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SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active - Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) is a program initiated by the Indian Government and designed to achieve the 3 main objectives of Education Policy viz., Access, equity, and quality. The aim of this effort is to take the best teaching resources available to all, including the most disadvantaged. SWAYAM seeks to close the digital divide for students who have been affected by digital transformation and who have not been able to join the common knowledge economy. This is done with an advanced native IT platform that makes it easy to handle all the lessons taught in the classroom for anyone, anywhere at any time. All of these courses are interactive, designed for the best teachers in the country, and are available, at no cost to Indian residents.

The SWAYAM platform was developed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and NPTEL, IIT Madras with the support of Google Inc. and Persistent Systems Ltd. Eventually it could handle 2000 courses and 80000 study hours: undergraduate, post-graduate, graduate, engineering, law, and other professional courses.

What is offered in SWAYAM?

·         Courses taught in classes from 9th grade till the post-graduation.

·         The courses held at SWAYAM are in 4 quadrants

o   video chat

o   Specially designed reading materials that can be downloaded or printed

o   Self-assessment tests using tests and questions too

o   an online discussion forum to remove doubts.

·         Subject categories include - Engineering, Science, Humanities, Management, Language, Mathematics, arts and entertainment, commerce, general, library, education.

·         SWAYAM courses offered free of charge to students.

·         Students who want certificates are required to register and will be awarded a certificate for successful completion of the course, at a low cost.

·         At the end of each lesson, there will be a learner's assessment of the research done and the marks (s) obtained in this test may be transferred to the student academic -record. UGC has already released the UGC (Credit Framework for online study courses through SWAYAM) Regulation 2016 which advises Universities to identify courses where debts can be transferred to the student’s academic-records for courses conducted through SWAYAM.

Why Swayam is important?

If you miss out on attending categories, SWAYAM may be a good destination wherever all of your learning wants are going to be met below one umbrella. From video lectures to reading, self-assessment tests and quizzes all are accessible on the e-learning portal. The state-of-the-art pedagogy is easy and any student enrolling at SWAYAM are going to be ready to access the educational material accessible on-line. All you would like is sweet net property to avail of the advantages of the net resource.


SWAYAM operates MOOCs learning resources in several ways in which and structure. Learning in SWAYAM has four parts/quadrants: e-Tutorial, e-Content, discussion forums, assessment.

The first quadrant is direct teaching means that not a lot of additional work by students, it might embody teaching video, animation, PowerPoint presentation, Podcast so on. of these depend upon what the topic is and what the strategy adopted by the teacher to show the scholars.

The second quadrant is Associate in Nursing e-content that might embody e-books, illustrations, Case studies, Open supply content, Reference link, additional reading sources so on.

The third quadrant is concerning clearing student's queries. Discussion forum may be a part of it means that students will act with different students and schools to clarify their doubts. The discussion forum is sort of a doubt counter wherever any student or school will answer the question of a student.

The fourth quadrant is self-assessment to examine what a student has studied and whether or not he/she is eligible to induce a certificate. It may be tested within the style of Multiple alternative queries (MCQs), or quiz or short answer queries, long answer queries, etc.

National Coordinators of SWAYAM:

In order to ensure best quality content are produced and delivered, seven National Coordinators have been appointed. They are as follows.

  • CEC for undergraduate students

  • NCERT for school students

  • IGNOU for out of the school students and

  • IIMB for management students

  • NIOS for school students

  • AICTE for Annual Refresher Programme for the professors of the Engineering/University/ Institutions

  • NPTEL for engineering students

  • UGC for post-graduation students

  • National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR) for the teacher training programs

How to access SWAYAM?

  • You can access the SWAYAM website on the web -

  • You can access SWAYAM mobile apps - Android and iOS

How to enroll in online courses?

·        Visit the

·        There is a 2-option window that displays 2 choices - upcoming and current courses

·        Registration for future courses is open to candidates.

·        Click on a specific course you want to pursue

·        You will see related "JOIN" choices in all subjects. Click on it.

·        Provide compulsory details and start learning.

·        All important points start at the beginning, after all, the end date, the examination date, no. of lectures, etc. the area unit provided on the site. scan all key points quickly next to the syllabus.

·        All courses at SWAYAM vary from 4 weeks to 24 weeks.

·        Applicants are also required to decide on a contact date and sign up for the course.

·        Special courses at SWAYAM

·        A list of all subjects will be included on the SWAYAM portal:


Annual Refresher Program in Teaching (ARPIT)

Engineering & Technology

Personality and people

Architecture & upcoming with

Management & Marketing

Maths & Science


The law


In addition to SWAYAM, there is a multi-educational unit presented by MHRD, the Indian Govt for job seekers. Digital Learning increases its reach and every student would love it!

Online registration process:

Step 1: Go to the official website at the SWAYAM Portal at

Step 2: Then click on to the register / REGISTER button in the top right corner

Step 3: A brand new page can be opened, click the current login link under the login type

Step 4: Fill in all the details you want within the type and verification code received by email by clicking on the send button to verify the code and send the status by clicking on the Produce button

Step 5: Your Swayam website registration is complete and you will currently log in and start learning.

After logging in to this site, you will log in and learn the courses you want. The site shows you the name of all the subjects and also the name of the expert and their experience. A list of Swayam courses is usually found in the link below.

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