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TV Insurance

TV insurance
Television has become an integral part of our lives today. With the advent of technology, people are looking for clever types of TV, which are also more expensive. However, to overcome any risks and problems associated with such devices, TV insurance is a must.

What is TV Insurance?

LCDs, LEDs and Smart TVs are some of the most popular types of television today. In many respects, these TVs are quite expensive. Any injury or TV exposure can mean huge financial losses. TV insurance protects against incurring losses due to risks associated with a more expensive product such as a television.

Types of TV Insurance

Once the warranty period has expired, TV insurers may consider the risks associated with a television set. There are two types of TV insurance, namely

An individual program that covers only the risks associated with the television set and the horns attached to it

An integrated package that includes expensive products (including TV) and is called Product Insurance

Things Covered under TV Insurance

Includes losses and damage caused by a television set by

Violent attacks such as riots

Burglary and burglary

Deterioration of equipment or electricity

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, hurricanes

Fire, lightning, home gas explosions

Includes third party liabilities that could result in death, physical injury through TV or any other product-related material

Some insurance companies also offer accident insurance for a TV set

Not Covered things

TV insurance covers a wide range of categories and areas; however, the policy does not cover specific conditions, also called discharges / some of these cases are:

Nuclear accidents, terrorist attacks, and wars

Repair, demolition, or construction of the set

Errors exist while purchasing the policy

Debts are not allowed to be covered by insurance at the beginning of the policy

If the TV can be stolen but only the antenna is stolen

Dressing and sadness caused by common atmospheric conditions

How Does TV Insurance Work?

TV insurance is gaining importance because of the rising prices of TV sets. The key steps involved in obtaining this insurance policy and resolving a claim are:

Apply for insurance after buying a set

Provide a hard copy of the purchase receipt, warranty card and full details of the TV set

A copy of the insurance confirms the details and approves the application

In the event of an unforeseen occurrence (for example, theft or cracked screen), the applicant informs the insurance company

A company representative visits the site and confirms the claim

If the claim falls under the policy, the claim is accepted

The claim is paid and the money is sent to the policy owner's bank account

Procedure to claim TV Insurance in India

In the event of an incident, you will need to apply to the insurance company. You must know the correct procedure to avoid any claim rejection. The required steps to follow to process an application are:

The insurer should notify the insurer immediately of any misconduct. They can call the same 24 * 7 customer care number. They can also visit the company office to get closer to the loss

Submit the relevant documents to the branch office of the insurance company

A company representative visits the house to check the condition of the TV

If the damage is covered under the policy, the claim is paid and the money is paid into the beneficiary's bank account.

Required documents for processing claim

In the event of a need to make a claim, the policy officer must submit the following documents for a refund:

Copy of policy

Buy a TV receipt

Completed form

Correct debts after the end of work

Evaluate costs and repair details

Any other document as required by the insurance company.

How long does it take to pay the claim?

An application for TV insurance is paid within 30 days. If an insurance company needs any specifications, it needs to do so within the stipulated time.

List of Companies that provides TV Insurance in India

TV insurance is on the rise today. Some of the companies that offer this insurance in India are:

General trust insurance

United India Insurance



Important features

TV insurance is only paid if it is properly maintained and there is no deliberate negligence from the end of the user. You should keep in mind all the important points before buying TV insurance:

Adjustments should only be made to authorized service centers

Read the warranty policy, terms and conditions

Installing a TV in an area where the chances of accidents are low

Obtaining a transparent policy that provides complete protection, with clearly defined terms and conditions.

Benefits of Buying TV Insurance

TV insurance should take into account the fact that modern life depends heavily on expensive television sets. Some of the key benefits of purchasing this policy are:

The constant worry about any expensive television damage is gone

With the cost of repairs covered, insurers should not invest in buying a new TV

It protects not only the TV but also the airwaves and property damage caused by it within the policy owner's area.

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