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Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM) has been set up in May 2015 by State Government with a hope to empower youth to participate in the money related and all around improvement of HARYANA AND INDIA. The Mission is a lone motivation behind contact inside the Government to plan and control capacity progression plans over the Department. HSDM goes probably as a fused mission which merges the undertakings of various State Departments in achieving the fitness improvement focal point of the State. 

We starting at now have 80+ courses, which covers 15+ different parts open for the youngsters of Haryana in our arrangements like SURYA, SAKSHAM, PMKVY, etc. 

The Mission in like manner has Entrepreneurship contrive which is as of now being realized through HVSU. Outfitted with a gathering of specialists and cutting edge Training associates, each program is executed with the vision of making current data, capacities and therefore getting the business or transforming into a productive business visionary. 

Why aptitude improvement 

The issue of headway of skilled HR is as old as human turn of events. In current events, various sheets of trustees and commissions outlined by the organization of India to study the current plan of preparing gave strong recommendations to introduce proficient guidance after the completion of simple preparing. In any case, these suggestions gained close to no ground. The reasons were defenseless perspective on individuals by and large about expert guidance, inadequate establishment and nonappearance of vertical transportability. Considering the past experiences, the Indian government in 2013 revealed to National Skills Capability Framework (NSQF). The explanation behind existing was to convey gifted HR according to the necessities of close by industry and free work openings. The NSQF gives various courses out, different pathways, vertical convenientce with the game plan of the Decision Based Credit System (CBCS). The current paper tries to research the plans moreover, approaches that are being completed in the State of Haryana under NSQF. The article relies upon the review of the composition, researcher's own comprehension and discussions with pros in the field of guidance. The revelations show that NSQF has been realized in the State of Haryana at school, polytechnic and school level. The paper proposes making care with no attempt at being subtle to change the standpoints for capacity based guidance. Further, it is recommended that expert preparing needs rebranding and the instructive program should be contextualized as shown by the necessities of close by industry. The paper has its recommendations for mechanical affiliations, understudies, watchmen, particular establishments, universities, policymakers, and media work power 

Rundown of plan 


Aptitude building has been seen as an instrument to improve the viability and commitment of prepared work power for the cutting edge industry. Creating gifted specialists upgrades the effectiveness and adaptability of the work market. Independent work and private company likewise assumes an essential function in the economy. To conquer this test, Skill Development and Skill Up-degree should be embraced. For wage/independent work to the adolescent Haryana Skill Development Mission has been comprised which will give businesses consistent expertise preparing to the young people of Haryana. 

Under the arrangement aptitudes will be outfitted by attracting planning providers empanelled with NSDC or through Sector Skill Councils. (MoU has been set apart with NSDC). Once-over of Sector Skill Councils contained by the NSDC. It will have two portions: 

a) Parallel Skilling: Intertwined with formal preparing NSQF changed courses for the understudies obtaining formal acknowledgment/degree level particular guidance will be given along a box of decisions like NCC, NSS, Yoga, Scouts and Guides, Self-defend for Girls, ST. JOHN Ambulance crisis treatment Training, and Soft Skills, etc close by their standard guidance. 

b) Exclusive Skilling: NSQF predictable, non-formal capacity planning of NSQF level 1 to level 4 will be offered to the juvenile from network. Tendency will be given to class dropouts and persecuted. 

For planning existing structure of the foundations open in the State will be used preferably. 

For hands on planning tie-up with near to organizations will be made or Industries who volunteer for such courses of action. 

Any spot basic NSDC empanelled planning providers will be secured. 

Getting ready will be seen at State level by the Mission, at District Level by the District Administration, Principals and Staff of Polytechnics/ITIs, etc. 

Assessment will be by the pariah preferably Sector Skill Councils and joint affirmation by the NSDC/SSC/NCVT/SCVT/HSDM, etc. 

Surya Course Duration 

Level 1 and 2 - 300 hours to be done in least two months (checking 30 hours of sensitive aptitudes) 

Level 3-400 hours to be done in least three months (checking 30 hours of sensitive aptitudes) 

Areas Available in Surya with full detail 

The NSDC arranged and made distinctive work occupations and their National Occupational Standard/ability packs will be promoted. Then again, DGET asserted Modular Courses consolidated with NSQF will be publicized. 

Instructive arrangement for 13 NSQF changed courses to be offered by HSDM in first stage has been set up in the divisions specifically Textile, Automobile, Banking Financial Services and Insurance, Construction Technology, Electrical and Electronics, Healthcare, IT/IT enabled organizations, Manufacturing Processed, Private Security, Retail, Telecommunication, Beauty and Wellness, Physical Education and Sports. 


Getting ready will be given in the Government, Private and PPP mode utilizing structure of establishments arranged in Haryana or through centers set up by the HSDM empaneled planning providers. 


Youth of Haryana in the age social occasion of 14-40 years who are school dropouts, couldn't search after higher examinations in light of any of the reasons, uninformed individuals or are working in non-formal portions as works/workers, more delicate and powerless sections of the overall population, homemakers, in a startling way abled individuals and youth evaluated appropriate guidance will be given mastery getting ready to their better business, better potential for individual and Country's turn of events. 

Plan advantage 

Examination and Certification will be by an outcast preferably by confirmed assessors of Sector Skill Council(s)/NSDC/NCVT/SCVT, etc in a joint exertion with HSDM. 




The design and clothing industry envelops a wide assortment of pieces of clothing and uses pretty much every sort of material made. The word 'design' welcomes on pictures of style. The beginning of the overall style market in India has given a push to the design business. This has pulled in so numerous youngsters to this industry. This industry offers a wealth of chances for imaginative, dedicated and eager individuals. Then again, a few piece of clothing store chains, send out houses, calfskin organizations, material plants, boutiques, style show coordinators and gems houses enlist experts interested with a vocation in style planning. 

Who ought to do it: Minimum Educational capability :Preferably, Standard XII • 1-2 years of work insight/temporary job in attire field ideally 

Span: 500 hours 


The style and clothing industry envelops a wide assortment of articles of clothing and uses pretty much every kind of material produced. Material assumes a significant part in the Indian economy. It contributes 14 percent to modern creation and 4 percent to GDP. With more than 45 million individuals, the business is probably the biggest wellspring of work age in the nation. The business represents almost 15 percent of complete fares. The material business is likewise work serious and is perhaps the biggest manager. 

The business is incredibly shifted, with the handspun and hand-woven materials areas toward one side of the range, while the capital concentrated modern factories area at the opposite finish of the range. The Indian government has thought of various fare advancement approaches for the area. It has likewise permitted 100% FDI in the Indian materials area Who ought to do it: Minimum Educational Qualifications: twelfth norm, ideally experience: Preferably1-2 years of work involvement with send out office. 

Length: 340 hrs. 


Hand Embroidery is the specialty of adorning texture or different materials. It might likewise incorporate different materials, for example, pearls, globules, plumes, and sequins. Presently days, weaving can likewise be seen on covers, caps, coats, covers, dress shirts, denim, dresses, stockings, and golf shirts. It is accessible with a wide assortment of string or yarn tone. A portion of the fundamental strategies or join of the most punctual weaving are chain fasten, buttonhole or cover line, running line, silk line, cross line. 

Who ought to do it: Minimum Qualification: Standard fifth ideally 

Experience: Preferably 1-2 years' involvement with sewing and weaving work. 

Term: 240 hrs. 


The design and attire industry incorporates a wide assortment of pieces of clothing and uses pretty much every sort of material fabricated. . With more than 45 million individuals, the business is probably the biggest wellspring of work age in the nation. Attire creation likewise needs the help of laborers that incorporate style fashioners to plan the piece of clothing; patternmakers to draw and develop an example for the article of clothing dependent on the architect's particulars; merchandisers and retail purchasers who place the attire in stores; and retail salesmen who offer the completed piece of clothing to shoppers. A 



The program targets getting ready work region for the arranging and reviewing measure by guaranteeing cleanliness and wellbeing and guaranteeing execution, proficiency and support of cycle hardware and apparatuses, according to the determinations and principles of the association. It likewise incorporate the way toward arranging and reviewing different produce either physically or with the utilization of different hardware according to the particulars and guidelines of the association. Notwithstanding this modules identified with archiving  also, keeping up records of crude materials and pressed produce identified with the arranging  what's more, evaluating measure are likewise remembered for this program. The methodology of  keeping up sanitation, cleanliness and sterilization in the work zone and preparing unit, for handling food items are likewise important for this preparation. 

Who should it: Minimum Qualification-Preferably eighth Standard Maximum Qualification: Not Applicable Minimum Job Entry Age: 18 Years' Experience: 1 year in arranging and Grading. 

Duration:240 hrs. 


The program incorporates "Exhibition of Extrusion measure", advancement of expelled item dependent on oats and heartbeats, handling of oat based items, gauge the arrangement of expelled items, show the variables influencing expulsion cooking, readiness of pasta items, bundling practices of grain based expelled items, investigating in various cycles. It is adjusted to NSQF Level-3. 

Who ought to do it: Minimum Qualification-Preferably tenth norm 

Term: 450 hrs. 


This program is tied in with planning work territory for cleanliness and security, and guaranteeing execution, proficiency and upkeep of cycle hardware and instruments for creation of eventual outcomes, according to the details and norms of the association. It covers canning products of the soil utilizing apparatuses and delivering natural product mash from different organic products utilizing hardware, execution of the squash and squeeze making measure utilizing different apparatuses. It likewise covers delivering leafy foods (tomato) items, for example, jam, jam, and ketchup utilizing different apparatuses. The program would likewise help in building the key skills of planning prepared items adjusting to all quality norms according to standard working systems; Operate stove, plant, and hardware/gear in synchronization with confirmation box; Follow and keep up sanitation and cleanliness in the workplace 

Who ought to do it; Minimum Qualification: Preferably after tenth Standard 

Term: 600 hrs. 



This course will cover the approaches to apply safe working practices in a car work shop ,to utilize various kinds of devices and work shop hardware in the work shop and to Carryout penetrating, tapping (through and dazzle gap), reaming, and crushing activity. This will likewise incorporate the methodology of performing sheet metal cutting, smoothing, Bending and collapsing, fastening and brazing activity. Notwithstanding this modules identified with working guideline of SI and CI Engine, Identity the VIN data, Checking of pressure and vacuum of an Engine &Carry out its standard Maintenance of vehicle Mechanical Electrical Trim (MET) will likewise be remembered for this preparation. The techniques and approaches to Identify Computer Parts and work the PC, Perform Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment are additionally essential for this preparation program. 

Qualification: Minimum Educational capabilities: Class fifth 

Length: 500 hrs. 



The Program is about the information, comprehension and abilities expected of an Automotive Service Technician to complete assistance and fixes of a vehicle, including 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers Petrol, CNG, electrical and half and half vehicles are additionally essential for preparing . Notwithstanding this Modules on arranging and sorting out a person's work so as to finish it to the necessary guidelines, on schedule and inside financial plan regarding cost and material and working viably with associates, either in own work gathering or in other work bunches inside association are canvassed in this program. 

Qualification: Minimum instructive capability: Class VIII Maximum instructive capability: Diploma in Mechanical or Automobile Engineering. Experience: 1.) 0 years if ASDC Automotive Service Technician Level 4 Certificate or Diploma in Automotive Repair 2.) 1-2 years for different capabilities 

Duration:450 hrs. 


The Program incorporates the information and aptitudes expected of a person to produce potential customers through selling exercises, to facilitate with deals group for passing on the forthcoming leads, to help the general deals measure and about arranging and sorting out a person's work so as to finish it to the necessary norms, on schedule and inside financial plan regarding cost and material. Further it likewise remember modules for working adequately with partners, either in own work gathering or in other work bunches inside association, checking work place practices and ensuring they meet prerequisites for wellbeing, security, security and natural concerns. 

Who ought to go to it? Least Qualification: XIIth standard passed Maximum Qualification: Undergraduate certificate or recognition in any order 

Length: 500 hrs. 


The Program incorporates the occupation prerequisite and the exercises and hardware related with the way toward setting up the welding machine, assistant device and metalwork pieces for the welding cycle. Further it additionally have the help which the welder is directing in the genuine welding measure for the chose metal pieces according to the provided work request and the guidelines specied by the association and emptying the nished merchandise from the creation line and store them appropriately in the assigned zone/move the nished products on resulting stage on the sequential construction system. Notwithstanding this Modules identified with assessment and upkeep of the quality guidelines for the items at different phases of Product Life and building up a Safe, Healthy and Environment agreeable working environment, leading Quality Checks and investigation of the nished items created and fix the awful quality things delivered in the assembling cycle and cleaning and keeping up the hardware consistently to forestall any breakdown or inappropriate nature of work yield are likewise important for this program. 

Qualification: Minimum Educational Qualifications : Xth Pass Preferably Experience: NIL if effectively confirmed to ASDC capability: Welding Assistant Level-2 OR 0 to a half year or more in assembling climate 

Term: 475 hrs. 


This course will cover essential PC major fundamentals like MS-Word, Excel&PowerPoint , Use Internet and E-mail, Data Entry for exchanges in Tally The modules identified with Financial Statements, Generation of Financial Reports for MIS and E trade will likewise be important for this preparation program. 

Who ought to go to it? 

Least Educational Qualifications: Passed tenth Class assessment 

Length: 500 Hrs. 


Banking and Accounting Sector is one of the noteworthy areas that is the foundation of all mechanical action. Be that as it may, despite its significance and size (INR 4 trillion), it has not been agreed the consideration it merits as a different area in itself. The degree of failure in Banking and Accounting Sector exercises in the nation has been extremely high over all modes. The necessary movement of effectiveness and quality 

Qualification: Minimum Educational Qualifications: Graduation in business or associated subject 

Greatest Educational Qualification: Post Graduate 

Term: 100 hrs. 


This program covers the creation and adjustment of 2D mechanical designing plan utilizing CAD framework. It additionally includes the detail drafting of drawings for assembling, get together, sub-gathering, establishment and so on Modules identified with wellbeing, wellbeing and security at the working environment like systems and practices that applicants need to follow to help keep up a sound, protected and secure workplace and fundamental practices that improve adequacy of working with others in an authoritative set-up are additionally shrouded in this preparation. 

Qualification: Minimum Educational capabilities: Class 10TH 

Length; 450 hrs. 


This Program covers the ability and information needed by a laborer to choose and utilize hand, power instruments and electrical gadgets pertinent to development electrical works, to introduce transitory lighting game plan at building destinations, to aid LV zap works at perpetual structures and to gather, introduce and keep up brief LV electrical boards (appropriation sheets) at building site. It likewise incorporates, the aptitude and information needed to work adequately inside a group to accomplish the ideal outcomes and to design and arrange work so as to meet expected quality in set up time span and further causes a person to work as per individual wellbeing, security and ecological convention at building site. This program is intended for NSQF level 3 

Qualification: Minimum Educational Qualifications: tenth Class Minimum Age Entry: 18 years' Experience: Minimum Five years site insight for non-prepared laborer's. 3years' insight for Construction Electrical Works Level 1 qualified 

Term: 440 hrs.

Development PAINTER and DECORATOR 

The Program covers the aptitudes and information needed by a worker to be a  professional in painting and home décor works.

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