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Mukhymantri Muft Ilaaj Yojana

Mukhymantri Muft Ilaaj Yojana (MMIY) was launched in January 2014, which seeks to supply free treatment to any or all citizens and cover major parts of health care. The vision of the scheme is to supply reasonable, accessible, just quality health services for the well-being of all citizens of Haryana. The fundamental aim is to cut back out of pocket expenditure of the residents of the state.

Components below MMIY

1.Surgeries under the Surgery package program (For Haryana residents only).

2.Free Basic laboratory investigations, in conjunction with free X-Ray, cardiogram, and USG (wherever on the market within the Govt. Health Institutions).

3.Free Indoor Services.

4.Free OPD Services

5.Free Drug offer.

6.Free Referral transport/Ambulance services.

7.Free Dental treatment.

The Haryana Government has seen glorious results for the 'Mukhyamantri Free Treatment Scheme' launched with the target of providing health services to the individuals and to relieve the expenditure on health services, and over 1141144 patients of the state have taken advantage of the scheme till now.

Giving data during this regard, Health Minister Rao Narendra Singh aforesaid that under the scheme, surgery, medicines, screening and diagnostic services, referral motorcar service, indoor service, and dental treatment services area unit being provided free of cost to patients in government hospitals and medical schools. On this plan, Crores of rupees are being spent.

He informed that from January 1st to January 24th, 2014, the common rate of OPD in state hospitals has been 54340 patients per day. Rao Narendra Singh aforesaid that 90732 patients admitted to government hospitals were additionally provided free facilities and also the average rate was 4321 patients per day. Throughout this period, over 1.65 crore medicines were distributed to the patients.

The Health Minister educated that with the exception of science laboratory tests in conjunction with medicines, facilities of X-ray, ECG, ultrasound, and ultrasonography tests are being provided free from the price below the state government scheme. 

He educated that patients are taking advantage of free operation below the Chief Minister's free treatment theme.

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