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RERA Complaint in Karnataka
What is the RERA Act?

The Real Estate Regulation and Development (RERA) Act was enacted into law to transform the real estate sector and to bring transparency, accountability and to make the sector more citizen-centered.

The Act had 92 sections and came into operation in 14 provinces including Karnataka in 2017.

Both residential and commercial projects are covered by RERA. As of May last year, 2800 projects were registered with the RERA office but only 1259 of those were approved.

Important Provision To RERA

  • Property sales should be based on the carper area and not on the built-in area

  • Builders should deposit 70% of the payment received from local buyers into a separate construction account

  • Developers should disclose project details and update them regularly on their website

  • Preliminary project plans and any changes made should be submitted to RERA

  • In the event of any delay, the engineer and the buyer must pay 2% interest on the SBI's separate earning rate (MCLR)

  • Violation of RERA law could result in imprisonment for up to 1 year for agents and buyers and 3 years for developers

  • Work or structural defects from the first five years must be repaired within 30 days.

  • No more than 10% of project costs can be claimed by developers as payment in advance before signing a registered sales agreement

  • Buyers can contact the developer in writing within 1 year of inheriting to identify project deficiencies.

How Can Home Buyers Benefit From RERA?

RERA was intended to make the procurement process easier and more appealing to consumers. The law has provided many homeowners with many benefits, including:

  • Homeowners will be able to monitor the progress of construction on a developer's website

  • Buyers will no longer be charged for the heavily constructed property. This includes elevators, stairs, and reception areas.

  • Projects may reduce delays as 70% of consumer payments can only be used for construction purposes

  • The developer suffers from structural defects in up to 5 years

  • In the case of a delay in the supply of land, the developer will have to pay interest of more than 2% interest on SBI's MCLR to the buyer

  • All disputes with customers must be resolved within 120 days

Filing A Complaint In Karnataka RERA

  • Installation fee - INR 1,000

  • To lodge a complaint with the Appellate Tribunal will be INR 5,000

  • Any person facing any violation under RERA rules may lodge a complaint

  • Form 'N' needs to be filed and 1,000 INRs paid in the form of a required framework.

  • Website -

How to file a complaint in Karnataka  RERA Via Online

Here is a guide to filing a RERA online complaint in Karnataka:

  1. Visit the RERA Complaints Registration Website in Karnataka -

  2. Fill out the form with your details such as name, contact number, email, etc.

  3. Provide details of the respondent

  4. Fill in the facts you want to disclose and upload documents that could be proof of your complaint.

  5. Pay INR 1,000 as payment. Enter Challan as proof of payment.

  6. Click the announcement and submit your complaint

  7. Once you submit, you will receive a confirmation number. Save this number for future reference.

Documents Required to File a Karnataka RERA Complaint

  • Allotment letter

  • Cheque details

  • Receipts received against payment

  • Building agreement

  • Building layout or other means of contact with the builder

User Manual

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Official Website

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