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Mobile Insurance

Mobile insurance
Mobile insurance is just as important as having a cell phone these days as a mobile phone or smartphone is already an important part of our lives today. It is possible to rely on it for a variety of purposes, including business contacts. 

In such a case, the loss or damage to the smartphone can lead to serious problems. Therefore, to obtain financial support in the event of a theft or accidental damage to a telephone, we may choose.

What Is Mobile Insurance?

When a cell phone is lost or damaged, data is likely to be lost or stolen, causing problems of varying degrees, including financial damage. Today, people spend a lot of money buying smartphones and any problem with them can create a hole in their pocket. 

To overcome such obstacles, companies now offer mobile insurance in India. These policies provide coverage for theft or accidental damage to all types of phones, including smartphones.

The Need for Mobile Insurance

Mobile insurance is not compulsory; however, getting one with your mobile or smartphone will go a long way in saving you the financial loss associated with the theft or damage. Let's understand the need for mobile insurance and how coverage can help you deal with a variety of situations.

1.Theft protection: It is difficult to find a phone if it has been stolen. And with a stolen phone, you lose all your data. Financial losses are another factor associated with theft. Therefore, it makes sense to get mobile insurance to deal with such situations, because it covers the cost of a new phone.

2.Crack protection: Cell phones are quite expensive today and repairing any type of breach can be costly. Getting mobile insurance can be a good decision, considering the fact that you offer a cover for cracking.

3.Water or liquid damage cover: Any accidental damage to the device due to water or other liquid is covered under cellular insurance. The cell phone can also be damaged by moisture or humidity and this is usually covered by insurance.

4.Includes high repair costs: Any damage to expensive phones such as those from Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, etc. To avoid paying a large amount for a phone repair, it is best to get mobile insurance.

5.Loss protection of the phone: In the event that the mobile phone is lost, you will not receive compensation under warranty. However, you get compensation up to the amount of mobile insurance coverage if you lose your phone.


Mobile insurance offers coverage for a variety of cell phone injuries. Let's take a look at the coverage below:

• In the event of a theft or robbery of a smartphone

• Replace or repair a lost or damaged phone within 48 hours of reporting an incident

• Protection from accidental injury

• Consolidation of cell fluid damage

• Snapshot and drag on the door of the mobile phone for repair

• Free coverage process

• Technological malfunctions such as ear jacks problems, charging ports and touch screens are also covered by other companies

• Other insurance companies also offer a No Claim Bonus to the policyholder during the policy renewal if no claims have been reported in the previous policy period.

Not covered things

Certain issues are not covered under mobile insurance. These are subject to exclusion. These exemptions often vary from one insurance company to another. Let's review some:

• The shocking loss of a cell phone that cannot be convincingly defined by the policyholder under insurance

• Any intentional attempt to damage the phone or malicious intent, resulting in loss or damage to the cell phone is also excluded

• Any damage to the mobile phone due to climate change

• If the cell phone is overloaded or tested under unusual circumstances, leading to injury

• Any inefficiencies or disabilities that existed prior to the implementation of the policy

Mobile Insurance Claims Procedure

Below are some of the steps that a mobile home insurance policymaker or insurance company should provide in the event of a claim. However, the process may vary from one company to another. The steps are:

• The person should immediately report any loss or damage to the mobile phone to the insurance company that provides this availability to the toll-free number or other proposed customer support channels mentioned by the company.

• Customers must also submit the Claim Form as requested by the insurance company. This can be done online or by visiting a nearby branch office of the insurance company

• In the event of a theft or robbery, the customer must lodge a VEHICLE at the nearest police station or lodge a complaint and receive a copy of it. In the event of loss or damage to a cell phone due to a domestic fire, a report from the fire station is also required for other insurance companies

• Some insurance companies may require that damaged cell phone images be sent to a claimant

• Depending on the policy document issued by the insurer to a person through his or her mobile phone insurance policy and the insurer's internal investigation process, claims will be resolved by any means ie installing or repairing a certified mobile phone

• Some private insurance companies pay off debts by paying directly to third-party mobile repair agencies accredited by the insurance company.

• Some insurance companies only allow each claim for a policy while others offer more than one claim in the policy year. However, one should always check the terms of the mobile insurance policy he or she has purchased

• The policyholders can contact the insurance company's representatives during the process of seeking any support by visiting the branch office or by contacting them through the online channels provided by the insurance company.

Documents Required

The customer needs to submit the required documents to the insurance company in order to begin the process of applying for mobile phone insurance.

Some of these documents may include the actual phone invoice, as well as the serial phone number and insurance number. In case the phone is lost, you need to install the MOTO and send a copy of it when you file a claim.


Some of the mobile insurance benefits offered by national and private insurance companies in India are:

• Helps mobile phone owners to protect themselves from high repair costs in the event of damage to the device due to adverse conditions, such as crashes and collisions.

• A person can be relieved if the cell phone is damaged due to spillage of any liquids such as water, tea/coffee, or cold drinks, etc.

• Policy owners can enjoy the highest quality customer services

• A simple and cost-effective claim that saves time and energy

• Parts such as touch screens, charging point, faulty ear jack phones, and any damage to the device's internal and external components are also covered

• Various passenger options or additional benefits such as transport insurance, international coverage, etc. They help to improve insurance coverage.

Extended Warranty vs Mobile Insurance

Extended Warranty

Mobile Insurance

Theft and burglary is not covered

Theft and Burglary is covered

Liquid and accidental damage is not covered

Liquid and accidental damage is covered

It is provided by the manufacturer of the phone

It can be purchased through an insurance company

Included in purchase price of the mobile phone

It acts as an additional cover availed by customers from different insurance companies

Manufacturing defects and hardware  malfunctions are covered

Damage from unforeseen incidents are covered

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