Apprenticeship act of 1961

The Apprenticeship Act ,1961, come into power with impact from Ist March, Craftsman Training was proposed to be conferred under the Industrial Conditions on the shop floor. 


The Apprenticeship Act , 1961provides for the guideline and control of preparing for Apprentices in the nation. This Act has been established so as to regularize the program of their viable preparing and to guarantee completely use of the accessible preparing offices. The Apprenticeship Training Scheme has two overlap destinations specifically :- 

Most extreme use of preparing potential to calm joblessness and 

To give more escalated preparing to the Apprentices to carry their degree of expertise to engage indicated guidelines. 


(a) Apprentices mean an individual who is going through Apprenticeship Training in an assigned exchange compatibility of the agreement of Apprenticeship. 

(b)'Apprenticeship Training' signifies a course of preparing in any industry or foundation gone through in compatibility of an agreement of Apprenticeship and under recommended terms and conditions which might be distinctive for various classes of Apprentices. 

(c)'Apprenticeship Advisor' signifies a focal Apprenticeship Advisor designated under sub-segment (1) of Sec. 26 or the State Apprenticeship Advisor delegated sub-segment (2 ) of that part 

(d)'Apprenticeship Council' signifies focal Apprenticeship Council or the state Apprenticeship Council set up under sub-area (1) of Sec 24 

(e)'Designated Trade' signifies any exchange or occupation or any subject filled in Engineering or Technology which the Central Government after conference with Central Apprenticeship Council, may by warning in the official look tee, indicate as an assigned exchange for the reasons for this Act. 

(f)'Employer' signifies any individual who utilizes at least one than people to accomplish any work in a foundation for compensation a d incorporates any individual endowed with the oversight and control of business in such foundation. 

(g) 'Foundation' incorporates any spot where any industry is continued either in private area or in open area. Public area incorporates Government Company, Co-usable Societies and Boards and so forth 

(h)'Industry' signifies any industry or Business where any exchange occupation or subject field Engineering or innovation might be determined as an assigned exchange. 

(I) Every student under-going apprenticeship preparing in an assigned exchange any foundation will be learner and not a labourer. 

(j) Provision of any Law regarding work will not make a difference to or according to such disciple aside from certain arrangements of Law as given under segment 14 and 16 of the Apprentice Act. 

(k) Every Apprentice will be administered by the principles of Establishment in all issues of direct and order 


An individual male or female at the very least 14 years old is equipped for being locked in as Apprentices. The passage instructive capabilities for the Apprentice fluctuate from eighth class or equal matric with science and Ph/Chem/Biology/English as endorsed by CAC. The understudy before commitment ought to likewise fulfill such norms of physical wellness as recommended. 

The enlistment of disciples is the obligation of the businesses .Employers can look for the help of Employment trades, Industrial Training Institutes, Directorate of Technical Education and Industrial Training, Apprenticeship area, Placement segment or promotion through press can be selected in the period of Feb/Mar or Aug/Sept of consistently against the evaluated empty seats. The understudies enlisted during March/September will finish their apprenticeship preparing during both of these two months and this thusly encourages them to show up in the All India Trade Tests of Apprentices held in the long stretches of April and October consistently with no symbol period between the fruition date of preparing and the dates of All India Trade Tests. 

The foundation can select exchange disciples from both of the accompanying classes 

  • Passed out students of Industrial Training Institutes. 

  • Freshers having least instructive capabilities 

NOTE-Preference might be given to Ex-ITI pass and fresher can be locked in just with endorsement of State Apprenticeship Advisor, Punjab , Chandigarh 


While selecting disciple business needs to guarantee that booked ranks/planned clans , minorities , genuinely incapacitated and other more vulnerable areas of the general public get reasonable arrangement and are locked in as endorsed. 


Each individual or on the off chance that he/she is a minor his Guardian will need to execute an agreement of apprenticeship with business in the recommended structure, which must be enlisted with the concerned Apprenticeship Advisor. The Apprenticeship preparing will be bestowed in compatibility of this agreement. The business and the understudies will complete their commitments under this agreement. 

On the off chance that where the agreement of student is fired through disappointment with respect to the business to do the term of agreement and condition ( as advised under apprenticeship rules 6), he will pay to disciple pay as recommended. 

In case of untimely end of agreement of disciple for disappointment with respect to understudy to do the term and state of agreement ( as told under Apprenticeship Rule 1991 ). The guarantee in line with disciples thus underwriter to the business the installment of such sum as dictated by the State Apprenticeship Advisor and towards the expense of preparing. 

The risk of guarantee is restricted to sum equivalent to the multi month allowance last drawn and with enthusiasm at 12% per annum. 


The time of essential preparing is a large portion of the cases is it is possible that one year or two years. Understudies who have gone through institutional preparing of a couple of years in I.T.Is are not needed to under-go fundamental preparing. An opportunity to be spent on related guidelines during this period is 7 hours/week for example one day out of every week. 

Where a business utilizes in his foundation to at least 250 laborers the whole obligation regarding granting fundamental preparing to disciples is simply the duty of the business. 

In the event that a business in his foundation under 250 laborers, he will need to tolerate just 50 % of the expense of the fundamental preparing , the other 50 % is borne by the Government. As respects Related Instructions, it is granted at the expense of Government. Business is re-imbrued related guidance charges at the pace of Rs. 50 for each understudies for every month, when he orchestrates to confer related directions 


The rest of the time of Apprenticeship which in the majority of cases is one year or two years is at work/shop floor preparing and it will be the whole duty of the obligation of the business whether he utilizes under 250 specialists in his foundation. A few managers may combine to frame preparing co-agents for the reasons for giving on the job(practical) Training and related guidelines. 

Related Instructions will be bestowed during this period additionally at the expense of the Government. 

The preparation will be agreeing o the norms recommended by the Government in conference with the Central Apprenticeship Council or as set down in the endorsed schedule. 


The business will give the disciple the preparation in the exchange understanding with the arrangements of the Apprentices Act and the Rules made thereunder and regarding the agreement of Apprenticeship. On the off chance that he isn't himself qualified in the exchange, he will guarantee that an appropriately qualified is set responsible for the preparation of Apprentices. He will take care of the wellbeing, security and government assistance of Apprentices. On the off chance that individual injury is caused to an understudy by a mishap emerging out of in course of his preparation as students, his boss will be obligated to pay remuneration as per the arrangements of the laborers' pay Act. 

A business will pay allowance to each student during the whole time of apprenticeship preparing. The base paces of allowance are as per the following:- 

Year Minimum Rate of Stipend 

First Year 70% of the lowest pay permitted by law of semi-gifted laborers informed by the separate State or Union domain. 

Second Year 80% of the lowest pay permitted by law of semi-gifted laborers informed by the particular State or Union region. 

Third and Fourth Year 90% of the lowest pay permitted by law of semi-talented specialists advised by the individual State or Union domain. 

Manager can pay any higher paces of allowance to draw in better up-and-comers . Disciples will not get any Bonus or motivator cash. Lodging convenience if accessible might be given to the Apprentices however this not mandatory under the Act. 


Each understudy will become familiar with his exchange reliably and perseveringly. He will go to reasonable and related guidance classes consistently and will complete all legitimate requests of his managers and bosses in the foundation. In the matter of direct and order the student will be administered by the principles and guidelines relevant to laborers in the exchange the foundation. He will be a student and not a specialist and will not partake in any strike and so on He will likewise do his commitments under the agreement of Apprenticeship. 

Long stretches OF WORK, LEAVE ETC. 

  • The week after week and every day long periods of work of an apprenticeship will not surpass the accompanying:- 

  • Day by day: Not over 8 hours (incorporates the time spent on related guidelines). 

  • Week after week: Total number of hours of the week will be 42 to 48 (counting the time spent on related directions.) 

  • Exchange disciples during the third and ensuing long periods of apprenticeship will work for the equivalent number

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