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You can stop your objection online with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and thusly see its status. Clients can enrol their grievances by topping off this online structure, send update for their grumblings and view status of their objection.

How to lodge complaint

The client can login and continue to stop a grumbling by tapping on the 'Register Complaint' tab. The client must pick the class of grievance. After this, the client needs to enter subtleties identifying with the complainant and the grumbling, for example, contact subtleties, PAN, Aadhaar, CKYC ID and bank subtleties. Alongside the fi les to help, the grumbling in up to 1,000 characters can be transferred. When enrolled, a grievance enlistment number is produced and passed on to the client.

How to track complaint

When the protest is enlisted on Scores, a hint is given to the substance against whom the grievance is made. A reaction should be recorded by the substance inside the specified time-frame. SEBI intently screens the agreeable conclusion of the grievance. One can follow status of the objection utilizing the grumbling following instrument accessible on the application.

Different kinds of grievances handled by SEBI

  • Complaints against SEBI entities

  1. Stock representative 

  2. Stock trade 

  3. Debenture trustees 

  4. Stock house 

  5. Stock house members 

  6. Common assets 

  7. Register to an issue/share move operator 

  8. Financier to an issue 

  9. Shipper brokers 

  10. Portfolio administrators 

  11. Aggregate venture plans 

  12. Caretaker of protections 

  13. KRA enlistment office 

  14. FICO assessment office 

  15. Venture advisers


1. What is SCORES? 

SCORES is an online stage intended to assist financial specialists with housing their protests, relating to protections market, online with SEBI against recorded organizations and SEBI enlisted delegates. All protests got by SEBI against recorded organizations and SEBI enlisted delegates are managed through SCORES. 

2. Which are the protests that gone under the domain of SEBI? 

Protests emerging out of issues that are secured under SEBI Act, Protections Contract Regulation Act, Depositories Act and administers and guideline made there under and pertinent arrangements of Companies Act, 2013.

3. Which are the issues that can't be considered as protests?

a. Grumbling not relating to interest in protections market 

b. Mysterious Complaints (aside from informant grievances) 

c. Deficient or un-explicit grievances 

d. Claims without supporting archives 

e. Recommendations or looking for direction/clarification 

f. Not happy with exchanging cost of the portions of the organizations 

g. Non-posting of portions of private offer 

h. Questions emerging out of private concurrence with organizations/go-betweens 

I. Matter including counterfeit/manufactured reports 

j. Objections on issues not in SEBI domain 

k. Objections about any unregistered/un-controlled movement 

4. What obligatory data is needed for housing speculator's grievance on SCORES? 

For housing a protest on SCORES, the accompanying individual data must be obligatorily given by speculators/complainants: 

a. Name 

b. Address 

c. Email Address 

d. Dish and 

e. Portable Number

5. How to append a report alongside my Complaint? 

On the off chance that any supporting report is needed to be joined along with the objection, you can transfer that archive (just PDF) at the hour of housing the objection. 

6. for what reason can I not transfer the reports in Word or Excel? I try not to have a PDF converter. 

Word and Excel reports are editable and consequently their respectability can't be kept up. In the event that you don't have a PDF convertor you may download one promptly from the net. 

7. On the off chance that I need to join a report of more than 2MB, what would it be a good idea for me to do? 

You can join a report document size up to 2MB for every nature of grumbling and every grievance can have up to a most extreme of 5 qualities. On the off chance that the report size surpasses 2MB, at that point the report quality (dpi) might be diminished to recoil the report size to 2MB and transfer just the important reports. On the off chance that you have more than 1MB to be stacked for every nature, at that point that can be sent by post to any of our SEBI workplaces.

8. What do I do in the event that I am not ready to enlist a protest on the web? 

The site of SCORES is best seen in programs Internet explorer 7.0 or more or Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or more. On the off chance that you are as yet incapable to stop the grievance, you can check your web settings. If it's not too much trouble look for help from our Toll free Investor Helpline 1800 266 7575or1800 22 7575or you may send the protest genuinely by post to any of the Office of SEBI. 

9. How would I check the status of my Complaint? 

Stage 1: Provide the objection enlistment number which was designated at the hour of enlistment of your grievance. 

Stage 2: Please enter your secret word. 

a) In the event of web grumbling, your email address is your secret word. 

b) In the event of physical grumblings shipped off SEBI, enter the secret word which was conveyed by SEBI in the affirmation letter shipped off you. 
On confirming the rightness of enlistment number, secret phrase also, security code, the current status of your protest is shown.

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