FOSSEE (Free and Open supply package for Education) project promotes the employment of FLOSS tools to boost the standard of education in our country. we have a tendency to aim to cut back dependency on the proprietary packages in instructional establishments. we have a tendency to encourage the employment of FLOSS tools through varied activities to confirm the business package is replaced by equivalent FLOSS tools. we have a tendency to additionally develop new FLOSS tools and upgrade existing tools to fulfill necessities in world and analysis.

The FOSSEE project is an element of the National Mission on Education through data and Communication Technology (ICT), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of Asian country.


FOSSEE (Free and Open supply software package for Education) project promotes the utilization of FLOSS tools in domain and analysis. The FOSSEE project is a component of the National Mission on Education through data and Communication Technology (ICT), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of the Republic of India. Below is that the list of comes that are promoted by FOSSEE.

  1. Scilab

Scilab computer code, stemming from India, France (link is external)is the worldwide free and open supply reference in numerical computation computer code. Please see for a lot of details. Scilab is employed altogether major strategic scientific areas of business and services like area, natural philosophy, automotive, energy, defense, finance, and transport.

Scilab Enterprises is that the developer, official publisher, and skilled services supplier of the Scilab computer code. See for a lot of regarding the history of the Scilab computer code. to understand a lot regarding Scilab and its options, click here

We, the Scilab team at IIT urban center Republic of India, aim to extend the employment of Scilab in academic establishments across the Republic of India. the first focus of our efforts is to assist academic establishments to shift from victimization proprietary packages to victimization Scilab. Scilab could be a major element of the FOSSEE (Free and Open supply computer code for Education) project. The goal of this project is to modify the scholars and school of assorted colleges/institutes/universities across the Republic of India to use Open supply computer code tools for all their process desires, thereby up the standard of instruction, learning and to avoid dearly-won licenses of process tools for analysis and education.

  1. Python

Python may be a general, high-level, remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that's utilized in a large form of application domains. Python supports multiple programming paradigms, as well as object-oriented, imperative, and useful programming designs. we have a tendency to at FOSSEE promote Python for scientific computing through numerous activities like Python Textbook Companion, creation of spoken tutorials & courses like SDES.

  1. E sim

eSim (previously referred to as Oscad / FreeEDA) could be a free/libre and open supply EDA tool for circuit style, simulation, analysis, and PCB style. it's AN integrated tool designed for victimization free/libre and open supply software systems like KiCad, Ngspice, and GHDL. eSim is discharged below GPL.

eSim offers similar capabilities and simple use as any equivalent proprietary software system for schematic creation, simulation, and PCB style, while not having to pay an enormous quantity of cash to obtain licenses. therefore it will be a reasonable various to academic establishments and SMEs. It will function another to commercially available/licensed software system tools like OrCAD, Xpedition, and HSPICE.

  1. OSDAG

Osdag may be a cross-platform free and ASCII text file package for the look (and detailing) of steel structures, following the Indian commonplace IS 800:2007. It permits the user to style steel connections, members, and systems employing a graphical interface. The interactive graphical user interface provides a 3D image of the designed element and creates pictures for construction/fabrication drawings. the look is usually optimized following business best practices.

Osdag is primarily engineered upon Python and different Python-based FLOSS tools, such as PyQt, OpenCascade, PythonOCC, and signwriter. It uses SQLite for managing steel section databases. Osdag is presently underneath development. A beta version of Osdag containing some shear affiliation style modules was free in the Gregorian calendar month, 2017. This and every one ulterior versions area unit accessible for downloading (for free) on the Resources page.

  1. DWSIM

DWSIM could be a multiplatform, CAPE-OPEN compliant activity machine for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS. it's on the market for transfer from here.

DWSIM permits chemical engineering students and active engineers to model method plants by exploiting rigorous thermodynamical and unit operations models. Since DWSIM is free/libre and ASCII text file, they will see however the calculations are literally being done by inspecting the code behind throughout execution exploitation free/libre tools on the market elsewhere.

DWSIM's powerful physics engine is additionally on the market as a standalone dynamic link library (DLL) that may be connected against proprietary applications.

  1. OpenFOAM and CFD      

OpenFOAM (Open supply Field Operation And Manipulation) could be a free/libre and open supply tool cabinet that is employed in domain and business to unravel time mechanics issues, as well as machine Fluid Dynamics (CFD). CFD could be a branch of hydraulics that uses numerical analysis and information structures to unravel and analyze issues that involve fluid flow

  1. Open Modelica

OpenModelica could be a free/libre and ASCII text file setting supported the Modelica modeling language for modeling, simulating, optimizing, and analyzing complicated dynamic systems. Open supply Modelica association supports its development. It runs on Windows, UNIX, and waterproof OS X. Please visit for additional details regarding OpenModelica.

FOSSEE, IIT metropolis has haunted the initiative of promoting FLOSS ( Free/Libre and Open supply Software), for education. We, the OpenModelica team at FOSSEE, IIT Bombay, promotes the employment of OpenModelica as being accessible and promptly out there. The goal of this project is to modify the scholars and school of varied colleges/institutes/universities across the Republic of India to use Free/Libre and Open supply code tools for all their modeling and simulation functions, thereby up the standard of instruction, learning and to avoid big-ticket licenses of business modeling and simulation packages for analysis and education.

  1. Open PLC

OpenPLC is an associate initiative by FOSSEE, to have interaction the engineering school, engineering, and alternative technical students, inactive PLC programming expertise. we have a tendency to envision to bridge the gap between theory centrical educational coaching and talent primarily based on trade necessities. we have a tendency to use Free/Libre and Open supply Softwares - LDMicro, 4diac, and PLCOpenEditor - in conjunction with reasonable ASCII text file hardware designed at IIT urban center.

Students across engineering, engineering school, and industrial coaching institutes, adding up to a few million, have to be compelled to be educated in PLC each year. If we have a tendency to embody re-skilling the hands, the amount becomes even larger. In fact, the Indian Government has projected skills coaching for 0.5 a billion folks. Most of those students lack active skills because the machinery is pricey, creating it principally unaffordable for the tutorial establishments. although they're on the market, students square measure prohibited from mistreatment it out of concern that they may get into unsoundness. Existing PLCs are restricted to a predefined set of experiments and therefore lack skillfulness.  Conjointly closed and interiors are created inaccessible, creating it a black-box.

reasonable PLCs square measure the necessity of the hour in countries like Asian countries. it's necessary, however, that they follow established standards, in order that no matter one learns through these PLCs are going to be applicable within the industrial setting, while no major changes.

  1. Scilab Arduino

Arduino is an associate degree free/libre associate degreed ASCII text file microcontroller board and a physical science prototyping platform well-liked in domain additionally as in business. Scilab is associate degree free/libre and ASCII text file, easy, state of the art, machine engine. The Scilab-Arduino interface is dedicated to the management of Arduino from Scilab. The interface helps the user to perform embedded systems experiments on Arduino board exploitation Scilab code and additionally through user interface primarily based simulation atmosphere, Xcos.

  1. SBHS

The single-board heater system, abbreviated as SBHS (Single Board Heater System) may be a lab-in-a-box setup helpful for teaching and learning management systems. It consists of a heater assembly, fan, temperature detector, ATmega16 micro-controller, and associated electronic equipment. A stainless-steel blade whose temperature needs to be controlled is the plant. Nickel-base alloy turbinate coil with twenty turns unbroken at a little distance from the steel blade acts because of the heater part. AD590, a monolithic computer circuit temperature electrical device, is soldered to a lower place on the plate.

  1. R

R may be a language and atmosphere for applied math computing and graphics. R provides a good form of applied math (linear and nonlinear modeling, classical applied math tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, …) and graphical techniques, and is extremely protrusible.

R is on the market as Free/Libre code beneath the terms of the Free code Foundation’s antelope General Public License in ASCII text file kind. It compiles and runs on a good form of operating system platforms and similar systems (including FreeBSD and Linux), Windows, and MacOS.

FOSSEE, IIT urban center has preoccupied the initiative of promoting FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open supply Software), for education. We, the R team at FOSSEE, IIT urban center promote the utilization of R as being fashionable and simply out there. The goal of this project is to modify students and colleges of assorted faculties/institutes/universities across Bharat to use Free/Libre and Open supply code tools for all their applied math computing and graphical functions. Therefore, raising the standard of instruction and learning, and avoiding overpriced business computing licenses for analysis and education

  1. QGIS

QGIS (Quantum GIS) could be a free and ASCII text file desktop Geographic system (GIS) application.

It has options that support viewing, editing, and analysis of geospatial knowledge.

QGIS could be a cross-platform application (works on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows, and Android).

It permits users to analyze and edit abstraction info, composing, and commercialism graphical maps.

QGIS supports each formation and vector knowledge format. Vector knowledge is hold on as purpose, line, or plane figure options.

Raster pictures in varied formats are supported, code also can georeference pictures.

It conjointly permits the use of knowledge from external sources and internet services, like internet Map Service and internet Feature Service.

QGIS integrates with alternative ASCII text file GIS packages like PostGIS, GRASS GIS, and MapServer.

Plugins written in Python or C++ extend QGIS's capabilities.

Plugins will geocode exploitation the Google Geocoding API, perform geoprocessing functions, that are just like the quality tools found in ArcGIS, and interface with PostgreSQL/PostGIS, SpatiaLite, and MySQL databases

  1. FOCAL

OCAL (Free ANd ASCII text file artistic art library) is an initiative by FOSSEE, IIT Bombay.

This is a project from the Open supply Community.


To encourage students and entrepreneurs to use Open supply software systems in tricks.

To promote the education of ASCII text file graphics and animation software system, like

- Inkscape (cross-platform ASCII text file vector style software)

- gameness (cross-platform ASCII text file photo/image piece of writing software)

- Scribus (cross-platform ASCII text file publication software)

- Synfig Studio (cross-platform ASCII text file second animation software)

- liquidizer (cross-platform ASCII text file 3d animation software)

To publish users' artwork/computer graphics style in Open supply.


Create learning tutorials, documents for victimization ASCII text file style software system for college students, and printing trade individuals.

Develop ASCII text file software system graphics studio and support to convert business style software system studio to open supply software system graphics studio.

Conduct remote & active workshops and exhibit FOCAL activities.

Create a scope for jobs victimization of these ASCII text file style software system within the print trade.


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