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Everyone wants to meet or contact the Prime Minister of India for various reasons. And so, to fulfil the aspiration of the people and to generate direct contact with the public, the Prime Minister's Office has started several online and offline services. 

On 26 May, 2014, Narendra Modi took oath as Prime Minister of India. He is one of the most popular Prime Ministers of the country who was elected by the people of India with a vast majority of votes.  

He became the first-ever Prime Minister to be born after India attained Independence. No doubt, he has been able to leave a mark in the hearts of people in India and abroad in his tenure and elected again as a Prime Minister of India.

Due to his increasing popularity among masses, today, every citizen of India wants to contact him. Till the recent past, it was not at all easy to contact any Prime Minister directly; however, Mr. Narendra Modi has simplified it by the use of the latest technologies. 

Therefore, the PMO has started many online and offline portals to directly contact the Prime Minister for complaints, suggestions and grievance redressal. Since the public at large is not aware of any such means to contact the Prime Minister,  we are elaborating different ways that are available to contact PMO.

4 various ways to contact PM Narendra Modi and Prime Minister workplace (PMO)

1. You'll contact Mr Narendra Modi through written correspondence or through online on the PMO website

If you wish to convey one thing to the Honourable Prime Minister of Bharat, the subsequent ways will be used:-

(a) you'll contact the PM over the official website of PMO at the net address computer’ble-pm. The portal has been specially devised by the employees of the PMO for the utilization of the general public to act with the PM. you'll register yourself at the link given on top of to log in to act with the PM.

(b) you'll file RTI to grasp the solution to your queries:-

Under Right to info Act 2005, you'll get answers to your queries by filling a type online or offline alongside a fee of Rs.10 in money or a requirement draft in favour of the ‘Section officer, PMO’. For a lot of info, you'll visit the PMO Bharat, RTI page.

(c) you'll be able to write a letter to PMO:-

You can write on the below-mentioned address to contact PMO through the post.

 Address: - South Block, New Delhi-110011.

 Phone number: - 011-23014547

(d) Different way to contact PMO is that the portal

First, you have to register yourself on the page then you'll be able to elaborate upon your grievance or contact PMO.  For this, the webpage that you simply ought to visit is:-


2. You'll contact Prime Minister through the NaMo app or PMO app:-

To ease the approach of the human to contact PMO, Apps are developed fitted to Windows, iOs, and robot systems. By downloading these 2 Apps you'll be able to get news and updates concerning the works of the Modi Government. you'll be able to additionally scan blogs of Shri Narendra Modi through these Apps.

3. You'll be able to contact PMO through Fax:-

You can counsel or convey your drawback to PMO by causation fax at +91-11-23019545, 23016857. If your fax is found relevant and vital, then your question is answered by fax or by another medium.

4. You'll be able to contact PMO through social media or email:-

(a) Through email

On the DIGILOCKER website and on the PM page, the knowledge has been provided concerning the e-mail facility to PMO. You'll be able to write emails at which is able to reach the Prime Minister.

(b) Through Youtube Channel

On the Youtube channel of PMO, you have got to click the choice, ‘SEND MESSAGE’. By this suggestion, your question can reach the PM.

(c) Through Twitter

On Twitter, you'll be able to contact Shri Narendra Modi by visiting (http:/ You'll be able to write messages or tweet your opinions and suggestions by writing or tweeting @pmoindia.

(d) Through Facebook

You can write comments containing queries at

(e) Through alternative websites

At Instagram Narendra Modi:

At Linkedin Narendra Modi: https: //

Download Narendra Modi robot App:

Narendra Modi Tumbler account:

Narendra Modi Stumbleupon account:

Narendra Modi flicker account:

Writing format (online)


Complainant category (*male, female, transgender, others)



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Phone number (landline)

Mobile number

Email id

Category (public grievance, suggestion/feedback, etc.)

Grievance description

Upload any corresponding files (pdf)

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Any grievances are often sent to Hon’ble Prime Minister / PMO victimization the interactive page link “Write to the Prime Minister” out there on the PMO’s web site : -> move with Hon’ble Prime Minister(from change posture menu) ->Write to the Prime Minister. This link is additionally out there on the house page of the PMO’s web site []On clicking the aforesaid link, the subject is target-hunting to CPGRAMS page wherever the grievance is registered and once due registration, a singular identification number is generated. The subject conjointly has Associate in Nursing choice of uploading relevant documents associated with the grievance.

Citizens may also send their grievance to the Hon’ble Prime Minister / PMO through alternative suggests that viz.(i) by post – to Prime Minister workplace, South Block, New Delhi, Pin – 110011,

(ii) by hand – at PMO Butea frondosa Counter at South Block, New Delhi; and
(iii) by Fax – at FAX No. 011-23016857.

Citizens will share their ideas, insights or thoughts with the Hon’ble Prime Minister / PMO by victimization the link “Share your ideas, insights and thoughts” out there on the house page of the PMO’s web site : -> move with Hon’ble Prime Minister(from change posture menu) -> Share your ideas, insights and thoughts.

The Prime Minister’s workplace receives an oversized variety of public grievances with reference to issues that be the compass of varied Ministries/ Departments or the State/ UT Governments. The grievances are processed publicly Wing of PMO as per tips for process of letters publically Wing of PMO by a frenzied Team that, whereas process an equivalent, consults senior officials/authorities, as well as PM, relying upon the character and contents of the communication. As such, unjust petitions ar forwarded to the involved authorities (Ministries/ Departments/ State Governments) for action as acceptable through PMO Public Grievance Redress And observance System (CPGRAMS) with the request that Reply is shipped to the Petitioner and a replica of an equivalent could also be uploaded on the portal. Petitions that ar found to be non-actionable as per the aforesaid tips ar filed/ unbroken on record.Petitions received in physical mode (by post/ by hand/ by FAX) that ar found to be unjust ar forwarded to the involved authorities on-line through CPGRAMS and conjointly through a forwarding letter. a singular grievance identification number is generated that is mentioned on the forwarding letter/ acknowledgement. Acknowledgement is shipped to the petitioner by post. Further, petitioners UN agency give their e-mail ID/ mobile variety receive acknowledgement by sms/ e-mail conjointly.

All unjust petitions area unit forwarded to the involved authorities (Ministries/ Departments/ State Governments) for action as acceptable through CPGRAMS. Department of body Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), the executive department for CPGRAMS has prescribed pointers with reference to disposal of Public grievances. a similar area unit offered publically domain and may be viewed on the web site of Department of body Reforms and Public Grievances.

All unjust petitions area unit forwarded to the involved authorities (Ministries/ Departments/ State Governments) for action as acceptable. Redressal of grievance is underneath their horizon. a similar is reviewed by the involved authorities. Further, Department of body Reforms and Public Grievances sporadically reviews the disposal of petitions lodged in CPGRAMS with the involved organizations.

The names, designations and phone numbers of the officers of PMO square measure out there at the web site of the PMO : -> List of officers (from change posture menu)

The details of remuneration being paid to officers and workers within the PMO square measure out there on the web site of the PMO as a part of the Proactive revelation beneath Section 4(1)(b) of the RTI Act, 2005 : -> Right to info (from change posture menu) -> Proactive revelation beneath Section 4(1)(b) of the RTI Act, 2005.

Applicants will apply for grant of economic help from the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF) for medical treatment / surgery in any Government Hospital / PMNRF empanelled non-public hospitals through a straightforward application self-addressed to the Prime Minister together with medical certificate / estimate from the involved hospital and proof of family financial gain. info thoroughly concerning steerage for seeking money help from the PMNRF is accessible at Prime Minister’s workplace website: World Wide moreover as

Prime Minister has created variety of announcements / packages at totally different occasions. These announcements / packages square measure a part of the PM’s speeches and therefore the same square measure offered on the PMO web site (link:

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