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NISHTHA is a skill development program "Improving the quality of school education through integrated teacher training". It aims to build skills for all primary school teachers and principals. Staff (provincial, district, block, group level) will be trained in integrated learning outcomes, school-based assessments, student-centered teaching, new educational programs, addressing the various needs of the children through a variety of teaching methods, etc. This is planned by establishing National Resource Groups (NRGs) and State Resource Groups (SRGs) at the National and the State Government level to train 42 lakhs of teachers thereafter. A robust portal / Management Information System (MIS) for training delivery, monitoring, and funding is included in this capacity-building program. To maintain the status of COVID-19, it is now planned to organize SRG training with teachers in online mode. The first online training for SRGs in the state of Andhra Pradesh will be launched soon.

The main expected results from NISHTHA are:

1.    Progress on student learning outcomes.

2.    Creating an enabling and enriching environment that includes everyone in the classroom

3.    Teachers recognize and respond to the social, emotional, and psychological needs of students as first-level counselors.

4.    Teachers are trained to use the Art as a pedagogy which leads to an increase in art and innovation among students.

5.    Teachers are trained to develop and strengthen student and social skills in order to grow to maturity.

6.    Construction of a healthy and safe school environment.

7.    Integration of ICT in teaching and learning and assessment.

8.    Developing a Non-Pressure School Assessment that focuses on building reading skills.

9.    Teachers apply Activity Based Learning and move from basic learning to skill-based learning.

10.  Teachers and principals are aware of new programs in school education.

11.  Transformation of Heads of Schools to provide leadership in education and school management in order to develop new programs.

NISHTHA Online Forum:

The Nishtha online forum contains information on the following things needed to provide quality education to students: -

·         Inclusive Education

·         School Environment

·         The Art of Integrated Reading

·         Indian languages

·         Science

·         Health & Physical Education & Sport

·         Sexual Problems

·         Technical support

·         Social Science

·         School Leadership

·         Pre-school education

·         Pre-Art Education

·         School Education Efforts

·         School-Based Assessment

·         ICT in education

·         Environmental Studies

·         Statistics

Key Points:

·         Initially, the NISHTHA program was launched in 2019 using a face-to-face mode to improve learning outcomes at the primary level in the country.

·         Covid-19 epidemic and closure affected the operation of the system in a face-to-face mode. Therefore, NISHTHA has developed an online mode that will be implemented with Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA) and NISHTHA sites.


·         Aims to build skills for all primary school teachers and principals.

·         The National Initiative for School Heads and Teachers ’Holistic Advancement (NISHTHA) is a skills-building program to improve the quality of school education through integrated teacher training.


·         Staff (state, district, block-level) will be integrated into learning outcomes, school-based assessments, student-centered courses, new educational programs, addressing the various needs of children through a variety of teaching methods, etc.

·         Organized by the establishment of National Resource Groups (NRGs) and State Resource Groups (SRGs) at the National and Government level who will train 42 lakhs of teachers thereafter.


Q 1: How is the Nishtha mega-training program different from other training programs?

A: The Nishtha mega-training program is different from other training programs in terms of its goals, vision and approach. The objectives of the Nishtha mega-training program are:

·         Equipping all primary school teachers with learning outcomes, school-based assessments, student-centered courses, new educational programs and addressing the diverse needs of children through a variety of teaching methods, etc.

·         Monitor and provide comprehensive teacher-support through a variety of methods up to the standard of learning, with the aim of improving learning outcomes.

·         Guide state-government officials and school principals on learning outcomes, national achievement research, student-centered courses and new school education programs so that they can monitor schools and increase school funding to implement new programs.

Q 2: Who will all be included in the Nishtha mega training and how will it benefit primary education?

A: These training programs are designed for teachers, school principals, SMCs and district / state/block/group level staff, and this program will benefit primary education through the following methods:

·         All teachers, principals, cooperative resource coordinators, first-class resource coordinators will be provided with student-centered education training, learning outcomes, improved social skills for children, school-based assessments, new programs, school safety, and security and various curricula, etc.

·         Similarly, all intelligence members of DIETs, SCERTs, IASEs. CTEs, etc. They will be involved in student-centered training, learning outcomes, improving children's social skills, school-based assessment, new programs, and teaching of various subjects, etc.

Q 3: What will be the monitoring and support system provided in Nishtha mega-training?

A: Integrated monitoring and support mechanisms involving BRCs, CRCs, NGOs, KVs, NVs, and CBSE schools will be set up in each phase to ensure that the interventions provided during the program reach to a level of learning.

Q 4: Who will be the National Human Resources (NRP)?

A: Academics, Subject Specialists and Teacher Educators recruited from national level institutions such as NCERT, NIEPA, etc.

Q 5: Who will all be the KRP?

A: Faculty members from SCERTs, DIETs, IASEs, CTEs, and teachers from High Schools identified by states / UTs for building their skills by National Resource Persons.

Q 6: What will be the trading methods of the Nishtha mega training program?

A: The program will be run in a customized cascade mode, in which the National Resource Group of Experts will train Senior Assistant (state-government / UT nominated to further teacher training) and State Resource personnel (nominated by the state- government / UT for further training principals of other officials). These KRPs and SRPs will train direct teachers and school principals. The head coach layer will not be in between. This will help to reduce the high percentage of previous communication losses, due to multiple layers.

Q 7: How can you update the profile information on the NISHTHA portal?

A: The profile details on the NISHTHA website can be updated by following the steps provided below:

·         Login to the portal using credentials-

Username: <your email address>

Password: Password @ 123

·         You will be prompted to change your password when you first log in

·         After changing the password click on your username in the top right corner and then click Edit profile menu

·         Refresh the fields in the form and click the Update profile button to save the changes

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