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Our vision is to make consistent open entryways for the youngsters of Punjab to have the choice to pick up aptitudes of choice and to assist them with the strategies for making viable livelihoods. 


Our primary objective is to consistently attempt and fuse the undertakings of various divisions busy with skilling the youngsters of Punjab and bring fundamental scale, joint effort, oversight and amazing coordination in the execution of various Skill improvement plans and to hoist public-private relationship to engage private fragment exercises like corporate social commitment (CSR) in the field of capacity progression. 

What we do 

  • Utilization of capacity Development Training: 

Punjab Skill Development Mission gives free work associated capacity improvement trainings to the Youth in the age social affair of 18-35 years over the state under the distinctive state and mostly upheld plans. These extensively certified trainings are given through empanelled getting ready associates at centers in metropolitan and nation domains over the state in excess of 20 novel parts like Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Green Jobs, Domestic Workers, Retail, Beauty, Construction, Electronics and Hardware, Food Processing, Health Care, IT ITES, Leather, Logistics, etc. Mission has been consistently conquering any obstruction between skilled people needed in Industry and jobless youth by ensuring that the right contender picks the right course according to his/her insightful establishment, tendency and scope of capacities. PSDM in its ambit covers various kinds of plans in this manner ensuring inescapable consideration from various sections of the overall population including Urban/Rural, Border Area, standard courses like Phulkari Jutti making/current courses hence offering opportunity to all. 

  • Department Convergence

The Punjab Skill Development Mission has been contained with an order to control all mastery improvement Schemes in the State of Punjab. Eventually there are various Departments of the Government which gives capacity improvement in some structure or the other , In solicitation to ensure association and coordination of mastery progression attempts over various workplaces PSDM attracts with various divisions, to give key and programmed help thusly growing exertion and giving planning associated with close by needs. 

  • Assessment

To coordinate emotional and quantitative investigation on capacity gaps, total impact appraisals of existing fitness improvement projects and endeavour post game plan following of contenders across divisions. PSDM moreover advances a discerning endeavour to file key papers highlighted improving the business openings in the State 

Technique Advisory/Inputs: The assessment collected by Punjab Skill Development Mission is used to give evidence based procedure cautioning/commitments to control various divisions during the time spent methodology plan and utilization related to Skill Development. 

  • Callings Support

PSDM eagerly interfaces with a huge gathering of other key foundations and accomplices in the fitness improvement space, (for instance, getting ready providers, organizations, occupation teachers, head-trackers, work exchanges and quest for business locales, henceforth making data network for capacity progression. PSDM utilize this association to outfit candidates of Punjab with circumstance support or calling related information. 

How we do 

Who is qualified for Trainings 

All in all adolescent in the age gathering of 18-35 years are qualified to take up aptitude preparing gave the individual ought to be an employment searcher and ready to take up an occupation after expertise preparing. The candidate isn't limited by age, station or area. There are a large number of plans from various offices which have their own arrangement of qualification models and pay limits, self-confirmation as a proof of salary limit is allowable under various plans. Dominant part of courses are focused at school nonconformists and school quitters till 10+2. Since the vast majority of the instructional hubs run by PSDM are mixture in nature, up-and-comer may fit himself in either conspire which is operational at the middle. 

How and when to apply for preparing 

Applicants who are intrigued to enlist themselves under preparing may get the necessary data with respect to the courses at a Training Center close to them. So as to select himself/herself under the course the applicant may straightforwardly connect with the Center responsible for the instructional hub or with the concerned PSDM District Program Management Unit/District Bureau of Employment and Enterprises. The competitors intrigued to apply for preparing under the DDUGKY Scheme may likewise enlist themselves online through the web stage or register online on as an occupation searcher and give inclination for skilling refreshing subtleties of area, area inclinations in their profile. Before long they will have the option to legitimately enroll online on the PSDM gateway for all the plans and preparing focuses. 

How an instructional class is led 

The typical length of the preparation time frame is from 3-6 months and is given both in the private and non-private structure according to the limit of the instructional hub. The Curriculum pertinent to the course is created by the Sector abilities Council according to the National Occupational Standards. Bilingual Training and Learning Material (TLM) is given to the possibility to better absorption of the course content. Ordinary Industry visits are sorted out with the goal that the applicant picks up hands on involvement with the significant course. Preparing on IT and delicate abilities is given to the possibility to make them work prepared while going to the instructional class. To give viable information to the competitors, hands on preparing in all expertise instructional classes has been started. Mock meetings on prospective employee meet-ups are likewise led so the applicant picks up the certainty of confronting prospective employee meet-up while showing up for a meeting. ( There is likewise arrangement for outfits, tablets and forward and backward remittance under the DDU GKY Scheme. The up-and-comers additionally get an opportunity to cooperate with the Bankers so they are arranged on the advantages of the different independent work plans of the Government. There is an extraordinary meeting sorted out with the goal that the competitors comprehend the limited time motivations under different plans of independent work. 

Assessment and Certification 

All the arrangement programs under PSDM have the trademark part of third assembling examination and accreditation . The accreditation and assessment is coordinated by Sector Skill Councils-( SSCs) which are free industry drove bodies for controlling inclination improvement and getting ready. 


Each Scheme is executed with a request to plan contenders so they are inevitably empowered either to be wage-used or freely utilized. The degree of pay and free work shifts as indicated by the conditions of the Scheme. In order to energize circumstances of the up-and-comers arranged under various plans of PSDM , an extraordinary emphasis has been set down on orchestrating Rozgar Melas over the Length and broadness of the State . 

Despite this Punjab Skill Development Mission in joint collaboration with the Department of business age and trainining has developed the Ghar Rozgar passage which offers a readymade online response for convey work opportunity to the fascinated applicant's doorstep. 

The passage has been dispatched with an objective to give one stop insightful progressed stage for the movement searchers and supervisors. Occupation searchers/applicants seeing calling coordinating, skilling or capacity up degree, free work, new positions, etc would similarly have the alternative to utilize the organizations of passage. 

Post Placement Support 

A part of the plans completed under PSDM similarly obliges Post Placement support to the up-and-comers in the underlying barely any extended lengths of post course of action stage. This is ordinarily given as a cash related assistance to the up-and-comers and credited authentically into the Bank records of the candidates. 


DDU-GKY (A skill planning program for provincial youth) 

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushal Yojana is a lead capacity improvement plan of the Department of Rural Development Government of India. 4835 contenders have been set up under the arrangement and 1212 up-and-comers have been designated/set. Nation Skill Centers under this program have been underlying the premises of Government Senior Secondary schools and are worked by empanelled getting ready associates. These instructional centers oblige the poor in the nation hinterlands of the state. The target for getting ready under the DDUGKY Scheme is 15000 contenders. The nuances of the arrangement are open at 

Who can be a TP under the Scheme A 4-stage clear assessment measure has been arranged and an Empowered Committee [EC] has been constituted that accumulates for adventure supports. We overview each application self-sufficiently, with an accentuation on the readiness of the accessory and the possible advantages of candidates and organizations. We look for plan of characteristics and feelings, budgetary and proposed adventure merits, significant skilling and circumstance experiences, gathering and breaking point of the gathering, straightforwardness and obligation and the status to realize the endeavour as key guidelines. Considering these, modified scores are conceded which choose the rating, theory and the level of adventure. The underlying stage in collecting an assignment lies in recognizing which maintains sources of income or courses may you need to offer. We'd like you to perceive and oversee getting ready for trade unequivocal aptitudes [you can investigate the NCVT occupations/SSCs] to satisfy industry need. Starting from nation India, our adolescence require some additional commitments to validate themselves an

Cycle for transforming into a TP 

Arranged to transform into a readiness assistant? Register for PRN with Ministry of Rural Development and plan to apply for adventures. 

Steps to Apply: 

  1. Complete the eForm for a Permanent Registration Number (PRN). You will require the going with: 

•Registration or Incorporation Certificate of Applicant Organization 

•PAN of Applicant Organization 

•TAN of Applicant Organization 

•Building Photo of Head Office of the Applicant Organization 

•Photo and CV of Authorized Person 

•PAN, Voters ID/Aadhar Card and Driving License/Passport of Authorized Person and Director/Owner 

•Organization site, live with affiliation nuances on it. 

•NITI Aayog enrollment nuances if affiliation is in NGO class for instance Trusts/Society/Cooperatives Societies 

Note: Supporting record in jpg or pdf configuration, presented to most noteworthy size of 300 kb 

2. After convenience of PRN application structure through the site, you will get a 5 digit Temporary Registration Number (TRN) by email from DDU-GKY as proof of convenience of the PRN application structure. Keep it safely. This TRN must be suggested in the whole of your correspondence. Email here for any requests and extra information on your PRN 

3. After an affirmation and endorsement measure by DDU-GKY you will get a PRN. This will be passed on to you be mail (disengaged and on the web). 

4. Subsequent to tolerating the PRN, cycle to fill the Project Application Form through the online door, MRIGS. The structure will provide absolute guidance on the most capable strategy to fill it and on all supporting story affirmations. 

5. Present the Online Application structure with complete and exact nuances. 

6. To consider the notification on your endeavour application login to MRIGS 

Become a DDU-GKY Partner, plan to change lives. 

Terms of Payment: 

At DDU-GKY we follow a fixed cost model and impulses associated with wins in results to planning accessories who meet capability essentials. We similarly engage progressions, in getting ready and showing technique, yet moreover in adventures generally. The hypothesis model follows the tendencies appeared previously, through a clear pattern of game plan of associates and endeavours. The tendency rundown perceives models that will gain you, the assistant, Category 'A'. in case you are an affiliation offering getting ready and new circumstances for 200 to 499 candidates or if you are Captive Employer broadening some place in the scope of 200 and 499 business openings consistently, by then you will win Category 'B' status. All others are thusly situated under Category 'C' 

  1. Who can be a student 

If you are some place in the scope of 15 and 35 years of age, and have the obligation and request to attempt genuinely and change you, you are welcome. 

Any person who has completed even a smidgen of mentoring is welcome. If you are jobless or fill in as work in fields, you are welcome. If you obtain a regular compensation doing arbitrary temp occupations, you are welcome. If you have a spot with a family where at any rate one individual has worked for 15 days in the MGNREGA scheme in the latest year, you are welcome. If you have a spot with a family where one individual has a spot with a Self-Help Group (SHG), you are welcome. More prepared than 35 years, there is a loosening up for women, individuals with handicaps, overcomers of illicit misuse and other feeble social affairs. If you have a spot with any of these get-togethers, you are welcome. 

You just ought to be glad to wander forward and lock in every day to change you. You need to go to classes every day. You need to complete all of your tasks and errands every day. 

The program is especially prepared towards development of jobs of troubled social events, including the going with, 


•Persons having a spot with particularly powerless hereditary get-togethers (PVTGs), 

•Persons with ineptitudes (PWDs), 

•Transgender and other unprecedented social events (re-established strengthened work, setbacks of managing, manual scroungers, trans-genders, HIV positive individuals among others) 

At the public level, social thought is ensured through the going with: 

•50 % holds held for SCs and STs, 

•15% for minority social occasions, 

•3% for Persons with Disabilities 

•In every planning program, 33% are to be women 

The best technique to enrol under the Scheme 

You can associate with us in any of the going with ways: 

9. Get chosen with your Gram Panchayat or Gram Rozgar Sewak, who subsequently will propose the near to Training Center or its gathering staff to meet you and offer you coordinating and bearing 

10. Locate a nearby by planning center and connect with them clearly 

11. Discover a trade you have to learn, and the contact information of the instructional center indicating the trade 

12. Snap on Apply now and fill the Application Form, you will require a visa size photograph of yourself for this 

13. Register yourself on 

Anyway you pick, we will associate with you, visit you in your home, and speak with you, your people, sidekicks and others. We will by then take you to the nearby by getting ready concentration and be with you till such time that you enrol. 

Benefit of candidates under the arrangement 

Thoroughly free capacity getting ready at the Training Center. There are no costs. There are no enrolment charges. There are no evaluation or accreditation charges. There are no circumstance charges. 

•Completely free food and accommodation in a private getting ready program. 

•Reimbursement of back and forth and supper cost, moved direct to your record. 

•Free uniform, books and learning material. 

•Free induction to a PC at the PC lab with working web, one PC for every person. 

•Free induction to a tablet PC at the instructional center to use and learn. 

•DDU-GKY Skill Training Certificate from NCVT or SSC upon productive satisfaction of the readiness program. 

•Job Interviews and circumstance openings to no detriment. Moreover, a work with a base remuneration of Rs.6, 000. , 

•Post Placement pay top-up every month for 2-6 months 

- >If you are placed in your State of Domicile, in a town more diminutive than your District HQ, by then for a very long time, direct moved to your monetary parity 

- > If you are placed in your State of Domicile, in the District HQ or greater towns, by then for a very long time, direct moved to your monetary parity 

- > If you are put outside your State of Domicile, by then for a half year, direct moved to your budgetary equalization 

•Free coordinating and heading from the instructional center point or Migration Support Center. On the off chance that there ought to emerge an event of Industrial Internships, you will get: 

•Rs. 4,500/ - once for development to or from the course of action to or from your home, clearly moved to your monetary parity. 

•Rs. 5,000/ - consistently Stipend for a year from start of work truly moved to your monetary equalization. This will be paid exactly when your supervisor submits check that you are working in the movement. 

•After a time of powerful setting up, an employment with a base compensation of Rs. 10,000/ - consistently. You could moreover be placed in a new movement, with a base remuneration of US$500 consistently (Rs. 30,000/ - around). 

ESTP Component of NULM (A capacity getting ready program for metropolitan youth) 

Under the Employment Skill getting ready and Placement part of the National Urban Livelihood Mission there are by and by 45 Operational instructional centers over the State. More than 10000 candidates have been readied and around 2500 contenders put in pay or free work. These instructional centers are commonly arranged in metropolitan/semi metropolitan zones and consider the metropolitan poor. The goal for getting ready under the NULM Scheme is 25000 up-and-comers in the year 2018-19. The nuances of the arrangement are available at

Who can be a TP under the Scheme 

Punjab Skill Development Mission has drifted a moving sensitive for empanelment of Training Partners under the ESTP Component of National Urban Livelihood Mission. Interested workplaces may apply due to the EOI and present the suggestion properly. A remarkable board has been set up at the State Level for driving the evaluation of the proposals. The window for convenience of suggestions is irregularly opened at advantageous stretches with the objective that charmed workplaces may apply considering the EOI. Fascinated Agencies may reliably check the site of PSDM for significant updates in the Tender zone at the base of the Home page. 

The Training Partners are empaneled with PSDM under the going with two groupings: 

Grouping A – Agencies having Skill Training Experience 

This grouping is material to workplaces which have related information in execution of Government Sponsored (Central/State) Skill Training Schemes in India. 

Grouping B – Agencies having no Prior Skill Training Experience 

This grouping is material to workplaces which don't have related information in execution of Government Sponsored (Central/State) Skill Training Schemes in India. All the associations referred to above should: 

Be a selected genuine component 

Apply under a solitary order referred to beforehand, 

Will exclude into expanding/leasing/reallocating of any activity related to planning, 

Not boycotted by any supplier association/State Government/Central Government/any talented force, 

Will stick to PSDM and separate plans norms (as modified sporadically). 

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