Telangana - Apply for Cracker and Explosive License


Through Meeseva center

  1. Please notice your nearest Meeseva center and confirm you have got all the documents, after you area unit visiting the middle.

  2. Please get the appliance type from Meeseva center or savvy downloaded from the subsequent link : Application Link

  3. FillĀ  the form and Submit your form along -side needed documents to the Clerk at Meeseva center. He can do the net method for finishing the appliance procedure.

  4. Once your application method is over, you may receive a message concerning your group action and application variety. Please keep these details with care.

  5. This request can then be processed (verification, scrutiny and private enquiry) by DRO then by RDO later by MRO.

  6. The collective report from these 3 can reach the collector. Collector can take the ultimate decision in granting the license.

  7. After approval, a person can receive a message concerning the license approval.

  8. The license are going to be mail-clad or two-handed over manually as per the request throughout application

Required Documents

  1. Application formĀ 

  2. Proof of Identity

  3. Address proof

  4. Verification report from police

  5. No objection from fireplace service department

  6. No objection from native body

  7. Particulars of previous license if any

  8. Aadhaar Card

  9. Passport size photos


  1. Applicants should be on top of eighteen years previous.

  2. Not sentenced or guilty of any offence involving violence or ethical transgression for a term of not but six months, at any time throughout a amount of 5 years once the expiration of the sentence.

  3. Has not been ordered to execute below Chapter VIII of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (2 of 1974), a bond for keeping the peace or permanently behavior, at any time throughout the term of the bond.

  4. Whose license below the Explosives Act has not been off, whether or not before or once the commencement of the Indian Explosives (Amendment) Act, 1978, for dispute of the provisions of this Act or of the foundations Explosives Act, at any time throughout a amount of 5 years from the date of cancellation of such license.


  1. User charges bureau 35/-

  2. Challan quantity bureau 300/-

  3. Postal charges bureau 33/-- native

  4. Postal charges bureau 46/-- Non-local


  1. Validity of the Cracker License on Temporary basis are going to be most of fifteen days and on Permanent basis for one Year (Financial Year)

  2. renewed per annum (Optional)

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