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About Letter Dated On 11 September 2020, the Honorable National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission New Delhi, has given permission to launch the E-Daakhil Portal for e-filing of Consumer Complaint in all State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions of Maharashtra.  

Accordingly, on 18th September 2020 State Commission of Maharashtra has launched the E-Daakhil portal. The Dakhil Portal was developed by the Central Government's National Informatics Center (NIC) New Delhi.

Through this center, parties can only lodge consumer complaint cases before the State Commission and the Regional/District Forum. Please note that following the completion of online cases, appearing before the State Commission and the Regional Forum is mandatory at the hearing and other procedures. 

The facility is provided free of charge however the expense of filing a complaint before the State Commission and the Regional Commission is compulsory.


Visit the e-filing site to register your email id and become a registered user

Without a registered user id, the appeal process could not be started.

How do you get started?

To file a new complaint, the user must have

1. Valid e-mail address: registration on the Edaakhil website

2. Soft copies of Identity Proof: Voter Id / Pan Card / Passport / Ration Card / BPL / AAY Card / Driver's License.

3. Document format should be in PDF format only.

How to register on the e-dakhil consumer portal?

1. Go to official Website:-  & click on Enter website.

2. New screen of E-daakhil Application Home page will appear

3. Now move your cursor to the Complainant/Advocate Section.

4. Click on the Registration

5. Fill up all the required details and click on submit

6. After submitting, OTP will receive on your registered mobile number

7. Now enter the Register mail id and OTP in the appropriate section and click on “Continue”

8. After successfully submission and confirmation mail will be received to activate the account

9. Click on the “Activate Account” in the mail.

Your account has been successfully registered.

How to register a New consumer complaint?

1. Go to the official website: - and click on Enter website.

2. Now "Sign in" and click on the 'File a New Complaint' tab, read the disclaimer, and continue.

3. Now enter the claim value in statistics/figures.

4. On the current page, enter the details under the headings mentioned. Fill in the details of the opposing party, including the address details and telephone number, and fill in the details of the attorney, in case you have been involved in one of your consumer complaints.

5. Fill in the summary of the case; this should be a brief summary of all your complaint and relevant facts in brief.

6. You can also file additional complaints if there are multiple complaints. Select the add button to continue filling out the relevant information required on this page for each additional claimant.

7. Clicking on the ‘Save Drafts and Next tab’ located in the middle of the page can lead you to the document loading tab. Here, upload all of the above-mentioned documents, next to the appropriate box.

8. You can add other supporting documents as proof, by clicking on the ‘add document’ button.

9. In this final application phase, you can preview the entire application before submission. This can be done by clicking on the 'Preview' tab, which would open the merged documents in a single file. If the case can be accepted by numerous commissions, here, you will see the display of options. You must select anyone, as your choice of authority.

10. Tick all the boxes that confirm that the relevant documents and details are included, then click on ‘complete’. This will generate OTP which, you use, and draw an acknowledgment.

How to file a new Filing?

Filling the New Case:

1. Click the File a new complaint (By Complainant / Attorney)

2. This opens the list of submenus, click on the File a New Case submenu

Filing case: Pre-Details and Case Details

● The Preliminary Information tab indicates the case reference number, the amount of the claim and the level of the forum in which the case will be sent along with the location of the Action of State and the District affecting the location of the incident.

Case Details tab: There are three sections on this page; Details of the Complainant, Details of the Respondent, and details of the Complainant's attorney. Fill in the required details

● Switch to the Additional Appeals tab. Fill in the details of the Additional Appeal, if any.

● Mark the checkbox with the complainant details and the plaintiff's attorney section to enable the fields.

● Fill in the information in the fields and click the add button.

● To change, click the edit button provided separately and then click the update button.

Click Save Draft and then click Next Tab.

● Fill in the details of the Additional Opposition Party, if any.

● Mark the checkbox with the complainant details and the plaintiff's attorney section to enable the fields.

● Fill in the required fields and click the add button.

● To change, click the edit button provided separately and then click the update button.

Click Save Draft and then click Next Tab.

● In the case of CC, a total of 4 documents are required to be upload.

● Click the Select button, select the file to upload and then click the upload button.

● To upload more documents, click the add document.

● Read the information provided in the Information Panel.

● Click the “Save Draft and then click Next” button

After completing all the details, the final step is to complete the case.

● Click the preview button under the completion steps to get a compiled document of what you uploaded.

● On the side, the right panel will inform you which forum the case is being filed with

● Check the checkboxes and make sure the details are provided correctly and that the required documents have been uploaded.

● Click the Finish button to finally submit the case to the forum.

● Once completed, it cannot be edited.

The user will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number

● Enter OTP received via mobile number

● If OTP is not accepted by the user, click the Re-send OTP button to get OTP.

● Case Finalized Acknowledgement will be displayed to the user.

● The case will now be listed under a pending authorization category or a pending payment category


You can choose either of two payment methods

1. Payment online

2. Offline payment

Payment Pending Cases

To know whether a case is still pending payment,

Click on the pending payment menu under Filing (By Complainant / Advocate)

This page shows the pending charges to be paid.

Click the Continue Pay button to pay.

1. The following screen shows the details of the Case Filing Payment details.

2. Payment Mode can be selected as offline or offline.

● Online mode: Debit/credit card online payment, Internet Banking, IMPS, UPI, or Aadhaar based payments on the left panel

● Offline mode: Pay offline via Bank DD / IPO, NEFT / RTGS, or challan

Click the Payments button to pay offline payments as shown on the right panel

Offline Payment:

Basic case details and amount will be displayed to the user

1. Type Payment Date, Bank Name, Ref. No to text fields.

2. Click on the select button to select a copy of the appropriate frame or payment order and click on the Upload button

4. By clicking the "Submit Payment" button, the user will receive a confirmation message about successful payment.

The case will now appear under the "Pending Approval  Cases" tab

Online payment:

For online payments via Debit / Credit card, Internet Banking, IMPS, UPI or Adhaar supported payments please refer to the left panel

Click the "Pay Online" button to pay online

Click the Submit Payment button to continue the online payment process

You will now be redirected to the Payment Gateway page.

1. On the next page, the Online Payment screen will show the details of the case

● Name and depositor’s address

● Purpose and details of Payment

● At the bottom of the page, you will see a confirmation button. Click on it to continue.

● Select the payment link from the available options.

● Click the button to select the payment method

● In this case, the Debit Card selected channel will display various networks to choose from.

● Type the Captcha code and tick the check box to accept the terms and conditions

● Click on the Pay Button

● On the next screen enter the card details such as the card number, cardholder name, CVV number on the back of your card and select an expiration date from the drop-down list

● Click on the Pay Now button. You will receive an OTP

● Install OTP

● Click the Send button to complete the payment

● You will be shown the full payment details on the next page.

● When you click the Print Receipt button, the receipt will be downloaded

● You can also get a receipt under the payment receipt section

Once the payment is successful, it will be added to the list of cases under the Pending Approved Cases section until the commission is approved

1. If in case, the payment has failed, then it will count under Failed Transaction title.

2. To check transaction failure status, click the Check Failed Transaction under the Filing menu

• You can start the payment process again by selecting the case in the Pending Conditions Payment section

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