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Online Registration System (ORS) is an internet portal where citizens having Aadhaar will inscribe for appointments in hospitals across numerous States and Union Territories of India. 

Through this service, obtaining associate OPD appointments, laboratory reports, and blood accessibility in any government hospital has become online and straightforward. As of September 2016, forty-six hospitals covering 478 departments give this service.


How will e hospital India work?

Online Registration System (ORS) is being enforced in hospitals wherever the counter primarily based Out Patient Department (OPD) registration and appointment system through Hospital Management Information system (HMIS) has been digitized.


Portal facilitates online appointments with numerous departments of various Hospitals as follows


  • Using e-Know Your customer (eKYC) knowledge of Aadhaar number, if patient's mobile number is registered with Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

  • In case the mobile number isn't registered with UIDAI it uses the patient's name.

  • New patients can get appointments yet as a Unique Health Identification (UHID) number. If the Aadhaar number is already linked with the UHID number, then appointment numbers are going to be given and UHID can stay the same.

Features of e Hospital digital India

Simple appointment method - For your initial visit to the hospital, registration, and appointment with a doctor is created less complicated. All you have got to try and do is verify yourself using  Aadhaar number, choose Hospital and Department, choose the date of Appointment and receive SMS for Appointment.

Dashboard Reports - Total number of Hospitals that appointments will be taken through the net together with their departments that online appointments will be taken will be seen in reports. Detail reports showing data concerning New and previous patients taking appointments through this portal will be seen.

Hospital On Boarding - Hospitals will return on board this platform and supply their appointment slots for online booking by patients. The system facilitates Hospitals to simply manage their registration and appointment method and monitor them.

Requirements for obtaining an ors portal appointment

New patients need an aadhaar number with a registered mobile number. The system can get personal details of the patient using eKYC knowledge from UIDAI.


In case a patient has aadhaar number however a mobile number isn't registered with it, then the name of the patient showing in the aadhaar card should be notable. After verification, patients must enter alternative personal details.


In case, the patient doesn't have aadhaar number then the personal mobile number, name, father name, mother name, etc have to be compelled to be entered.


Process to require an appointment for a brand new patient

  1. Visit the portal

  2. If you have got Aadhaar number of the patient and the patient's mobile number is registered with UIDAI, then just One Time Password (OTP) is going to be sent by UIDAI through SMS and Aadhaar holder would want to grant consent to share his/her KYC knowledge as keep in UIDAI with the hospital for the aim of taking OPD appointment.

  3. In case a patient's mobile number isn't registered with UIDAI then the patient's name as in Aadhaar must run and when doing demographic authentication with UIDAI, patients are going to be requested to grant a mobile number and alternative details like address, age, etc.

  4. In case, the user isn't having an aadhaar number, he will do an online appointment, however, would have to be compelled to collect an OPD card from the hospital when providing the identity of the patient.

  5. Users will choose the Department in an exceedingly Government hospital wherever the patient must visit for check-ups.

  6. Thereafter, users are going to be sent a confirmation through SMS giving details of the OPD appointment.

Simple steps to induce your appointment mounted online!

  • Verify yourself using Aadhaar number

  • Choose Hospital / Department

  • Select date of appointment

  • Get confirmation SMS

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