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“Delhi Arogya Kosh” (DAK) may be a registered society that provides monetary help to the extent of Rs. five lacs to the poor eligible patients for treatment   of any malady /disease in   Government Hospital


For any illness/treatment/ intervention needed by the patient beneath going treatment in a very  Government  Hospital run by Old Delhi  Government or  Central Government or native Bodies or  Autonomous Hospital under authorities.


1. Patient with annual family financial income up to Rs.3 lakhs square measure eligible.

2. Patient ought to be a bonafide resident of Old Delhi for the last 3yrs (before the date   of submission of application)

3. Patient requiring treatment for any illness/ treatment/ intervention in a very Government Hospital run by Old Delhi Govt. /Central Govt. /AIIMS /Autonomous Institutes of the State Govt. /Local Bodies.

Requisite documents for verification of INCOME (any one among the following):

• National Food Security Card for financial gain below Rs. 1 lakh per year.

• Income Certificate issued from space SDM (or the other officer approved during this behalf by the Revenue Department) for financial gain up to Rs. 3 lakh per year.

Requisite document for verification of DOMICILE for last 03 years (any one among the following):

• Domicile Certificate issued from area SDM.

• Ration card

• EPIC (Voter ID)

• Driving License

• Passport

• Extract from the Electoral Roll

• Aadhar Card

Note: just in case the patient may be a minor, certification of the patient and therefore the domicile proof of either of the parents (any one among the said document).

Where to Apply

O/o Patient Welfare Cell, Room no 1, 6th Floor,

Directorate General of Health Services,

F-17, Karkardooma, (Near Karkardooma Court), 


Tel. No. 011-22306851


In the O/o Medical Superintendent/ Medical Director of the involved Government Hospital


Application form to be stuffed by the patient or through his representative along with the subsequent documents in person:

• Income Certificate issued by the SDM (for financial gain up to Rs. 3 lakh p.a.) or photocopy of National Food Security Card (for financial gain below Rs. 1 lakh p.a.).

• Original Estimate certificate issued by the treating doctor of the involved Government  Hospital indicating the patient’s unwellness and therefore the treatment needed along with the calculable expenditure of the treatment punctually certified by the Medical Superintendent of the aforementioned hospital.

• Two images of the involved patient, duly documented by the treating doctor of the involved Government

• Photocopies of the treatment record.

Process of an APPLICATION

A COMPLETE form along with all the requisite documents is processed by the involved hospital and sent to Director General Health Services through e-office for his approval.

Thereafter, the application desires approval from the Finance Department, GNCTD, and is then forwarded to Chairman, tree for his or her approvals, severally. 

Financial help up to Rs. 25000/- is sanctioned at the extent of DGHS, up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs is sanctioned at the extent of DGHS after approval of the finance department.

Financial help above of Rs. 1.5 lakh up to Rs. five lakh is sanctioned at the extent of Chairman, DAK

After getting the due approvals from the competent authority on rotation, the application comes back to the Patient Welfare Cell and a sanctioned amount/money is issued in favor of the involved Government Hospital through the ECS facility.

The involved hospital is wise concerning the patient and therefore the sanctioned quantity for more necessary action at the extent of hospital.

The applicant, too, is notified through a letter sent by Speed-post and, if contact variety is obtainable, telephonically.

Free radiological/Imaging facilities and free known surgery for eligible patients undergoing treatment in hospitals closely-held by GNCTD:-

The establishment of Old Delhi Arogya Kosh in its thirteenth meeting hung on 28.02.2017 resolved that monetary help shall be provided for Ultrasound, Christian Johann Doppler Studies, Mammography(diagnostic technique), EEG, EMG, TMT & ECHO from each non-NABH & NABH licensed DGEHS EMPANELLED STANDALONE DIAGNOSTIC (Imaging) centers to any eligible patient WHO may be a bonafide resident of Old Delhi, known on the premise of elector ID card; Aadhaar Card; Passport; Driving License; Ration Card; Extract from electoral roll and certification of birth along with identity proof of either parent (for kids below 5 years of age), beneath going treatment in any of the twenty-five Hospitals closely-held by GNCTD or in any of the twenty-three polyclinics connected to those hospitals or in any of the 05 hospitals run under autonomous mode by GNCTD.

Financial help shall even be provided for PET and Radio-nucleotide scans from NABH licensed DGEHS empanelled standalone diagnostic (Imaging) centers to any eligible patient undergoing treatment in any of the seven hospitals, namely, GBPH, LNH, GTBH, DDUH, BSAH, JSSH, and RGSSH.  

In case, AN eligible patient undergoing treatment in the other Hospital closely held by GNCTD needs either PET or Radio-nucleotide scan, such patients shall be spoken to at any of the said seven hospitals for more management and necessary investigation, if needed.

The establishment additionally resolved to amend/change the prevailing eligibility criteria of DAK  for free of charge known surgeries in NABH licensed DGEHS empanelled personal hospitals from financial gain up to Rs.3 lakh once a year and bonafide resident of Old Delhi for over 3 years to any bonafide resident of Delhi, known on the premise of either Aadhaar Card or elector ID or Passport or Driving License or extract of electoral roll or certification along with picture ID proof of either parent (for kids below five years), no matter his/her financial gain standing.  

However, the opposite conditions for eligibility for referral to be operated in any NABH licensed DGEHS empanelled personal hospital having requisite facilities is just consummated if the eligible patient is undergoing treatment in any Government Hospital closely-held and travel by GNCTD and is assigned date for surgery on the far side one month when getting pre-anesthesia clearance (PAC) by the treating doctor (surgeon).  

Eligible patients requiring coronary artery bypass graft shall be referred from GIPMER solely when fulfilling the opposite conditions.

The establishment more resolved that eligible patients tormented by urinary organ stone(s) and prostate enlargement requiring surgery may be referred when commissioned by the overall surgeons of secondary and tertiary hospitals, wherever such facility is unobtainable, hence, there's no roll as on date.  

The reason/justification for referral is to be recorded by the box involved on the OPD slip and is to be countersigned by the Medical Director/Superintendent.

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