NISHTHA: National Initiative for varsity Heads' and Teachers' holistic Advancement

NISHTHA could be a capability-building program for "Improving Quality of faculty Education through Integrated Teacher Training". It aims to make competencies among all the academics and college principals at the elementary stage. The functionaries (at the state, district, block, cluster level) shall be trained in AN integrated manner on learning outcomes, college primarily based assessment, learner-centered pedagogy, new initiatives in education, addressing various wants of kids through multiple pedagogies, etc. this can be being organized by constituting National Resource teams (NRGs) and State Resource teams (SRGs) at the National and therefore the State level United Nations agency are going to be coaching forty-two lakhs academics later on. a strong portal/Management system (MIS) for delivery of the coaching, observance and support mechanism has been infused with this capability building initiative. Keeping visible the COVID-19 pandemic state of affairs, it's currently planned to organize SRG and academics coaching in on-line mode. the primary on-line coaching for the SRGs of state of the province is going to be launched on sixteen Gregorian calendar month, 2020.

The main expected outcomes from NISHTHA are:

  • Improvement in learning outcomes of the scholars.

  • Creation of  sanctionative and enriching inclusive room setting

  • Teachers become alert and tuned in to the social, emotional, and psychological wants of scholars as 1st level counselors.

  • Teacher’s square measure trained to use Art as pedagogy resulting in magnified ability and innovation among students.

  • Teacher’s square measure trained to develop and strengthen the personal-social qualities of scholars for his or her holistic development.

  • Creation of a healthy and safe college setting.

  • Integration of ICT in teaching-learning and assessment.

  • Developing a stress-free college primarily based Assessment centered on the development of learning competencies.

  • Teachers adopt Activity primarily based} Learning and move faraway from memorization to competence-based learning.

  • Teachers and college heads become tuned in to new initiatives in-class education.

  • Transformation of the Heads of faculties into providing tutorial and body leadership for the faculties for fostering new initiatives.


  1. Inclusive education

  2. School environment

  3. Art integrated learning

  4. Initiatives in school education

  5. School-based assessment

  6. ICT in education

  7. Environmental studies

  8. Mathematics

  9. Indian languages

  10. Science

  11. Social sciences

  12. School leadership

  13. Pre-school education

  14. Pre-vocational education

  15. Health and physical education and sports

  16. Gender issues

  17. Technical support

Teachers can get awareness and develop their skills on numerous aspects connected to:

  • Learning Outcomes,

  • Competency-Based Learning and Testing,

  • Learner-centered Pedagogy,

  • School Safety and Security,

  • Personal-social qualities,

  • Inclusive Education,

  • ICT in teaching-learning as well as computing,

  • Health and well-being as well as yoga,

  • Initiatives in class Education as well as a library, eco-club, youth club, vegetable garden,

  • School Leadership qualities,

  • Environmental considerations,

  • Pre-school, Pre-vocational Education, and School-Based assessment.


To make the capacities of around forty-two large integer participants,

Covering all academics and heads faculties of colleges at the elementary level altogether Government schools,

Faculty members of State Councils of academic analysis and coaching (SCERTs) and District Institutes of Education and coaching (DIETs),

Block Resource Coordinators and Cluster Resource Coordinators altogether States and UTs.

Implementation: coaching are going to be conducted directly by 33120 Key Resource Persons (KRPs) and State Resource Persons (SRP) known by the State and UTs, United Nations agency can successively be trained by a hundred and twenty National Resource Persons known from the National Council of academic analysis and coaching (NCERT), National Institute of academic coming up with and Administration (NIEPA), etc.

States Associate in Nursingd UTs have a choice to contextualize the coaching modules and use their own material and resource persons additionally, keeping in sight the core topics and expected outcomes of NISHTHA.

The distinguished options of the program are activity-based mostly modules as well as an in-built continuous feedback mechanism, on-line observation, and web, coaching want, and impact analysis (Pre and Post training).

A Mobile App and Learning Management System (LMS) supported MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) are developed by NCERT.

LMS is going to be used for registration of Resource Persons and academics, dissemination of resources, coaching gap and impact analysis, monitoring, mentoring, and activity the progress on-line.


Question 1: however is Nishtha mega-training program totally different from different coaching programs?

Answer. The Nishtha mega-training program is totally different from different coaching programs in terms of its objectives, vision similarly because of the whole format of execution. The objectives of the Nishtha mega-training program are:

A. To equip all the elementary stage academics on learning outcomes, college-based mostly assessment, learner-centered pedagogy, new initiatives in education, and addressing various wants of youngsters through multiple pedagogies, etc.

B. to observe and supply in-depth support to the academics victimization multiple modes up to the room level, in sight of rising learning outcomes of the scholars.

C. To orient state functionaries and faculty principlas on learning outcomes, national action survey, learner-centered pedagogy, and new initiatives at school education so they're ready to monitor colleges and extend support to colleges for the implementation of the latest initiatives.

Question 2: United Nations agency all are going to be coated in Nishtha mega- coaching and the way can it profit the school education?

Answer: This coaching programs are going to be conducted for academics, college principals, SMCs, and state/district/block/cluster level functionaries, and also the program can profit the school education through the following ways:

I. All the academics, principals, block resource coordinators, cluster resource coordinators performing at the elementary stage are going to be coated for coaching on learner-centered pedagogy, learning outcomes, rising social personal qualities of youngsters, college-based mostly assessment, new initiatives, college safety and security and pedagogies of various subjects, etc.

II.Similarly all the college members of DIETs, SCERTs, IASEs. CTEs, etc. are going to be coated for coaching on learner-centered pedagogy, learning outcomes, rising social personal qualities of youngsters, college-based mostly assessment, new initiatives, and pedagogies of various subjects, etc.

Question 3: what's going to be the watching and support mechanism provided in Nishtha mega- training?

Answer: Associate in Nursing integrated watching and support mechanisms involving BRCs, CRCs, NGOs, KVs, NVs, and CBSE colleges are going to be discovered at every stage to examine whether or not the interventions provided throughout the coaching program reach to room level.

Question 4: United Nations agencies all are going to be National Resource Person (NRP)?

Answer: Educationists, Subject-Experts, and Teacher Educators are drawn from National level establishments like NCERT, NIEPA, etc.

Question 5: United Nations agency all are going to be a Key Resource Person (KRP)?

Answer: college members of SCERTs, DIETs, IASEs, CTEs, and academics from Senior Secondary colleges known by the states/UTs for building their capacities by the National Resource Persons.

Question 6: what's going to be the modalities of dealing of the Nishtha mega coaching program?

Answer: This program is going to be conducted in tailor-made cascade mode, within which National Resource cluster of specialists can train Key Resource Persons (identified by the state/ UT for more teacher coaching) and State Resource Persons (identified by the state/ UT for more training of faculty principals and different functionaries). These KRPs and SRPs can directly train academics and faculty principals. The Master trainer's layer is going to not be there in between. this can facilitate in reducing the high proportion of communication loss that existed earlier, thanks to several layers.

Question 7: the way to update profile details on the NISHTHA portal?

Answer: Profile details on the NISHTHA portal may be updated by following the steps given below:

i. Login into the portal victimization credentials-


Password: Password@123

ii. you'll be promoted to vary countersign on 1st time login

iii. when dynamic countersign click on your username at the high right corner so click on the Edit profile menu

iv. Update the fields within the kind so click the Update profile button to avoid wasting the changes

link: https://itpd.ncert.gov.in/ 

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