Enterprise resources coming up with (ERP) systems are one in every of the foremost widespread business management systems, providing advantages of period capabilities and seamless communication for business processes in massive organizations. However, not all ERP efforts are victorious. Since ERP implementation affects the whole organization, its method, people, and culture, there are a unit variety of challenges that associate degree agency/institution could encounter in implementing ERP systems.

A university’s most beneficial assets area unit college, students, and staff. Everyone has distinctive interests at intervals in the same organization. For college, a university could be a place to show, conduct analysis, and write. For students, it's an area to find out, live, and grow. For staff, it should share several options with company work, as well as management structure, hours, and hour practices. Recently, some universities have begun to replace their heritage systems with ERP systems to boost management and administration.

Our workplace reviewed several studies that verify essential victorious Factors (CSFs) and risk factors to implement ERP associate degree exceedingly in a very  University and developed an implementation approach that stressed upon the organizational dynamics concerned in ERP implementation by mistreatment essential Functions and 3 phases of framework viz. precursor condition, implementation method, and outcomes.

Critical Success Factors (CSFs) area unit among the necessary problems that ERP literature focuses on. Approaches and problems with CSFs by case studies were known, studied, analyzed, projected, and developed. CSFs area unit outlined as a collection of activities that require constant attention so as to set up and implement an associate degree ERP system. Despite the variations that exist between organizations’ environments, the main classes of technical CSFs area unit a priority of just about all universities. They’re categorized as associate degree organizational, technical, vendor, individual, cultural, social, political, and national.

Single Sign-On

Web-based mostly Single sign-on with ex gratia LDAP integration


“Samarth” is predicated on open standards, thus provides the pliability to decide on from the assorted offered platforms for the readying as well as UNIX operating system, operating system, and Windows.


Each module exhibits nice straightforward whereas exchanging data, thus a dealing flow, which requires passing through the multiple parts will be simply enforced.

Modularity and quantifiability

“Samarth” modules will operate as freelance applications. The standard design permits the users to outline the practical instance by choosing application modules relevant to the employment case. The design is SAAS bound and thus extremely climbable.


“Samarth” addresses security at multiple layers. the complete framework works on RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) and needs structure authentication for business-critical functions.


“Samarth” maintains a whole audit path life cycle for every individual dealing.

  The major CSFs include:

  • Complexity

  • Transparency in method

  • Security

  • Flexibility and potency of use

  • System’s reaction time to users’ requests

  • Data quality, analysis, and conversion

  • Minimum customization

  • User-friendliness, help, and documentation

  • Samarth Modules pic

  • Visibility of the system’s standing

  • Robustness and error hindrance

  • Software development (evolution), testing, and troubleshooting


  • Online Admissions

  • Accounts & Finance

  • hour & Payroll

  • Governance

  • Student Lifecycle

  • institution

  • Administration

  • myUNI


  • Applicant Dashboard

  • Admission method Automation

  • Integrated help desk

  • Research Project Management

  • Grants & different Charges Management

  • MHRD/UGC Compliant accomplishment

  • Employee Record

  • Leave Management

  • Casual Leave info

  • File Management & trailing

  • Legal Case Management

  • RTI Management

  • Core Communication

  • LMS & design

  • Exam & Certificate

  • Training & Placement

  • Alumni

  • Estate Management

  • Inventory Control & Management

  • Federated Content Management

  • Faculty Proforma

  • AQAR

  • uniCAN - laptop Access Network

  • Email and net Services

  • ICT Services


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