e-Yantra AI Competition (eYRC) may be a distinctive annual competition launched within the month of August per annum for collegian students in science and engineering schools, engineering schools. elect groups square measure given a robotic kit complete with accessories and video tutorials to assist them to learn basic ideas in embedded systems and microcontroller programming. Abstracts of globe issues assigned as "themes" square measure then enforced by the groups’ exploitation of the robotic kits.

Innovation challenge

e-Yantra Innovation Challenge (formerly referred to as e-Yantra ideas Competition) may be a competition to encourage innovation that comes from artificial intelligence labs started through the e-Yantra research laboratory Setup Initiative (eLSI) in faculties across the planet.

This initiative aims at:

  • Ensure sustained use of artificial intelligence labs started through the e-Yantra research laboratory Setup Initiative (eLSI).

  • Solicit innovative ideas from students in eLSI faculties articulating solutions to real issues.

  • Provide a platform for groups to showcase their outcomes.

  • Encourage start-up culture in e-Yantra Labs.

  • The winners of this competition are eligible for a summer spot at IITB through e-Yantra Summer spot Program.

  e-Yantra conference

e-Yantra Symposium(eYS) is an associate annual event at IIT-Bombay -- to assemble schools that have established artificial intelligence labs through the e-Yantra science laboratory Setup Initiative (eLSI). The goal is to share comes and brainstorm new ideas for up pedagogy and therefore the quality of BE comes. This event ensures property use of artificial intelligence labs established through the e-Yantra science laboratory Setup Initiative (eLSI). No registration fee is charged from academics and students from schools UN agencies attend the conference. This event acts as a platform for :

  1. Showcasing elite comes from the e-Yantra labs through thee-Yantra ideas Competition (eYIC).

e-Yantra Resource Development Center


e-Yantra Resource Development Center (eYRDC) could be a portal designed solely for eLSI schools through that we tend to share resources for academics to assist them to use their e-Yantra labs in an efficient manner.


Transforming e-Yantra labs at schools to:

(i) Innovation hubs for incubating exciting B.E. projects

(ii) Labs for ALL to conduct active experiments through Lesson Plans, workplace Experiments, Tutorials

e-Yantra Farm Setup Initiative



k-Yantra project develops a power for putting in place an automatic agriculture project – workplace for addressing universe downside and active learning for college kids on the application of what they learned in theory through a fun and productive exercise

This entails 1st generating the soil through an employment waste and resource recovery of the garden and room waste that is synchronized with the municipal solid waste management agenda of each central and authorities.

Plan and execute the creation of beds for growing plants

Making the small gadgets, tools, networking for maintaining and observance the expansion of plants. 


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