same as for a normal passport application. In addition, this service only works for citizens with a real reason.

Eligibility for a tatkal passport

All Indian citizens are ready for a tatkal passport. You just need to provide valid proof of Indian Id, proof of address, and the application process. However, there are some things or conditions where a citizen cannot apply for a Tatkal passport. Anyone who falls into the categories provided will be assessed as applying for Tatkal.

  • A person born to Indian parents living outside of India

  • An Indian citizen who has recently acquired Indian citizenship based on registration

  • A person has been deported to INDIA from another country

  • A person repatriated by the foreign government at his own expense

  • Children adopted by Indian or foreign parents

  • A young child with one parent

  • Change the name

  • Resident of Nagaland and Jammu and Kashmir

  • A Nagaland citizen originally from outside Nagaland

  • Young people living in Nagaland

  • Lost and stolen passport (requires FIR copy)

  • Damaged passport beyond identification

  • Change in gender or appearance

  • Switch to personal details like signature

  • Short passport operating renewal

Tatkal Passport Process

First, visit your home page for a passport. Here are the steps for applying for a Tatkal passport:

  • Open the link and register as 'New User' or sign in if 'Existing User'.

  • To register, fill out the form with an existing Email Id and password, which are your future login credentials.

  • Keep your email-id as login id or Passport Server office will generate a new login-id and send it to your Email Id.

  • When you sign in to the account - it will show two options as a new and new application. Select an option.

  • There are now two options you can fill out the form online or download a soft copy of the form

Process of applying for online passport


Click on the link given below
  • Complete the fill form as usual but select the tatkal Passport option

  • Submit the form

  • Pay the charges and keep the receipt for payment

For offline form, download the form and fill out the form and upload it

Click on the link to download the form through the offline application process but before proceeding with the process, you need to sign in to the account.

  • Complete the form and select the Tatkal Passport option in the form of a scheme

  • Submit the form

  • Select id proof of birth certificate and address

  • Complete the payment online and remove the printout from the payment

  • Select an available appointment date for the nearest Passport Seva Kendra

At Passport Seva Kendra in India

  • Go to your nearest Passport Seva Kendra passport office to submit the form

  • Bring a copy of your birth certificate and proof of address

  • Also, carry original ID and billing receipt

  • It will take a step to complete the process at the PSK office

  • It will record your biometric and give you a final receipt with the application number

  • The passport will arrive at your postal address.

To understand the process of tatkal passport in detail click on Link.

Requirement of Tatkal Passport Documents

The following are the requirements for passport documents:

1. Proof of Current Address

2. Proof of Birthday

3. Proof of documentation for any Non-ECR

4. 3 out of 13 texts from

If the applicant is 18 years or older

The applicant in addition to the identity document "Annexure E", will submit any of the following three documents:

  • Aadhaar / Aadhar card containing 12 Aadhaar numbers issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)

  • Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC)

  • Service Photo Identity Card Issued by Government / Central Government, Public Sector Institutions, Local Organizations or Limited Public Companies

  • SC / ST / OBC certificates

  • Arms Licenses

  • Pension papers such as ex-servicemen's Pension Book / pension payment order, Ex-servicemen's Widow / Dependent Certificates, Old Age Pension Order, Widow Pension Order

  • Self-Passport (unadjusted and harmless)

  • Income Tax Identity (PAN) Cards

  • Bank / Kisan / Post Entry Letters

  • Student Photo Cards issued by Government Educational Institutions for full courses

  • Driver's Licenses (also valid within the State's application form)

  • Birth Certificates issued under the RBD Act

  • Ration cards

If the applicant is under 18 years of age

In addition to Appendix E, any of the following documents may be submitted:

  • Aadhaar / Aadhar card containing 12 Aadhaar numbers issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)

  • Student Photo Cards issued by Government Educational Institutions for full courses

  • Birth Certificates issued under the RBD Act

  • Ration cards

Tatkal passport Fee

On demand there are various amounts of tatkal passports in India. You will receive full details about the financial structure when you apply.



Sr. No.

Service Required

Application Fee

Additional Tatkaal Charges


New passport / passport re-issuance includes an additional brochure due to the exhaustion of visa pages (36 pages) of 10 years of validity.




New passport / passport re-issuance includes an additional brochure due to the exhaustion of visa pages (60 pages) of 10 years of validity.




New passport / re-issue of children's/minors passport (under 18 years of age), 5 years of service or until the child reaches the age of 18 or earlier (36 pages)




Replacement of a passport (36 pages) in place of a lost, damaged or stolen passport




Replacement of a passport (60 pages) in place of a lost, damaged or stolen passport




Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)




Change of passport (36 pages) to delete ECR / Change personal details (validity of 10 years)




Change of passport (60 pages) for deletion of ECR ​​/ Change of personal details(10 year validity)




Change of passport (36 pages) for deletion of ECR ​​/ Change personal details of minors (under 18 years of age), 5 years of service or until a child reaches to 18 years old whichever is earlier.




A 10% discount is given to minors (under the age of 8) and a senior citizen (over 60 years) on basic passport fees. There is no discount for additional Tatkal passport fees.

Payment can be made via an online bank, credit card and bank, and SBI Bank Challan.



It also applies to children between the ages of 15 and 18, who wish to obtain a valid 10-year passport.

If an application for a new passport is made under the Tatkaal scheme, the fee must be paid in addition to the application fee mentioned above.

The fee schedule will be redesigned after the national issuance of the Passport Seva Project.

Status of Passport

Click on the link provided to find out the status of the passport. To track a passport, you must have your application file number and date of birth.

Tatkal Passport time for dispatch

Unlike a regular passport application, the tatkal passport application period means a quick release and verification process by PSK. It will be shipped within 7 days of application once all the paperwork has been processed for Passport Seva Kendra. The applicant under the tatkal system is guaranteed to be used as soon as possible and sent immediately before the passport. The issuance of a passport is subject to a standard passport application.

Passport Renewal

The process of renewing Tatkal's passport is similar to the new Pascal passport process. If the passport is damaged but the information is readable such as name, passport number, photograph, and signature you can apply for a passport issue under the Tatkal scheme. However, if your passport is illegally damaged you are not allowed to apply for a passport under the same scheme.


Q1: Is a certificate of confirmation required from the Gazetted Officer to obtain a passport under the Tatkaal Scheme?

A: No, a certificate of verification is not required from the Gazetted Officer to obtain a passport under the Tatkaal Scheme.

Q2: How do I apply for a Tatkaal passport?

A: Passports are now available under the "Tatkaal" scheme without the need for a Certificate of Verification from the previously required Gazetted Officer. Documents to be sent for a passport under this program were notified by vide G.S.R. 939 (E) dated 16 December, 2019. Applicants may submit any of the three documents listed in the List of Accredited Documents for a passport under the Tatkaal Scheme.

Q3: Can I apply for a passport under the Tatkaal scheme?

A: The final authority for issuing a passport under the Tatkaal system rests with the passport office. However, there is a list of applicants who can apply for a passport under the Tatkaal program. To check the list of applicants who can apply under the Tatkaal program, please refer to the manual. Click Here to download the Tutorial.

Q4: How long will it take to get a Tatkaal passport?

A: After successful submission of the application form, which has the final status as “Granted”, you can expect your passport to be sent as follows:

Q5: What is the cost of issuing a Tatkaal passport?

A: For more information on fees, please click on the Fee Calculator link on the home page.

Q6: Can Indian citizens of Nagaland apply for a passport under the Tatkaal scheme?


Q7: If a parent has a passport with a bad police report or a criminal background, can the passport be issued to the minor immediately?

A: In such cases, children may be issued a passport under the Tatkaal scheme with the approval of the Passport Officer (POs).

Q8: My passport has been damaged. I want to go abroad on an emergency basis. What should I do?

A: In the event that your passport is damaged but is visible, which means that the passport number is legible, the name is legible and the image is missing, then you can apply for a passport re-issue under the Tatkaal scheme. However, if the passport is damaged beyond recognition, you will not be able to apply under the Tatkaal scheme. If so, you need to visit your nearest Passport Officer Seva Kendra for an urgent passport.

Q9: For Tatkaal applications, while booking aa appointmentI am asked to select an appointment quota. What is the appointment quota?

A: Two 'General' and 'Tatkaal' appointments are available for 'Tatkaal' applications. Tatkaal applicants who are unable to book an appointment ahead of time under the Tatkaal standard quota may also consider being appointed under the Normal Quota as well. However, the Tatkaal fee will be charged regardless of the quota in which the appointment is registered by the Tatkaal applicant. For example, a Tatkaal application will be processed under a postal (police) confirmation. The print line is different and thus ensures fast printing of Tatkaal passports meaning that a Tatkaal passport will be sent within 1-3 days of the applicant visiting PSK as against to a standard application that may take longer.

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