Uttar Pradesh - Apply for Certificate of Manufacture Organic Fertilizer or Bio-Fertilizer


Apply In-Person

  1. Applicants so as to get a Certificate to Manufacture Organic plant food/Bio Fertilizer ought to move to the “Department of agriculture” for his or her space nose to nose and apply.

  2. Applicants need to get the letter head for the firm and may get needed documents as per our page.

  3. Applicants ought to move to the licensing officer for the division level Department of Agriculture to use.

  4. Please collect the acceptable form as per officer’s recommendation Or please transfer the shape on-line exploitation the subsequent link type link1 please refer type ‘D’ to use

  5. Submit the finished application (2 copies) at the side of needed documents as mentioned in our needed documents session.

  6. After accepting the appliance, officers can advise the quantity to be remitted as per the mode (treasury challan or as per acceptable norms).

  7. Applicants when remitting the mentioned quantity ought to offer the proof of payment (receipt or challan) to the department authority for process.

  8. Applicants can get intimation for review of premises.

  9. Concerned authorities can examine the business place and do their due diligence for the machine / different equipment as mentioned in the application by humans.

  10. Once all the methods yield satisfactory results, humans get intimation to gather the certificate.

  11. On the aforesaid date, humans will collect the certificate as per deliverable norms.

Required Documents

  1. GST details

  2. Attested copy of memoranda of article and association/Partnership deed/Affidavit relating to Sole man of affairs

  3. List of gift administrators just in case of Limited/ Pvt. Ld. (Name & complete workplace & Residential address)

  4. Power of lawyer / Resolution to some extent accountable person U/C twenty four of FCO 1985 to sign and submit the documents.

  5. General legal instrument by Competent person authorised by the resolution of the Firm /Partners / man of affairs himself at the side of image and residential proof

  6. Affidavit of accountable person below clause twenty four of FCO 1985 nominative by resolution of the Firm / Partners / man of affairs himself at the side of image and residential proof

  7. Map of the plant and proof of the possession / rent deed for that storage warehouse

  8. List of science laboratory, equipments below clause twenty one A of FCO 1985

  9. Qualification proof of science laboratory chemist

  10. Registration Fee

  11. Land documents in Details (Where the producing takes place).

  12. NOC from the native body as applicable

  13. NOC from State Pollution control panel.

  14. List of school skilled with their Qualification,

  15. First Aid facility (from the contact Doctor),

  16. Product ingredients that square measure to be developed.

  17. Rubber stamp within the name

  18. Additional documents (If Any)

  19. ID proof

  20. Address proof

  21. Photo

  22. Aadhaar Card

  23. An endeavour that human shall abide by the terms and conditions


  1. Any person meaning to manufacture the bio fertilizers

  2. Before granting/renewing the licence, review of the unit is disbursed to understand the producing infrastructure within the plant premises and whether or not the candidates qualifies to urge the licence as applicable.

  3. Education criteria connected data for eligibility are often obtained from authorities.


  1. As the fees structure varies from state to state, licensing officers whom humans apply with can offer fee details.


  1. A license granted below pesticides (Amendment) Act, shall be valid for the amount nominative in that, is also revived from time to time for such amount and on payment of such fee as is also prescribed.

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