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The State Government of Telangana has detailed another wellbeing plan for its representatives, writers, beneficiaries and their needy relatives. They can utilize the credit only hospitalization at the Network Hospitals (NWH). The new plan replaces the momentum clinical repayment office and accompanies included advantages, for example, post-hospitalization spread and therapy of ongoing ailments. Peruse ahead to think about the Government of Telangana Employee and Journalist Health Scheme's (EJHS) qualification models, inclusion and advantages.

State Government workers and State Government retired people alongside their dependent relatives can benefit credit only treatment at different empanelled medical clinics. Under the oversight of the administration, the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust will actualize the plan. 

The new wellbeing plan replaces the current clinical repayment plan and offers a few new advantages, for example, post-therapy care and therapy of constant sicknesses. Serving and resigned state government workers, just as writers from Telangana, are the recipients of the plan.

Features and benefits

  • Treatment for pre-characterized treatments of distinguished sicknesses. 

  • Free out-tolerant assessment for pre-characterized treatments. 

  • Credit only help for the post-release medicine of as long as 10 days and as long as 30 day’s inclusion of intricacies post-release. 

  • Administrations as long as 1-year. 

  • Bundle incorporates discussions, examinations, drugs, and so on for 1-year for the recorded treatments. 

  • Therapy of recorded persistent (long haul) sicknesses at select emergency clinics. 

  • Section A and B (Employee Pay Grade – I to XVII): Semi-Private 

  • Section C (Employee Pay Grade – XVIII to XXXII): Private 

  • Qualified Sum: No furthest breaking point. 

  • No Contribution by Employee/Pensioner.

What is Not Covered under the scheme?

  • Those secured under any of the Central Government Health Schemes (CGHS). 

  • Representatives working in Aarogya Bhadratha of Police Department, Railways, ESIS, RTC and Aarogya Sahayatha of Prohibition and Excise Department. 

  • Easy going and every day wage labourers. 

  • Autonomous youngsters 

  • Law officials, for example, Public Prosecutors, State Prosecutors, Advocate General, State Counsels and Government Pleaders. 

  • Natural guardians whenever embraced guardians exist or the other way around. 

  • AIS beneficiaries and officials.


Eligible Beneficiaries


Serving Employees/Journalists

Regular State Government Employees.

Provisionalised Employees of Local Bodies.

Retired State Government Employees/Journalists

Service Pensioners.

Family Pensioners without Dependents.

Re-Employed Service Pensioners.

Dependent Family Members

Dependent Parents (Either Adopted/Biological).

One Legally Wedded Spouse.

Dependent Legitimate Children (Adopted/Step Children).

Family Members of Service Pensioners.

Enrolling process

Worker Enrollment: 

Under the EJHS for state government workers and retired people, there is no different enlistment measure for serving representatives. The Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) will outfit the representatives' information (counting Aadhaar) to the fund division through the Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS). 

This information is then common with the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust by the fund office to create wellbeing cards and made accessible on the EHS site. This wellbeing card can be downloaded, printed and utilized by workers and their reliant relatives. 

Login Instructions 

Workers can transfer the photo of theirs or their needy relatives or even update subordinate relatives through the EJHS web-based interface. The following is the login guidelines: 

Stage 1: Visit the official online interface of the Employees Health Scheme. 

Stage 2: On the upper right, click on 'Sign-in' and select 'Workers'. 

Stage 3: Your Employee ID is the Username and a similar Username as the first-run through secret word. You might be approached to enter another secret word for future logins. 

Understanding Process Flow 

The following is the patient cycle stream for serving representatives under the EJHS: 

Stage 1: Employee visits any of the organizations of empaneled clinics. 

Stage 2: The patient will be enrolled at the NWH (Network Hospital) by Aarogyamithra. 

Stage 3: If the patient has a lasting wellbeing card, at that point a biometric confirmation will be empowered and sent for primer conclusion at the emergency clinic. 

Stage 4: If the patient doesn't have a lasting wellbeing card, they will be additionally sent for primer conclusion. 

Stage 5: Based on the analysis, the patient will either be treated as out-persistent or in-tolerant. 

Stage 6: If encouraged to be hospitalized, at that point in-understanding enlistment will be started. 

Stage 7: E-pre authorization will be sent to the concerned group. 

Stage 8: Required medical procedure or therapy will be started at the NWH. 

Stage 9: Patient will be released as required and if necessary, subsequent will be prompted. 

Stage 10: The emergency clinic will start the case cycle for the hospitalization of the patient.

How to Add Beneficiaries?

Stage 1: Visit the official web-based interface of the Employee Health Scheme of the Government of Telangana. 

Stage 2: Click on 'Sign-in' found on the upper right corner of the page. 

Stage 3: Enter your Username and Password. 

Stage 4: In the new page, click on 'Enlistment' found on the upper left of the page and snap on 'Start New/Rejected Beneficiaries'. 

Stage 5: You will be coordinated to another page 'Recipients Worklist'. Snap on 'Include New Beneficiary'. 

Stage 6: Enter subtleties of the recipient and join Date of Birth (DOB) endorsement and photograph if the DOB is under 5-years. On the off chance that the DOB is over 5-years of age, at that point you should append their Aadhaar card and photo. 

Stage 7: Click on 'Spare'. You likewise have the choice to reset. 

Stage 8: A spring up window will affirm the recipient is spared effectively. Snap on 'alright'. 

Stage 9: Once you click on Ok, you will be coordinated to the 'Recipient List' page, you can either eliminate or alter the subtleties of the recently included recipient. 

Stage 10: Click on 'Submit' in the wake of checking all data gave is right. 

Stage 11: A spring up window will affirm that the expansion of a recipient is finished effectively.

How to enroll for the Pensioner’s Health Scheme

  • Aadhaar Card: A checked duplicate of yours and your reliant relatives' Aadhaar Card. 

  • Photos: A sweep of a 45mm x 35mm ICAO consistent identification size photo of 'Self' and 'Ward Family Members'. The size of the photo ought not surpass 200Kb. 

  • Inability Certificates: Scan duplicates of both yours and ward relatives. 

  • Life partner's Employee/Pensioner ID: An examined duplicate of mate's worker or beneficiary ID in the event that working in the State Government or is an assistance retired person. 

  • DOB Certificates: Scan duplicates of Date of Birth Certificates of relatives who are under 5-years old. 

Pensioner Enrollment Process: 

Stage 1: Visit the EJHS online interface and snap on 'Sign-in' showing up on the upper right corner of the page. 

Stage 2: Log in with your Username and Password. In the event that you don't have the subtleties, you can contact Sub. Depository Officer (STO)/Assistant Program Officer (APO) or you can call EJHS complementary number 104 to know your Username and Password. 

Stage 3: Once you have signed in to the web-based interface, open the enrolment structure and fill all the required fields including your head of office, STO/APO and the individual area. 

Stage 4: Attach every supporting archive and include recipients, for example, your needy relatives. 

Stage 5: Click on 'Spare' and afterward click on 'Submit Application'. You will get a SMS with subtleties of the Health Card Enrollment ID. 

Stage 6: Print the application structure, sign it and sweep the marked application structure. 

Stage 7: Upload the marked application structure and snap on 'Submit Application for Approval'. 

Stage 8: You will get a SMS with the affirmation of the accommodation and its forthcoming endorsement by the STO/APO. When endorsed, you will get an affirmation that the Health Card is prepared. 

Steps to Download Pensioners Health Card: 

When you have finished the enlistment cycle, follow the underneath steps to get your beneficiary's wellbeing card: 

Stage 1: Log in to the EJHS Web Portal and snap on 'Sign-in' situated on the upper right corner of the page. 

Stage 2: Enter your Username and Password (You can contact the Seva Kendra by dialing 104 to know your User ID and Password). 

Stage 3: Click on 'Download Health Card', print and cover the report. You can utilize this archive for check purpose

Guarantee Process of EJHS: 

With the principle plan to give credit only treatment to serving and resigned representatives/writers, the concerned Network Hospital will raise the case with the Health Trust. The case will be settled and the instalment will be made to the emergency clinic. All instalments will be prepared through the Trust entry subsequent to investigating the reports put together by the Network Hospital (NWH). 

How To Renew EJHS? 

The Employee and Journalist Health Scheme is actualized by the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust under the management of the Telangana government. The goal of the plan is to give credit only treatment to representatives, columnists, retired people and their needy relatives. With this goal, there is no commitment made by the workers/writers/retired people. The whole expense of actualizing the plan is borne by the Government.


 Indeed. Stepchildren of serving or resigned workers are qualified to profit advantages of the plan. 

Truly. Either natural or received guardians or youngsters can be recipients of the plan, however not both. 

 No. Parents in law are not qualified to profit advantages of the plan. 

 No. A jobless child accomplishing the age of 25 isn't qualified to profit the advantages of the plan. Notwithstanding, if the child is debilitated and incapable to work for his vocation, he can profit the advantages by delivering his inability authentication. 

The absolute expense of executing the wellbeing plan will be borne by the State Government of Telangana. There is no commitment either from the worker or the beneficiary.

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