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RERA Complaint in Delhi

The Department of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation on March 26, 2016 introduced a new notice for the provisions of the Regulation and Development Act 2016 (RERA) in Delhi. It says consumer interest is now protected, as one can easily lodge a complaint in RERA Delhi. With the acquisition of RERA Registration, RERA Delhi ensures greater accuracy, clarity and accountability in Real Estate Sales used in existing and new projects. Therefore, this article will help you understand the complete appeal process in Rera Delhi.

Who are the appeal authorities in RERA Delhi?

A complaint to RERA Delhi can be lodged with three authorities depending on the nature of the complaint. The three authorities are as follows:

RERA Officer

A buyer, agent or builder who has a complaint may lodge a complaint with the Delhi RERA Authority in the event of a breach of the RERA and RERA Act. Such a complaint is lodged in the application form for FOMM M to the official.

Judicial Officer of RERA

The aggrieved buyer, agent or builder may lodge a complaint with Form N with the RERA Adjuding officer where a matter of loss or damage is due to false or inaccurate information in the prospectus, any damage or loss due to any service delivery or structural defects or any losses due to delays in project completion.

RERA Court

Anyone can approach the Delhi State RERA Tribunal by filing an appeal with Form L, who has a dispute with the decision of the Delhi RERA Authority and the RERA Judicial Authority.

What is the appeal process in RERA Delhi?

Step 1: To file a complaint to RERA Delhi, the victim must visit the official website and click on the "File Complaint" link under the "Complaint" tab. The login ID is required to be set by user type as “Complaint”. The complainant then needs to fill in all the details and click on the "Create User" button. A confirmation email with the link will be sent to the email ID as provided by the user. Click on the link to verify and activate the user account.

Step 2: The next step involving the appeal process at RERA Delhi is that the complainant needs to log in to the web portal by typing in the username and password set in the first step and complete all the required information by going to the "My Profile" section. Many complaints can be files with the same profile.

Step 3: The complainant is required to choose the type of complaint he or she wants to submit to the authority. Claimant specifics must be completed automatically based on the information provided in the "My Profile" section

Step 4: In addition, all the required information must be completed on the selected form. Tool tools in each field are provided with user assistance in the form.

Step 5: The complainant then needs to make an online registration fee to lodge a complaint in RERA Delhi, which stands for Rs. 1000 per complaint. Payment can be made by credit card, bank card or net banking.

Step 6: The complainant must then upload the relevant documents related to the complaint. Vakalatnama [1] The existing format needs to be loaded if the complaint is represented by a Legal Officer. The same will be downloaded from the official website documents tab.

Step 7: The final step involved is to file a complaint with RERA Delhi to file a complaint by clicking the "Submit" button and the appeal number will be made, which the complainant must write down for future use.

What important details need to be mentioned to lodge a complaint in Rera Delhi?

An appeal to RERA Delhi, must be made in the prescribed form of Form M, Form N or Form L. And if it is lodged with the RERA Tribunal, then the appeal must be lodged in the form of an Appeal by any order issued by the RERA Authority and the RERA Adjudicating Officer. When writing a RERA complaint, the following information should be included: -

  • Buyer's name, address and other details.

  • Relevant project address.

  • Property registration number.

  • Statements and facts relating to property delays.

  • Feedback provided by project developer.

  • Assistance requested from the RERA Authority.

Appeal and the prescribed fee for various forms in terms of Delhi Rules RERA is lodged in RERA Delhi. The period for dismissing an appeal or referral within 60 days from the date on which the application was received by the RERA Authority. If the application is not rejected within the stipulated time, the authority must record the reasons for not rejecting the application within that time.

Reasons for filing a complaint with RERA Delhi

A complaint may be lodged with the Delhi RERA Authority by the buyer for any breach or breach of the terms of the RERA Act by the promoter, builder, real estate agent or builder. The reasons why a consumer can lodge a complaint with RERA Delhi are: -

  • False Ad.

  • Property Delay.

  • Project registered incorrectly.

  • When prepayment is made by the buyer.

  • Structural errors.

  • Project details incorrect.

  • Errors in the transfer of ownership.

Official Website

To know more about RERA Complaint in Delhi click the link given below:-


The RERA Authority verifies the registration of Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Projects. An important function of the RERA Authority is to address complaints made by buyers, builders and agents and to address the misconduct and irregularities in the Property Sector. Therefore, the provisions of the RERA Act must be followed and properly followed to lodge a complaint with RERA Delhi.

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