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Travel Insurance
Travel insurance
Travel insurance provides for the costs and damages associated with travel in India and other countries. It covers financial losses due to many unforeseen events such as theft, death, medical emergencies, loss of luggage, flight delays, etc. What one often ignores when planning a vacation or a trip.

Types of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can be categorized under various categories. You can choose it according to your need and need. The following are the types of travel insurance you can purchase while traveling:

Student Travel Insurance: Student Travel Insurance Program provides medical and financial assistance to students who travel abroad through their education. The program will cover medical or financial emergencies facing students in the new country during their stay. It can be obtained by a student who is already pursuing education abroad or by a student who is planning to go overseas to study.

Home Travel Insurance: If you travel anywhere in India, you can get home travel insurance. Under this program, a person receives medical and emergency medical assistance, loss of luggage, delays and cancellations of travel, etc.

Family Travel Insurance: Family travel insurance can be purchased from all family members directly of the policyholder. This policy covers accident costs, hospital fees and loss of property.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: It is a complete strategy for people aged 61-70 to make their trip fun. Provides medical services, health facilities and pre-existing conditions.

Insurance Travel Group: If you are in a group of 20 or more people, you can purchase a group travel insurance plan. It includes cancellation of travel, loss of luggage or injury, medical evacuation and delayed travel.

International Travel Insurance: This type of travel insurance is taken while traveling outside India. This is divided into different types of regions and different countries. For example, travel insurance in the Middle East would be different from that required to travel to the US. The 2 most common types of international travel insurance are:

Schengen Travel Insurance: It is compulsory to purchase Schengen travel insurance if you travel to 26 countries under Schengen countries such as Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Poland, Germany, etc. The policy covers medical emergencies, 24/7 assistance, cover or accident cover, death and disability cover, repatriation, etc.

Asia Travel Insurance: If you are traveling to Asian countries, you can choose Asian travel insurance. Under this policy, your medical and other unforeseen expenses will be paid.

Covered things under Travel Insurance

Insurance coverage varies for different providers. The following are the most common inclusion under a travel insurance policy:

• Loss of personal property and documents

• Loss of passport

• Emergency medical expenses

• Restoration of human remains

• Hospital bills

• Accidental death or permanent disability

• Fundraising grant

• Relative visits of relatives

• Personal liabilities, in the event of an injury or third party injury

• Delayed travel and missed flight connections

Not covered things under Travel Insurance

Travel insurance does not cover all the conditions and conditions you may face while traveling. The insurer will not be liable to pay if the claim is raised due to the following conditions:

• Existing health conditions

• Radiation damage

• Deadly sports injuries

• Self-harm caused by you

• Transport by unlicensed passenger transport system

• The cost of surgery unless it is due to an accident

• Loss of luggage, if not reported within 24 hours of the incident

• Minor loss of inspected luggage

• Health emergencies regarding pregnancy such as abortion or abortion

• Claims for war broke out

• A medical emergency caused by alcohol consumption

• Seeking treatment without allopathy

Travel Insurance Services

• One must purchase travel insurance before traveling abroad or into India regardless of travel intent

• Make sure you read the guidelines, terms, and conditions carefully so that you know the coverage is right for you

• When traveling, if something happens, you will need to file a complaint

• Provide the necessary documents to the insurance company to process the claim. The process is different for different types of claims

• A person can pay the required costs if paid under insurance. Later, the amount will be reimbursed by the insurance company

Eligibility criteria

Tourism insurance has a variety of strategies under its umbrella, so eligibility criteria and age limits will also vary from policy to policy. Let's understand this.

1. Family travel insurance scheme: It includes two adults over the age of 60 and their two children under the age of 21.

2. Student Tourism Insurance Scheme: Students between the ages of 16 and 40 can purchase the program while studying abroad for higher education.

3. Senior Citizens Tourism Insurance Scheme: This is for older persons up to 85 years of age.

4. Schengen Travel Insurance Scheme: To qualify for Schengen travel insurance, adults must be 70 years of age and children must be over 90 days old.

5. International Tourism Insurance: Provides cover for two adults who must be 60 years old and two children up to the age of 21.

Procedure to claim Travel Insurance

• If there is an emergency during your trip, notify the insurance company by phone or email.

• To contact them, use the insurance company information as a toll-free number or email address specified in the policy document

• The Claims Service Advocate will help you to register the claim, understand the claim process and the supporting documentation required for that claim.

• Download the relevant claim form

• Submit a duly completed application form and supporting documentation

• The documents will be inspected by an inspector appointed by the insurance company

• After testing, the company will decide whether to accept or reject the policy

Documents Required for Processing Claims

Different situations will require different sets of texts. Some of the most important documents that need to be sent to an insurance company to process applications are:

• Original ticket or boarding pass

• A copy of the passport showing the dates of departure

• Claim form

• Initial debts, receipts, and vouchers

• Medical claims - doctor's consultation notes, initial admission/issuance card, debt with written instructions

• Emergency departure certificate and a new copy of passport (in case of passport loss)

• Aircraft details of compensation provided by aircraft, if any (in the event of a loss of property)

• A letter from the policyholder stating the reason for the suspension

• Copy of the canceled check

Note: This is not a complete list and the insurance company may request additional documents.

Time Taken to Resolve Claims

Upon delivery and receipt of the required documents, it will take approximately 15 working days for the full payment to be made.

List of companies that provides Travel Insurance in India

Some of the insurance companies that offer travel insurance in India are as follows:

• Cholamandalam

• Bharti AXA

• SBI General

• Future General

• Apollo Munich

• HDFC Ergo

• IFFCO Tokyo

• Bajaj Allianz

Important features

All travel insurance plans do not cover all aspects of travel risk. Uncovering features can be frustrating. Below are some of the things a person should know about travel insurance:

• A claim can be denied if you change your trip because of your problems.

• If you have an existing health condition, you will not have insurance for that condition.

• You must provide real proof of your claim. If it is known that your illness was caused by you in any way, your claim will not be accepted.

Benefits of Buying Tourism Insurance

Medical expenses: If you travel abroad or within India, hospital costs are the last thing we want to spend. Travel insurance covers the risk of unnecessary expenses for cases such as injury, surgery, and emergency evacuation. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get a 24/7 care service that will cover your travel expenses to the nearest medical facility.

Cargo misuse: It is common for goods to be seized in the wrong place, stolen, or mismanaged by flights or departures. In that case, if you do not buy travel insurance, you will lose the money spent on luggage, as well as the valuables stored in the bag. With travel insurance, your money will be refunded, or your luggage will be replaced by a new one, as per your policy.

Travel cancellations: Some weather conditions or technical issues may force you to cancel your trip. As frustrating as it may seem, you will lose the money you paid for travel bookings and hotel bookings. But with the help of travel cancellation on travel insurance, you can get your money back.

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