Health Care of Orissa


In three-tire game plan of association (I. Administrative Deptt II. Heads of Deptt and III. District Offices and Subordinate Offices there to), Heads of Deptt expects a key capacity between the Administrative Deptt of Govt. additionally, District Offices and Subordinate Offices thereto. Administrator of Health Services, Orissa being the Heads of Deptt under the administrative control of Health and F.W.Deptt of Government of Orissa has a specific circumstance in the Health care organization association of the State identifying with promotive, Preventive and Curative aspect of the State containing 30 (Thirty) Districts having 3.67 Crore people with 38% schedule people. While State Government in Health and F.W. Office plan draws near, the Director of Health Services, Orissa being the Heads of Department execute all Health techniques. The National Health Program like:- (1) N.P.C.B (2) Yaws Control Program (3) N.L.E.P (4) N.M.E.P (5) N.F.C.P (6) N.M.H.P (7) R.N.T.C.P (8) Goiter controls Program are moreover being executed in the State under the dynamic control and oversight of Director of Health Services, Orissa. 

Highlights and Benefits 

To ensure acceptable, emotional, preventive and healing clinical consideration to people of the State. 

To ensure clinical consideration organizations to all particularly to the prevented packs like booked factions, arranged positions and back ward classes. 

To give sensible quality clinical administrations to the people of the State, through the allopathic systems of medicine just as through the homeopathic and ayurvedic structures. 

To ensure more noticeable induction to basic clinical consideration via conveying clinical foundations as close to the people as could sensibly be normal or through flexible clinical prosperity units, particularly, in the underserved and in switch region. 

To improve clinical administrations in the KBK locales of the State 

To discard contaminations like polio and disorder from the state and prevent similarly as control other communicable diseases 

To decrease maternal, infant and neo-natal demise rates 

To guarantee to the people of Orissa free treatment( including free drugs) for certain major communicable diseases 

To improve clinical center organizations at the basic, discretionary and tertiary levels the extent that system, medications and staff 

To offer getting ready to authorities, orderlies and other paramedical staff to upgrade their aptitudes and data to improve quality clinical administrations in the state and improve clinical guidance in the State. 


o It is appropriate to people beneath the destitution line, individual with yearly family salary not surpassing Rs.40,000/ - in rustic region and Rs.60,000/ - in metropolitan regions. Either BPL card/AAY card or yearly pay declaration gave by concerned Tehsildar will be acknowledged for deciding the qualification. 

o RSBY card holders are additionally qualified under this plan. 

o An obscure mishap casualty, patients properly alluded from enrolled down and out home/shelter/mental refuge/Child care Institutions are additionally qualified for help under the plan subject to referring to adequate explanation thereof for suggesting the patient under the plan. 

o The Central Government/State Government/PSU workers are not qualified. 


2.1. The help will be accessible for treatment in all State Government Hospitals including the three Govt. Clinical College and Hospitals, SVPPGIP (SishuBhawan), Cuttack and AHRCC, Cuttack. 

2.2. The help will be accessible in empaneled private emergency clinics (List encased as Annexure-C). 


4.1. OSTF will be a top up to RSBY. The patient will be secured under RSBY at the principal help and where the measure of help required surpasses the constraint of RSBY, the patient will be given help under OSTF. 

4.2. Treatment cost so affirmed will be inside the furthest reaches of Rs.3.00 lakh (Rupees three lakh as it were). 

4.3. The authorization of Medical College and Hospital/Capital Hospital/RGH will be restricted to Rs.1.00 lakh per case. Where the quantum of help surpasses Rs.1.00 lakh, Superintendent of Medical College and Hospitals, Superintendent, SVPPGIP, Director, AHRCC with the endorsement of the Revenue Divisional Commissioner and CMO of Capital Hospital, BBSR and RGH, Rourkela with the endorsement of DMET, Odisha can authorize up to Rs.2.00 lakh. On the off chance that the quantum of help surpasses Rs.2.00 lakh the case will be alluded to Member Secretary (DMET, Odisha) of the Executive Body of the Society for thought and endorsement. 

4.4. The approval of District Head Quarters Hospitals will be restricted to Rs.30,000/ - per case. Where the quantum of help surpasses Rs.30,000/ - CDMO with the endorsement of the Collector-cum-District Magistrate concerned can authorize up to Rs.50,000/ - . 

4.5. For help well beyond Rs.3.00 lakh, endorsement of the Hon'ble Chief Minister, Odisha should be acquired. 

4.6. The expense of treatment in regard of a patient will be according to the actuals or as far as possible endorsed for various sicknesses under Central Government Health Scheme, whichever is less. The things not referenced in CGHS bundle will be according to actuals which incorporates acceptable sum like; examinations, cost of meds, method charges, and so on.


5.1. Every Department will have a nodal official not beneath the position of Asst. Educator, who will be assigned by the HOD of the concerned Department. 

5.2. The application in the recommended design with all important reports connected to it will be put together by the candidate to the Nodal Officer of the concerned Department. The Nodal Officer will examine the application and will advance the equivalent to the HOD of the concerned Department. 

5.3. The HOD will check current realities and forward the application alongwith his/her proposal to the Screening Committee. 

5.4. The Screening Committee at the clinical schools and emergency clinics just as at Sishubhawan, Cuttack and AHRCC, Cuttack will be established under the chairmanship of the Superintendent/Director of the separate organization and different individuals will be the Accounts Officer/DDO, Administrative Officer and any one workforce (on turn reason for a time of 2 years all at once) and will be selected by the Superintendent/Director of the concerned Institute. 

5.5. The gathering of Screening Committee will be hung on each substitute day and will inspect the records put together by the candidates appropriately sent by the HODs of the concerned Department where the patient is conceded. 

5.6. In the event that the Committee affirms the equivalent, the treatment of the patient will be done liberated from cost at the medical clinic, carefully confining to the sum endorsed. 

5.7. The endorsing intensity of the Committee will be restricted to Rs.1.00 lakh as it were. Where the quantum of help surpasses Rs.1.00 lakh, Screening Committee will quickly authorize help up to Rs.1.00 lakh and with the endorsement of the Revenue Divisional Commissioner concerned can endorse the remainder of the sum up to a limit of Rs.2.00 lakh. If there should arise an occurrence of treatment help needed past Rs.2.00 lakh, the equivalent will be sent by the Screening Committee with their perspectives to the Executive Committee of OSTFC for thought and endorsement. 

5.8. A different ledger in State Bank of India, closer to the clinical school will be opened by clinical school under the mark of Dean and Principal, Superintendent and DDO concerned. Sum can be pulled back with mark of at any rate two of the record holders. 

5.9. Every single report identifying with the patient application structures will be kept in appropriate care at the workplace of the Superintendent/Director. 

5.10. Vital books of records and different records will be kept up at the degree of Superintendent/Director according to rule, which will be created to review as and when required. 

5.11. Every other month SOE/UC according to OGFR Norms along with accomplishment report are to be put together by the DDO worried to the Treasurer of the Society as expected for arrival of extra asset. 

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