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Spoken Tutorial Forums may be a friendly online discussion forum. you'll be able to be part of existing discussions or begin new topics and obtain several replies from the Spoken Tutorial community. Registration to Forums is totally free and takes just one minute.

Forums are incredibly straightforward to use, even for pc newbies. it is very straightforward to format forum posts with fonts, colors, and plenty of alternative choices. you'll be able to attach files to your posts directly from your pc. You’ll be able to offer links to webpages or videos from alternative video websites.

Spoken Tutorial may be a multi-award winning academic content portal. Here one will learn numerous Free and Open supply software systems all by oneself. Our self-paced, multi-lingual courses make sure that anybody with a laptop and want for learning, will learn from anyplace, at any time, and in an exceedingly language of their alternative. All the content printed on this web site square measure shared beneath the CC BY Storm Troops license.


  • Our courses square measure easy and straightforward to follow even for a beginner however they additionally meet the growing wants of the learner.

  •  Our participating digital content ensures that learning happens in any respect levels - Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Our content mandates side-by-side apply thereby making certain that learners square measure actively learning.

  •  Several of the software systems schooled, square measure employed in numerous disciplines of Engineering, pure Sciences different and several other} other Under-Grad and Post-Grad studies, and might be extended to Commerce, Arts, and Management streams additionally. 

  • Aboard these, there square measure some courses relevant in school level, too, that facilitate college students to visualize troublesome ideas of scientific discipline and Science. These may be utilized by academics to arrange lesson plans, make a case for abstract ideas, and provides digital assignments to students.

Software programs

The Spoken Tutorial Project is regarding teaching and learning a selected FOSS (Free and Open supply Software) like UNIX system, Scilab, LaTeX, PHP & MySQL, Java, C/C++, LibreOffice, etc. via a simple Video tool - Spoken Tutorials Google award-winning MOOC. The salient options of coaching square measure several. See Below:

  • Students, workers & lecturers from colleges, Colleges, Universities, Polytechnics, ITIs, ability centers, NGOs – all will avail of the coaching at terribly low value.

  • The method is Active learning on laptop systems and extremely suited to Remote/Distance Education.

  • Teachers & students will master the computer code courses on their own, in their own field, and at their own time.

  • Once one gets started any student or school will master the computer code Course and additionally get Certificates.

  • UG, PG, or analysis scholar students and even lecturers of Science, IT, Engineering, Commerce, Management, MCA disciplines will learn any of the FOSS.

  • Typically, the primary coaching at any school is of two hours period. the temporal arrangement as per the group's convenience.

  • As a primary step, the organizer usually a faculty member/Teacher should register on the Spoken Tutorial website and become authorized to request and conduct coaching in his/her college.

  • Any school that is organizing the coaching must get a laptop laboratory prepared with machines that support sound. there's no lower or higher limit on the quantity of participants. This simply depends on the quantity of computers offered. for extra participants, laptops if offered are often used.

  • Support from IIT Mumbai is offered 24x7 through phone, message & e-mail.

  • It is suggested that learners take the net Assessment to take a look at inside four to six weeks when the first coaching session.

  • The cost is Rs.500+GST/per course for Faculty/Teachers and Rs.200+GST/per course for college students (except college students).

  • Bulk cluster discounts and Institute level Subscription payment models also can be thought of when the institute starts the coaching with a gaggle of learners.

  • The organizer also can determine student volunteers to publicize and facilitate with the coaching. Students have tons of energy and square measure terribly dependent on such activities. Student volunteers get a special certificate and a T-shirt! They additionally develop Event management and Project coordination skills...

  • The entire on top of means a giant deal to students for his or her career with recruiters and at PG interviews.

    Today, SMEs and Govt. departments square measure moving to Open supply computer code like UNIX system OS. Students with this data can have a position within the job market. they'll additionally become entrepreneurs and use Open supply computer code in their businesses, and save cash vs., if they were victimization industrial computer code. Web - it's a win-win state of affairs for all. We have a tendency to square measure having awfully smart expertise with faculties across the length and breadth of Asian nations with this format. they begin with one and move to hide additional batches, additional departments, totally different FOSS series...All operating along to Bridge the Digital Divide in our nation.

Training Partner

1. Coaching Organiser:-

Any Staff/Officer/Faculty member/Teacher is an Associate in Nursing organizer for the coaching. they create the primary contact with the Spoken Tutorial team, IIT Bombay. As mentioned, Organisers needn't understand the software package to be educated within the Training/Workshop. The Organiser can prepare the pc science lab and coordinate with students to repair the date and time for the primary coaching. He/She is going to be up-to-date with the Spoken Tutorial team, IIT Bombay, on a daily basis to confirm that the coaching is with success completed. it's counseled for nearly all students within the school to induce an opportunity to require the coaching. For this, the Organiser ought to determine colleges from alternative departments to register and begin requesting coaching sessions. A calendar or calendar ought to be created to set up coaching and tests for optimum division coverage.

2. Coaching RESOURCE Center

Any school / University that needs to contribute towards IT acquirement and awareness will become a RESOURCE (Robust Extensions for Spoken Tutorial project on Open supply software package Usage for enlisting, Community and Education) Center. A RESOURCE Center will conduct remote workshops in its school, for alternative schools and might conjointly train alternative schools and colleges in conducting Spoken Tutorial coaching. It will determine coaching Organisers in the polytechnic institute, ITI, and degree schools, in and around its district. A RESOURCE Center will produce a team of scholars and school members United Nations agency can work to encourage the colleges to try to to this software package coaching. college Resource Persons from varied places in the Republic of India area unit already actively transportation in new schools. Click here to examine the list. during this manner, the project is unfolding and awareness created within the entire state. to boot it's expected that the RESOURCE Center can train all its students yet incorporate the software package courses within the program wherever relevant.

A RESOURCE Center is going to be awarded Associate in Nursing Appreciation Letter from Spoken Tutorial project, IIT Bombay. RESOURCE Centers will mention that they're authorized RESOURCE Centers of Spoken Tutorial project, IIT metropolis on their web site and in their advertisements.

3. Coaching Partner

These area unit universities and government bodies at the state level like DTE, CET, DET, DHE, VIT, DCE, Depts. of college Education, Govt. talent Bodies/Centres Associate in Nursing thus on. At their level and since they need an oversized circle of influence, such bodies will unfold Spoken Tutorial primarily based software package coaching in an exceedingly huge manner by Awareness - Circulars, sanctioning - arrangement coaching and appointing officers at regional/ zonal level, watching - incessantly motivating and urging the colleges to come back forward and do the coaching on their campuses.

Registration process

Enter your user name

Enter the first name

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Enter mail id

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Enter password

Re-type password

Enter captcha

Click on register me

Verify with mail id and log in

How to build payment

If creating payment through NEFT: Click here for Payment Flow via NEFT.

Role of the school Organiser

Inform America of your interest over mail or phone and that we can register the faculty on our web site.

As a necessary step please study the coaching Flow intimately that explains the step by step procedure of the way to conduct the coaching, Workshops and prepare the tests.

Click here for coaching Flow.

To register as a school Organiser you would like to make an AN account and assign yourself a Username and word.

Click here for the directions on directions to make a replacement Account and Register as a school Organiser within the Spoken-Tutorial website.

The coaching Manager at the Spoken Tutorial team, IIT Bombay, can manifest you as a "Faculty Organiser"(FO).

Once registration is completed, FO should click on package coaching and get in the coaching Dashboard.

Access Semester coaching Planner outline (STPS) and follow the three steps mentioned. set up Master Batch and transfer CSV file with student details, complete Semester coaching Planner kind (STPF), and choose Participants List of scholars from Master Batch World Health Organization are going to be taking specific courses.

Faculty Organiser can transfer a Master Batch consisting of all students therein department and year in .csv file

Click here for directions to transfer the Master Batch Student List

Faculty Organiser can fill the Semester coaching Planner Form(STPF). The STPF should be completed before raising the coaching Request.

Click here for directions to fill the Semester coaching Planner kind (STPF)

Download the Spoken Tutorial content accessible on the link ( Get the package and course content put in on all computers exploitation the “Instructions for Installation” (This is provided within the CD/ web-link).

Click here for directions for Downloading the Tutorials

The Faculty Organiser can make sure the machines have Firefox browser and support sound and guarantee have earphones.

Click here for the Machine Readiness document.

Participants can use the earphones and watch the tutorials separately. they're going to play-pause-practice and learn at their own pace, exploitation facet by facet methodology. Learners will copy the content onto their Pen-drives or CDs or laptops.

After the workshop, the college Organiser can choose the Participant List from the Master Batch to make an inventory.

Click here for directions to pick out the Participant List from Master Batch.

Students can receive a Participation Certificate once they complete the coaching.

Click here for directions to transfer the Participation Certificate.

Any time when four weeks and ideally at intervals a month roughly when the coaching, the cluster will come back for the net assessment check and obtain Spoken Tutorial project, IIT metropolis 'Certificates.

Make a check request on our web site and that we can make sure it for you. careful however straightforward instruction sheets provided. you may have to be compelled to establish AN proctor before the check request.

Click here for a check Request.

The proctor can undergo the registration method before the check and can monitor the check and attending of the participants.

Click here for directions for the proctor.

Your request is going to be confirmed and every one of the participants will take the check by following the straightforward directions.

For coaching the complete faculty, the chief college Organiser will place along with a team of representatives from alternative departments World Health Organization will train more students

Instructions for Downloading 

Click on

  • Click on the FOSS class, Please choose the code to transfer that you have got hand-picked for conducting workshops. Choose the language. you'll be able to choose multiple languages by pressing CTRL+Click.

  • After choosing the code and language Click on Add.

  • You will see a tiny low table that is able to specify the code name and language you have got hand-picked to transfer.

  • You can choose quite one code additionally to transfer by repetition Steps three and four.

  • Once the top steps area unit is done Click on Submit.

  • This will prompt a window to open/save the nada file. Please save the nada file onto a pen drive. This could be accustomed to installing the course all told the systems. otherwise, you will copy the nada folder content in CDs/DVD and use it for distribution or demonstration functions.

  • Extract the content from the nada file into a folder.

  • Open the folder. Find the read-me-first.txt file. Open it and skim it fastidiously.

  • Follow the directions given within to find the Installation and Instruction sheets. Do as directed within the Installation sheets to put in the code all told the computers.

  • Take enough print-outs of the Instruction sheets – one for every participant.

  • Copy the extracted folder on every pc before the workshop.

Instructions for coaching in Offline Mode

  • Hand out one Instruction sheet to every participant, before the coaching.

  • To begin the workshop, the participants have to be compelled to open the index.html file, which is a gift within the extracted folder.

  • To do so, right-click on index.html and opt for Open with Firefox choice.

  • Now, follow the directions given within the Instruction Sheet and start learning.

  • We suggest that participants ought to follow the sequence of topics given within the index.html file for higher learning.

To know more about click the link given below: 

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