Telangana - Apply for Caste Validity Certificate


‘’A Caste Validity certificate may be a proof that your caste certificate isn't dubious or inaccurate.’’

Apply In-Person

  1. In order to get caste validity certificate, person shall move to the various Tehsil / Revenue / Block workplace OR the various workplace of “BC WELFARE DEPARTMENT GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA ''as applicable.

  2. Application forms are often obtained from the workplace whereas a person visits. OR person shall write associate application on an A4 paper.

  3. Submit the finished form together with needed documents to the various authorities.

  4. Authorities once checking the hooked up documents and details submitted, can method for supplying the certificate.

  5. Duly sealed, signed Certificates are issued as per notified amount.

Required Documents

  1. Application form:

  2. Self declaration from the person.

  3. Aadhar card

  4. Caste certificate

  5. Self declaration (as applicable)

  6. Father's caste certificate. (If not out there then give ‘no caste certificate’ on writing paper as advised)

  7. Caste validity certificate of relatives. ( if already a caste certificate verified is offered.)

  8. 1950′s proofs of caste for SC/NT,1953′s proofs of caste for ST/NT[A/B/C/D],1967′s proofs for OBC/SBC/EBC.(if out there from ancestors)


  1. Applicants ought to have a sound caste certificate.

  2. Applicants should be associated with an Indian subject.

  3. Applicants should be residing within the state.


  1. Please pay as authorities quote whereas applying.

  2. For online, please pay as per prompt whereas process (if applicable).


  1. Usually caste certificate is valid for entire life

  2. Validity certificate are valid for the mentioned amount of your time on the certificate

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