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Employees Health Scheme (EHS)

The State Government of Andhra Pradesh has detailed a wellbeing plan for its serving/resigned workers and their needy relatives to profit credit-only treatment at a few empanelled emergency clinics across the state. 

The plan replaces the flow clinical repayment office and gloats of new highlights, for example, therapy of constant infections and post-hospitalization care. Peruse on to think about the Government of Andhra Pradesh's Employee Health Scheme qualification, inclusion, and advantages.

With the essential target of giving medical services to all and top-notch clinical benefits to State Government Employees, the Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust under the oversight of the Government of Andhra Pradesh will execute the Employee Health Scheme (EHS). 

The plan covers Andhra Pradesh government representatives, retired people, and their reliant relatives who can profit credit only treatment at empanelled clinics or Network Hospitals (NWH). 

It replaces the momentum clinical repayment interaction and recipients can benefit from new highlights, for example, post-hospitalization clinical consideration and therapy of persistent illnesses. Recipients incorporate serving and resigned workers of the state administration of Andhra Pradesh.

EHS Coverage

Features and Benefits

In-Patient Treatment

Treatment for Listed Therapies for identified diseases*

End-to-End Cashless Service Till 10 Days Post-Discharge Medication and Coverage of Complications up to 30 Days Post-Discharge.

Free Out-Patient Evaluation For Listed Therapies.

Follow-Up Service

Services Up to 1-year

Packages include consultation, investigation, drugs, etc. on listed therapies.

Out-Patient Treatment For Chronic Diseases

Treatment of pre-defined chronic diseases at notified hospitals.

Hospital Stay

Slab A (Pay Grades – I to IV): Semi-Private Ward

Slab B (Pay Grades – V to XVII): Semi-Private Ward

Slab C (Pay Grades – XVIII to XXXII): Private Ward

Financial Coverage

Eligible Sum: Rs.2 Lakhs per episode of illness with no limit on the number of episodes.

The eligible sum is not applicable where predetermined packages are above Rs.2 Lakhs.

Claims exceeding Rs.2 Lakhs will be settled by the CEO of Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust.

What isn't Covered Under the EHS of the Government of Andhra Pradesh?

The EHS covers state government representatives and their wards; notwithstanding, it doesn't cover certain recipients. The following is the rundown of recipients not covered under the EHS: 

  • Those covered under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS). 

  • Railroads, Road Transport Corporation, ESIS, Aarogya Sahayatha of Prohibition, Aarogya Bhadratha of Police Department, and Excise Department. 

  • Law officials like public examiners, government pleaders, state guides, state investigators, and backer commanders. 

  • Natural guardians whenever embraced guardians exist. 

  • Easy-going and day-by-day wage laborers. 

  • Free youngsters. 

  • AIS officials and beneficiaries.


Under the EHS, serving and resigned state government workers and their wards are covered. They can benefit from credit-only hospitalization for recognized infections at empanelled emergency clinics. In a further arrangement, the Employee Health Scheme for the Andhra Pradesh state government is separated as:

Eligible Beneficiaries


Serving State Government Employees

All regular State Government Employees.

Provisionalised Employees of Local Bodies.

Retired State Government Employees/Pensioners

All Service Pensioners.

Re-Employed Service Pensioners.

Family Pensioners Without Dependents.

Dependent Family Members

Dependent Parents (either biological or adopted, not both).

One Legally Wedded Spouse (Serving and Retired Employee)

Dependent Legitimate Children (Step-Children and Adopted Children).

Dependents of Family Pensioners.

The EHS further characterizes the significance of Dependent Family Members by: 

  • Guardians: Dependent on the worker for their vocation. 

  • Jobless Daughters: Unmarried/Widowed/Divorced/Deserted. 

  • Jobless Sons: 25 Years and underneath. 

  • Impaired Children: Those with a handicap who can't discover work.

How To Enroll for the Employee Health Scheme? 

The EHS administrations are offered to all state government representatives of the State of Andhra Pradesh. To realize the enlistment cycle of the Employee Health Scheme, follow the strategies referenced beneath: 


The following is the enrollment interaction for serving state government workers to profit EHS administrations: 

EHS Employee Registration Process: 

Stage 1: Visit the online interface of EHS. 

Stage 2: Enter your Employee ID in the 'Username' area and the secret word. Sign in as 'Worker' and snap on 'Login'. 

Stage 2: You will be coordinated to another page, where you need to enter the necessary subtleties of the relative multitude of obligatory fields, at that point click on 'Save'. 

Stage 3: Once you have filled all the fields, click on 'Print Application' to keep a delicate duplicate of the application as a kind of perspective or you could take a printout. 

Stage 4: Now, click on 'Submit Application. 

The application will be shipped off the representative's individual Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO). When the DDO checks the application, the EHS Health Card will be produced. You need to login to the EHS online interface with your username and secret key to download the card. 

Ongoing Out-Patient Treatment: 

The EHS offers outpatient therapy for ongoing infections to serving representatives of the state legislature of Andhra Pradesh. Administrations are accessible during workdays between 2 pm to 4 pm and they include: 

  • Specialist's meeting

  • Examinations (research center administrations and radiology administrations). 

  • Drug store 

  • Yearly wellbeing test for representatives who are matured over 40 years.

Rundown of Chronic OP Procedures: 

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Bronchial Asthma 
Parkinson's Disease
Type 1 and 2 DM
SLE and other Connective Tissue Disorders 
Computer-aided design Medical 
Convulsive Disorder
Provocative Bowel Disease
Psychosis and Other Chronic Psychiatric Problems
Vascular Occlusive Disorder of Extremities
Ongoing Hepatitis 
Cardiovascular Failure
Nephrotic Syndrome
Ongoing Kidney Disease

Step by step Employee Login Instructions: 

The State Government has coordinated all DDOs in Andhra Pradesh to gather the information of all state government representatives online through electronic applications to actualize the plan and issue Health Cards. Now and then there might be a circumstance wherein the representative necessities to alter or address or update data about them or their relatives. In such examples, follow the methodology beneath: 

Stage 1: Visit EHS Web Portal and sign in utilizing Employee ID as User ID, and a similar User ID as a first-time secret word. 

Stage 2: You will actually want to transfer photos and update subordinate relatives. 

Quest for Employee Enrollment Status: 

The following is the cycle to know the situation with the representative enlistment status on the web: 

Stage 1: Visit the EHS entryway and under the Employee classification, click on 'Search Employee Enrollment Status'. 

Stage 2: On the new page, enter 'Worker Name', Date of Birth, Name of the Department, and the particular DDO and snap-on 'Search'. 

Stage 3: If the worker is now selected under the plan, at that point the status would reflect as the application is endorsed. 

Stage 4: in the event that the representative isn't selected under the EHS, at that point the status will reflect as 'Not Enrolled'. 

Stage 5: In the same spot, you need to tap on 'Select'. You might be approached to enter your email ID and contact number to send the Username and Password. Snap-on 'Save Details'. 

Worker Medical Reimbursement Status: 

To know the clinical repayment status of the EHS, serving state government workers need to follow the means underneath: 

Stage 1: Visit the EHS administration interface and under the Employee menu, click on 'Representative Medical Reimbursement Status'. 

Stage 2: You will be diverted to another page. Here, you should choose if the repayment was started on the web or disconnected. 

Stage 3: Enter the 'Trust Number'. 

Stage 4: Enter the DME number and snap-on 'Search' and you will actually want to see subtleties, for example, Employee Name, Patient Name, DME no. alongside the status.


The State Government of Andhra Pradesh has supplanted the current Medical Reimbursement measure with the Employee Health Scheme. The following is the enlistment interaction for beneficiaries or resigned workers of the state government

EHS Pensioners Registration Process: 

Resigned representatives or beneficiaries can enlist to the EHS administration online by adhering to directions before you can sign in to the EHS web-based interface. 


Aadhaar Card: An output of your Aadhaar Card and guarantee your photograph and the Aadhaar Number is obviously noticeable. 

Photo: An output of a 45mm x 35mm ICAO consistent visa size shading photo of 200Kb size. 

Incapacity Certificates 

Mate's Pensioner ID/Employee ID: An examined duplicate of mate on the off chance that working in the State Government or is a Service Pensioner. 

Date of Birth Certificate: An output of the DOB Certificate of ward relatives under 5 years old. 

Step by Step Pensioner Login Instructions: 

With all the necessary archives, you need to present the application on the web. Additionally, you can move toward the STO/APPO alongside the archives or can contact the affiliation agents. The following is the manual for submit and register for the plan for retired people: 

Stage 1: Visit the EHS Web Portal and sign in with your Username and Password. On the off chance that you don't have the subtleties, contact STO/APPO or by dialing EHS Toll-Free Number 104 to know your User ID. 

Stage 2: Sign in with your Username and Password and read the directions given on the site. 

Stage 3: Open the Enrollment Form and fill all the subtleties including your head of office, STO/APPO, and District. 

Stage 4: Attach every supporting archive. 

Stage 5: Ensure you confirm all information prior to presenting the application. 

Stage 6: Click on 'Submit' and remove a print from the application structure. 

Stage 7: Sign the printout of the application shape and transfer the marked archive back on the web. 

Stage 8: Now, remove a print from the marked application shape and submit it with your particular STO/APPO.

Steps to Enroll for EHS Health Card: 

When you follow the means to enroll for the plan, you have the choice to get brief wellbeing cards for you and your reliant relatives. After the investigation of your application, brief cards will be created. You need to sign in with your User ID and Password to take the print of the transitory card. This card can be covered and utilized as your EHS Health Card. 

Additionally, you can get an overlaid brief card at any of the Mee Seva Centers. The expense is covered at Rs.25 per transitory card. 

The most effective method to check Pensioners Medical Reimbursement Status: 

To know the clinical repayment status follow the means underneath: 

Stage 1: Visit the EHS part of the Aarogyasri Health Scheme Web Portal. 

Stage 2: Under the 'Beneficiary's menu', click on 'Retired person Medical Reimbursement Status'. 

Stage 3: On the new page, select to affirm if the repayment was done on the web or disconnected. 

Stage 4: Enter the Trust Number and the DME Number and snap-on 'Search' to know the status. 

Chronic Out-Patient Treatment: 

The EHS offers outpatient therapy of constant infections to resigned workers of the state administration of Andhra Pradesh. Administrations are accessible just during the workdays between 2 pm to 4 pm. Administrations include: 

  • Consultancy. 

  • Examinations (radiology administrations and lab administrations). 

  • Drugs.

Guarantee Process of EHS: 

The primary goal of the plan is to give credit-only treatment to serving and resigned state government representatives; consequently, there is no compelling reason to follow the case cycle by the worker/retired person or their needy relatives. The concerned Network Hospital (NWH) will raise the case following 10 days of the release of the patient. 

When the case is raised by the NWH, all cases related cycles will be executed by the Trust Portal. 

How to Download the EHS Health Card? 

When your application is affirmed and you have gotten the endorsement through an SMS or email, you can download the card on the web. Follow the means beneath to know the AP EHS Health Card download measure: 

Stage 1: Visit the EHS Portal and snap on' Download Health Card'. 

Stage 2: In the new window, enter your 'Client ID' and snap-on 'Go' to create the EHS wellbeing card. 

Worker Health Scheme by AP Govt. Emergency clinic List: 

The State Government of Andhra Pradesh has empanelled a few medical clinics across the state to offer credit-only therapy to serving and resigned state government workers. For additional subtleties of the worker wellbeing plan clinic list, click here for NABH emergency clinics and for NWHs. Follow the means beneath: 

Stage 1: Visit the EHS Section of the Aarogyasri Health Scheme and snap-on 'Rundown of Empanelled Hospitals for EHS' at the lower part of the page. 

Stage 2: On the new window, select the state, region, and strength. Presently click on 'Search' to know the rundown of empanelled medical clinics in the region.

Lists of hospitals under EHS

Hospital Name


Aditya MultiCare Hospital


Amrutha Heart Hospital


Apollo Drdo Hospitals

Ranga Reddy

Chandra Mohan’s Nursing Home


Dr YSR Memorial Hospitals


Gk Hospital


Gowri Gopal Hospitals Pvt Ltd


Indur Cancer Hospital


Kamineni Institute Of Medical Sciences


M N Hospital


Narayana Medical College Hospital


Pushpagiri Eye Hospital


Pushpagiri Eye Institute


Raju Neuro And Multispeciality Hospital Private Limited

East Godavari

Sentini Hospitals Private Limited


Shree Balaji Multi Speciality Hospital


Sindhura Hospitals


Sri Ram Kidney Infertility And Laparoscopic Centre


Sushruta Cancer Hospital


Susrutha Peoples Hospital


EHS Toll-Free Number and Address

Government employees can dial the EHS Toll-Free Number 104 for any queries about the scheme. If you have any complaints or other issues related to your EHS card dial 8333817469/14/06 or 0863-2259861 (Ext: 326). Alternatively, you can also send a mail at

To know the medical reimbursement status and other related information dial 8333817363 or 0863-2259861 (Ext: 329). An e-mail can also be sent at The CEO can be reached at 0863-2259861 (Ext: 302).


If you want to send a mail about the Employee Health scheme or visit the Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust here is the address:

D.No. 25-16-116/B, Chuttugunta,

Behind Gautam’s Hero Showroom,

Guntur – 522004

Andhra Pradesh

Phone: 0863-2222802/2259861


The Government of Andhra Pradesh has made the way toward checking the situation with the EHS application simpler on the web. Follow the previously mentioned bit by bit manual to check the EHS applications status.

You can call the 104-Seva Kendra by dialing 104 to know the User ID to login to the EHS web-based interface or you can contact the individual Sub Treasury Office (STO)/Assistant Program Officer (APO).

In the event that you are a resigned state government worker of Andhra Pradesh, you can follow the previously mentioned interaction to check the situation with the repayment.

The state government workers, retired people and their needy relatives are qualified for monetary inclusion of Rs.2 lakhs per scene of disease. There is a cutoff to the quantity of scenes according to the APIMA Rules, 1972.

The state government will contribute 60% while the worker/beneficiary will contribute the equilibrium 40%. The month to month commitment will be: 

>Slab A (Pay Grade I to IV): Rs.90 

>Slab B (Pay Grade V to XVII): Rs.90 

>Slab C (Pay Grade XVIII to XXXII): Rs.120.

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