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The e-Yantra Project is an IIT Bombay initiative that aims to create the next generation of software developers installed with a practical vision to provide help for the effective solutions to some of the real-world problems. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) is funding E-Yantra under the National Mission for ICT in Education (NMEICT) program.

IIT Bombay is considering a 'e-Yantra' platform to integrate young Indian talent to create robotic applications for use in a wide variety of applications such as agriculture, manufacturing, defense, home, city conservation and service industries. The aim is to promote a rich eco-system of ideas and applications that can accelerate India's growth and production curve through intelligent integration of robots into everyday life built on a pool of knowledge already built by students working on projects in engineering colleges in embedded systems.

We have taken the initiative to establish an e-Yantra Robotics Lab under the e-Yantra Lab Set-up Initiative (eLSI) by IIT Bombay. SBPCOE at Yantra Robotics Lab trains students in embedded systems and microcontroller systems by engaging in a Project-Based Learning (PBL) model.

Innovation challenge:

e-Yantra Innovation Challenge (formerly referred to as e-Yantra ideas Competition) may be a competition to encourage innovation that comes from artificial intelligence labs started through the e-Yantra research laboratory Setup Initiative (eLSI) in faculties across the planet.

This initiative aims at:

·         Ensure sustained use of artificial intelligence labs started through the e-Yantra research laboratory Setup Initiative (eLSI).

·         Solicit innovative ideas from students in eLSI faculties articulating solutions to real issues.

·         Provide a platform for groups to showcase their outcomes.

·         Encourage start-up culture in e-Yantra Labs.

·         The winners of this competition are eligible for a summer spot at IITB through e-Yantra Summer spot Program.

Benefits of e-Yantra robotics lab to students:

·         Information on embedded systems, robotics technology, and mechatronics.

·         Provides a platform for the creating, developing, planning, and testing of robots for various applications.

·         Students can take part in national and international competitions.

·         Develop BE projects with the help of the e-Yantra open community.

·         Job creation opportunities.

·         Encourage the use of robots to solve real problems.

e-Yantra Competitions:

  • e-Yantra Robotics Teacher Competition (eYRTC)

  • e-Yantra Robotics Competition (eYRC)

  • e-Yantra Robotics Competition Plus (eYRC+)

  • e-Yantra Ideas Competition (eYIC)

e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative


The e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) is a college-level program where colleges are encouraged to set up robotics labs. It is designed as a dynamic and sustainable approach to infrastructure construction and teacher training - creating an eco-college system for effective engineering teaching. ELSI provides (i) guidance and support for the establishment of robotics lab - three robotic kits provided to each participating college and (ii) two-phase training for teachers:

e-Yantra Symposium


The e-Yantra Symposium (eYS) is an annual event at IIT-Bombay - to bring together colleges that have established robotic labs through the e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (LSI). The aim is to allocate projects and reflect on new ideas to improve the teaching and quality of BE projects. The event ensures the sustainable use of Robotics labs set up via the e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI). There is no registration fee charged by teachers and students from colleges attending the series. This event serves as a platform for:

(i) Showcases selected projects in e-Yantra labs through

Yantra Competition (YIC).

e-Yantra Resource Development Center


The e-Yantra Resource Development Center (eYRDC) is a site designed exclusively for eLSI colleges where we share teacher resources to help them use their e-Yantra labs more effectively.


Converting e-Yantra labs to colleges into:

 (i) B.E. projects

 (ii) ALL laboratories to do manual research through Learning Programs, Laboratory Testing, Tutorials, ......

If you have login details for the eYRDC portal, then log in to:

To find out how you can become an eLSI college please click below.

e-Yantra Farm Setup Initiative


The k-Yantra project develops the ability to set up an automated agricultural project - a test site to address the real-world problem and hands-on learning of students in the application of what they have learned in theory through fun and productive exercise

This includes the commencement of soil production through waste recycling and the availability of field and kitchen resources in line with the municipality's solid-state and local waste management system.

Plan and make the construction of beds for growing plants

Making small gadgets, tools, end-to-end network communication, and crop growth monitoring.


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