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Aarogyasri of Telangana

Aarogyasri is the flagship scheme of all health initiatives of the government with a mission to supply quality health care to the poor. The aim of the govt. is to realize "Health for All". The scheme provides monetary help to BPL families to fulfill the harmful health wants.

About the scheme

The objective of the scheme is to boost the access of BPL families to quality medical aid for the treatment of known diseases involving hospitalization, surgeries, and therapies through a known network of health care suppliers. The complete premium is paid by the government. on behalf of the BPL families.

The scheme provides coverage for the systems like Heart, Lung, Liver, Pancreas, Kidney, Neuro-Surgery, Pediatric Congenital Malformations, Burns, Post -Burn muscle contraction Surgeries for purposeful Improvement, Prostheses (Artificial limbs), Cancer treatment (Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radio Therapy), Polytrauma (including cases coated beneath MV Act) and Cochlear Implant Surgery with Auditory-Verbal medical aid for kids below 2  years. 

All the pre-existing cases of the on top of mentioned diseases are coated beneath the scheme.

The diseases specifically excluded from the list are high finish diseases like hip and knee replacement, bone marrow, cardiac and liver transplantations, gamma-knife procedures in neurosurgery, assisted devices for cardiac failures, etc; and diseases covered by national programs viz., TB, HIV/AIDS, Leprosy, Infectious diseases, Malaria, Filaria, Gastroenteritis, Jaundice, etc.

All transactions are cashless for covered procedures. A BPL beneficiary will attend any hospital and are available out while not creating any payment to the hospital for the procedures covered beneath the scheme. 

An equivalent is that the case for medicine if eventually, the patient doesn't find themselves undergoing the surgery or medical aid. Hospitals need to conduct free health camps, thereby taking advanced analysis to the threshold of patients. 

All the Primary Health Centers (PHCs) that are the primary contact purpose, Area/District Hospitals and Network Hospitals, are given Help Desks manned by AAROGYA MITHRAs to facilitate the illiterate patients. 

The sector workers together with Network Aarogyamithras were recruited through the district collectors on an outsourcing basis.

Scheme additionally provides coverage for follow-up services wherever specifically required, thus on gain optimum have the benefit of the Surgery/Therapy and to avoid complications by providing system/malady specific package for one-year follow-up for consultation, investigations, drugs, etc.,

Beneficiaries covered and financial coverage provided

The beneficiaries of the scheme are the members of Below poverty level (BPL) families as enumerated and photographed in BPL ration card and accessible in Civil provides Department information. 

The profit on the family is on a floating basis i.e. the entire compensation of Rs.1.50 lakhs will be availed of separately or jointly by members of the family. an extra total of Rs 50,000 is provided as a buffer to require care of expenses if it exceeds the initial total i.e. Rs 1.50 lakhs per family. 

Value for cochlear Implant Surgery with modality Verbal medical aid is paid by the Trust up to a maximum of Rs.6.50 lakhs per case.

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