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What is ePan and how to download ePan

A PAN is a unique 10 digit number provided to every financial entity as well as individuals earning income. PAN is a method for recognizing different citizens in the nation. For all taxpayers in India, PAN is a compulsory document to be made available for oneself. Each of us has received a hardcopy of PAN but it takes almost 15-20 days after application is submitted. For emergency conditions, people can download ePan. 

Many are unaware of what is ePAN and how to download ePan! Some think that the e-pan card download by pan number. Most of them don’t know how to download ePan card. You can download using Acknowledgment Number (

Below is the complete procedure on how to download ePan card.

What is ePAN?

EPAN is a visual PAN card that contains the PAN details of the card manager. It can be downloaded from the NSDL website or from the UTIITSL website. Contains a cardholder PAN and can be used for all e-verification that requires a PAN card to be provided.
ePAN CardThe following information is stated on the ePAN card:

>Permanent Account Number


>Father's Name





>QR code

It is fair to say that it is illegal to have more than one PAN card. A person found in possession of more than one PAN card is liable to a fine of up to Rs. 10,000.

Steps to Download ePan Online

ePAN can be downloaded online from NSDL and UTIITSL portal. Applicants who have
applied for a PAN via the NSDL portal in the past can download in the same way. If they want to download the ePAN from the UTIITSL website, they will have to apply for the printing of the PAN cards via the UTIITSL portal first or they will not be able to download the ePAN. The same goes for applicants for the UTIITSL portal.

The ePAN can be downloaded free of charge for all new applications or applicants who have applied for a PAN data conversion within one month of the PAN release. UTIITSL charges an additional fee of Rs. 8.26 (including taxes) on all download requests. This payment can be made online and the applicant can download whenever he needs it.

How to Download ePan from NSDL Portal?

There are two options for downloading ePAN via the NSDL portal:

Download using Acknowledgment Number (

Download using PAN (

NSDL does not allow users to download after one month of application, either a new PAN card or a PAN card upgrade / upgrade.

Applicants may choose to opt out of PAN card delivery and apply for ePAN only at the time of filling out the form, new and ready. In such cases, it is mandatory to specify the email address to which the ePAN will be sent.

How to Download by Acknowledgement Number?

One can download from the NSDL website by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Visit the NSDL PAN website to download the PAN card with the consent number

Download ePAN card by Acknowledgement numberStep 2: Enter the notification number issued after submitting the PAN card request and click on "Generate OTP"

NSDL ePAN Generate OTP

Step 3: Enter OTP and click the "Confirm" button to download your ePAN
Step 4: Click on "Download PDF" to download immediately

Download ePAN PDFHow to download with PAN and Date of Birth?

One can download an ePAN card according to PAN and date of birth. Following steps should follow the same:

Step 1: Visit the ePAN download site

Step 2: Enter the required information in the form of PAN, Birthday, GSTN (optional)

Step 3: Now enter the security code and click “Send” to download the free ePAN card

How to download ePAN from the UTIITSL Portal?

UTIITSL is another site where applicants can apply for new PAN cards or make adjustments to an existing PAN. Applicants applying through UTIITSL can download online. If the ePAN is downloaded within 30 days of the issuance of the PAN card, there is no additional charge.

One can download from the UTIITSL website by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Visit the UTIITSL ePAN download site

ePAN Download at UTIITSLStep 2: Enter the required information such as PAN, date of birth / installation, GSTIN (optional) and security code and submit the request

Step 3: Check that the mobile phone number and email ID specified against the PAN are correct and enter the security code and tick the announcement

User gets the opportunity to send OTP to mobile phone number, email ID or both

OTP is sent to the selected source

Download ePAN UTIITSLStep 4: Enter OTP and click on send

Step 5: In the event that the PAN release period is more than one month, the user will be directed to pay Rs online. 8.26

step 6: For successful processing, the user will be able to download online

Download Duplicate PAN Card with Aadhaar number

 There is another way to download a PAN card duplicate i.e. to reprint the PAN Card Facility with Aadhaar Card provided by NSDL in Gov. Follow the steps for the PAN card printing application:

Step 1: Go to

download duplicate pan via aadhaar

Step 2: Enter your PAN number

Step 3: Enter Aadhaar Number (For Individual)

Step 4: Enter the date of birth in MM / YY format

Step 5: Enter GSTIN number (optional)

Step 6: Read the announcement carefully and comment to continue

Step 7: Enter the Captcha code for authentication purposes

Step 8: Click the 'Submit' button

Step 9: A new page will appear on the screen with the details of your PAN card

Step 10: Scroll down and select OTP recovery options in email ID, mobile number or both

Step 11: Click Generate OTP and OTP will be sent to the selected option

Step 12: Enter OTP and click the 'Confirm' button

reprint pan card

Step 13: Your request to republish the PAN Card will be sent to the NSDL department

The above article covers the entire process about what is ePan and how to download ePan. Get all your answers here by going through the above article and many such recent articles.
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